Christianity Is the Most Evil Religion on Earth, June 13, 2017.

Peter, the head of the Christian church, said to Jesus, "show us the father?" Peter did not believe Jesus was God. Even after Jesus spoke to Peter face to face saying, "have I been with you so long Peter that you have not known me? He who has seen me, has seen the father, how can you say then, "show us the father?"", John 14:9. The head of the Christian church, the founder of the Christian church, did not know Jesus and Peter demoted Jesus down to a Messiah, a son of Joseph and all the Christians followed him as if Peter was God. The devil infiltrated the Christian church 2000 years ago. The devil tricked these sheep, into believing God had died on a cross. There is no greater blasphemy than that. Christians donít know Jesus because theyíre not worthy to stand before him. Jesus is not the Messiah. I saw God and people are waking up to the fact that I am the son of Joseph that would come in the later days. Christians reject these as the later days. They think the Messiah came 2000 years ago. You canít cure that kind of insanity. Then they claim God died On a cross? There is no greater blasphemy than that. I would appreciate it if you evil Christians would stop watching my videos and stealing my material. The disinformation about the flat earth, Giants, Nephilim, Planet X, Nuberu, Reptilian's, UFOs was all given out by God to the Christians, to guarantee their destruction. Both the deceiver and the deceived shall be destroyed.

The Christians like Donald Trump, think the news media has been lying to them. But they donít think people lied 2000 years ago. They thought all the news media 2000 years ago were honest people. They thought everybody in the church 2000 years ago, were all honest and told the truth. I donít know if I should feel sad for them or just rejoice over the fact that they are going to be destroyed and thrown into the lake of fire.

When Jesus said do not swear, he is talking about swearing an oath. Like, ďdo you swear to tell the truthĒ or taking an oath like, ďI swear on a stack of BiblesĒ. It has nothing to do with slang. Jesus used slang when he taught the 12 disciples. Jesus said, ďyou generation of vipers, how will you escape the damnation of hell?Ē. The word hell is slang. Calling people vipers, is also a form of slang. Itís comparable to calling people a Fucking Piece of Shit. The church had even called hell a swear word and forbade people to say the word hell. Because the church was infiltrated by the devil. Christians murdered over half 1 million Muslim children in Iraq and all they can do is point their fingers at people for using slang. All the Christians are going to be beheaded by the Muslims and then you will know that there is a God and that God is just. Itís not against the Timothean religion to use slang. But it is a sin to swear to know God when you donít know him. Jesus is not invisible and Christians donít know Jesus, they are lying sacks of shit. All they know is a fake plastic dead Jesus on a cross.

Jesus said all those who have heard of the father go to the visible incarnate son. You are to pray that you are worthy to stand before God. The reason why Christians have not seen Jesus, is because they are not worthy to stand before God. Theyíre not worthy because they demoted Jesus down to a Messiah. They are not worthy because they blaspheme God, by claiming he died on a cross. They further blaspheme God by claiming itís Godís job, to heal the injured worker, so that workers compensation, doesnít have to pay for people suffering.

It is the Christians who have been running all the scams of the world, like car insurance and life insurance. Forcing people to purchase clothing in Third World countries. Scams like the lottery and gambling in Vegas is run by Christians. Jesus set people free from jobs and it is Christians who are enslaving mankind with jobs. This is why the Christian Donald Trump is saying heís going to create more jobs, because he doesnít know Jesus. Food grows on trees. God is the provider and all jobs do is destroy the earth, create suffering, and cause death. Everything belongs to God and you canít even claim ownership to anything, without stealing from God. Even Jesus said so, when he went to eat the showbread, that the Jews claimed was theirís.

The Christians made Paul their God, they made Peter their God and now theyíre making Donald trump their God. They made everybody God except Jesus. They demoted him down to a Messiah. A mere mortal man. A son of Joseph. You canít demote God and expect to be saved. When you claim God died on a cross, you committed blasphemy. When you claim Jesus died, you deny the divinity of Jesus. Only mortal men can die. When you said Jesus died, you have said Jesus was just a mortal man. The idea that Jesusís resurrection was necessary for salvation itís absolutely ludicrous. It would be no great miracle that God was raised from the dead. The miracle people need to believe for salvation is that Lazarus, a nobody, a mere mortal man, a man with no divinity or even religious knowledge, was raised from the dead. If you believe God can raise Lazarus from the dead, then you could be raised from the dead. But to believe a sinless divine being, born from a virgin, was raised from the dead, what hope is that for you to be raised from the dead. You werenít born of a virgin. You arenít divine. You arenít sinless. You didnít go around raising the dead or healing the sick. You didnít go round spreading the word of God without a Bible or religious book.


Christianity was created by Babylon, not Jesus Christ. The Roman Empire created Christianity. The dictator Constantine, created Christianity. All the prophets of God were murdered by Christians. That is a fact of history. Just go ahead and check the Catholic Churchís records. They killed the catheters because the catheters had the truth. It wasnít the government that surrounded Waco, it was the Christian church leaders that were demanding David Koresh and his followers be killed. David Koresh wasnít killed because he believed he was the Messiah. They killed David Koresh because David Koresh believed that I was the Messiah. He had my writing. He had the everlasting Gospel of Timothy that I sent out from biblical archaeology review. He had the truth. This is why when people wanted to join my religion, I told them to stand back, because if you said you were one of my followers they would kill you. It didnít matter if 100 people believed I was the Messiah, they would kill all hundred of them. If 10,000 people believed I was the Messiah, they would kill all 10,000 of them. If Russia believed I was the Messiah, they would nuke Russia. This is how much they are against God and his Messiah. They will even demote God down to a Messiah so that they can control the world.

Heavenís Gate was also my followers, that were killed by Christians. They killed David Koresh and the Branch Davidians and claimed they were all crazy. They killed all the Heavenís Gate people and then claimed they were all crazy. Theyíre going to do the same thing with Alex Jones, David Icke and the flat Earth people. They are grooming them to be destroyed. Nobody shed a tear for the Branch Davidians and nobody shed a tear for Heavenís Gate. Everybody believed they were all crazy. That how Christianity kills people. They make them look all crazy so that they can kill them without anyone shedding a tear. Their crazy, they think the moon landing was fake. There crazy, they think the FBI killed John F. Kennedy. There crazy, they think the government is poisoning people with fluoridated water. Their crazy, they think the world is run by reptilianís. Their crazy, they believe in planet Nuberu. Their crazy they believe in planet X. Their crazy, they believe their earth is flat. Their crazy, they believe nuclear energy is unsafe. Their crazy, they think abortion is murder. Their crazy, they think jobs are slavery. All theyíre doing is grooming you so that they can kill you and no one shed a tear about it. Just like they did to the Branch Davidians and Heavenís Gate.

The Messiah has a hard time convincing the world that he is the Messiah. But God himself, has a even harder time, trying to convince the world, that he is God. If you think the president or any president is going to prepare you to see God, youíre only fooling yourself. All the presidents and all the Popes are too busy playing God, to prepare anyone to see God.

Not even Mother Teresa has seen Jesus. None of the Popes have seen Jesus. Mother Teresa wasnít worthy to see Jesus. The Pope is not worthy to see Jesus. Donald Trump is not worthy to see Jesus. President Putin is not worthy to see Jesus. None of these TV evangelists were worthy to see Jesus. You cannot be worthy to see Jesus until you talk to the Messiah. As soon as you demoted Jesus down to a Messiah, you lost all hope of ever seeing Jesus. As soon as you join Christianity, you lost all hope of seeing Jesus. Jesus is not the Messiah. Jesus is God. Doubting Thomas mightíve been doubting that Jesus was God, until he thrust his hand into his side and then he said, ďmy Lord and my God, John 20:28Ē. At that point Thomas knew Jesus was God and no Messiah. The rest of the 12 apostles didnít know Jesus was God and they continued to demote him down to a Messiah, a mortal man. Even Peter denied Jesus was God to his face.

When I seen Jesus in 1985 I knew he wasnít a mortal man. I knew he wasnít the son of Joseph. I also knew that no Christian, knew who in the hell Jesus was. Because I never seen a painting anywhere, that look anything like Jesus. Proving no Christian knows Jesus. Jesus smiled at me and the Christians never knew a Jesus that could smile. The Christians will stand before Jesus on judgment day and they will say, ďdidnít we heal in your name?Ē And Jesus will say, ďI never knew you, depart from me workers of iniquityĒ, Matthew 7:21 Ė 23.

Yes you have to see Jesus to be saved. If you havenít seen Jesus, you donít know Jesus. You canít see Jesus, until the messenger prepares the way, Malachi 3:1. Not going to see Jesus if you think the messenger is crazy. Youíre not going to see God, if you donít believe the Messiah, is the Messiah. And Jesus is not the Messiah. Nobody has seen Jesus after meeting Mother Teresa. Nobody has seen Jesus after talking to the Pope. Nobody has seen Jesus after watching these TV evangelists. The only people that have seen Jesus are the people whoíve joined the Timothean religion. There is no other way to see Jesus. These insane Christians act actually believe people are finding God after they believe in the flat earth. Iím not given any more of my ideas or information to these mentally ill Christians.

I have a least 20 copyrighted books on my website that have never been published online or given to these mentally ill Christians, who chose death for themselves, when they demoted God down to a Messiah. These books are only available to people who join my religion. Christianity has been stealing my writings to promote their delusional religion that is controlling the world. We are not free because of Christianity. Itís not Muslims holding us in bondage telling Jesus to get a job and a haircut. Itís the Christians that are doing that. There day of destruction is coming and you donít want to even be near anyone who is a Christian.


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