Chris Hedges, Bill Williams Message, February 12, 2017.

Killing the rich will work, but innocent people will be killed. The Buddha was the son of a wealthy king. He was raised in a mansion. He was raised in a rich neighborhood. Everyone he knew was healthy and had all their needs met. When the poor win a million in the lottery, they are again poor in a few years. Thatís because the poor know people who are suffering. If someone needs a hundred thousand dollars to save their lives and a poor person won the lottery, they are more likely to give them the money for the operation. Some times itís a simple matter of the rich not knowing that there is someone who needs money to save their lives. Thereís two kinds of rich people. The ignorant rich and the rich who know they are causing the suffering. The Buddha never seen the suffering his father the King had caused. This is why someone made a joke about Donald trumps son Barron. Someday he will be like the Buddha and see the suffering his father Donald Trump had caused and turn into a serial killer killing the rich. Like the Menendez brothers.

Donald Trump is too ignorant to look at the truth. Heís like the guy I met in a bar Friday night. The guy was so thoroughly brainwashed that nothing I said could get into his head. I told him the story of where God gave me the winning numbers of the lottery. At that point he blacked his ears and said, ďGod donít give people the winning numbers of the lotteryĒ. He kept saying that without letting me finish my story. So I got angrier and angrier. I did talk louder & louder to get through his thick skull. He kept repeating, ďGod donít give people the winning numbers of the lotteryĒ. This guy was supposed to be a religious guy who worked for Christianity at the soup kitchen. Who in the hell is this guy, to tell God what he can and canít do? Heís the devil. If God wants to give someone the winning numbers of the lottery, you canít tell God, he canít. As soon as you find someone who tells you what God can and canít do, you know you have found the devil. So I kept yelling until I finish my story of God given me the winning numbers of the lottery. When the numbers came in, the California lottery had announced on TV that their lottery machine was broken. Because the lottery is rigged for the rich people to win it and when the rich people donít win it, the machine is broken. This is why you should never play the lottery. Maybe the machine was only rigged in California but I doubt it. The rich are not going to give away a hundred million dollars, when they can rigged the machine so that their friends, family or relatives can win. Then I told him if you do when a hundred dollars, because they will let you win that keep the lottery going, give the money to those who lost in the lottery. Because nobody should play the lottery. If you win your only taking money from losers and that makes you a piece of shit who will burn in hell. If you win money in a casino, those people believe you have their money and they will follow you home and rob you. They might let you win smaller amounts like a million dollars, because they know they will take that money from you also, sooner or later.

One day the Buddha had left his mansion, and left his rich city and journeyed through a poor town, where disabled people begged for money on the streets. The Buddha might even have seen someone on the streets he knew. A cook that made his dinner is now living on the streets begging for money because a hot pot of cooking grease had fell upon him. Now being disfigured he was begging for food wearing rags and living on the streets. All of us are just as guilty as Buddha. We go to McDonaldís to eat and we see nothing wrong with it. But that disabled man on the streets begging for money, used to work at McDonaldís before he became disabled from slave labor.

Chris Hedges had been stealing all my writings and using them to write his books. Although I should be praising him for delivering my message better than me, he is using the information to promote capitalism. Capitalism is not the answer. Not even for the farmer to sell apples to feed his children. The only way the farmer can make money selling his apples and other farm products, is if he cuts down all the other apple trees, so that people have to buy his apples. Because if apples are growing for free in Godís kingdom like they are supposed to be, nobodyís going to buy his apples. So people are starving because the farmer wants to feed his children. And he canít feed his children if food is grown on Godís trees for free. But that is the answer. God is the provider. Food grows on trees. You donít see the food growing on trees, because the farmer is cutting down all the fruit trees so he can sell his apples. The farmer is passing laws so that people canít grow fruit trees in the city, by claiming fruit trees draw rats. But nobody is telling them that they can eat the rats that eat the healthy fruit. Rats are diseased because thereís no food for them to eat, because of the farmer cutting down the trees. So the farmer is a worse sinner than the rich.

The farmer to be teaching everyone how to grow fruit trees. Not how to till the soil, that is the sin of Cain. The Bible was twisted. I have found an old version of the Bible where it said Able was not Cainís brother, Abel was the earth. Cain slew Abel by plugging his plow into the soil and it is the blood of the Earth that cried out to God for vengeance against Cain. The church had twisted the Bible because so many people donating money to the church, were farmers. We only have to look at the dustbowl, to see how evil farming is. The entire Middle East is a desert because people farmed the land. Fruit trees are the answer to everything. Not farming. One Apple is like a six ounce glass of water. So you not only get your food from trees, you get pure water from trees also. Thereís no pureíer water than that which is filtered through a three. Some say it even filters out radiation.

We donít see the people who are suffering. Disabled people are forced to live in poor cities, in a housing complexes of other disabled people. The only hint we have of disabled people, is all the handicap parking spaces we see at the shopping malls. But even thatís hypocritical, because most of the disabled people donít have cars or couldnít drive if they had one.

When I wrote president Bush saying I was injured on the job and suffered four hundred fifty billion dollars worth of pain, they laughed, and took the seven hundred and fifty billion dollar bank bailout to give his buddies, because he thinks his buddies suffered to. Then they gave President Putin billions of dollars for his suffering. But they didnít give me a penny. Even Dick Cheney said on TV that of the poor knew what the elite were doing, the poor would kill all the elite. The elite are fighting for their lives because they know they are worthy of being killed. No matter what education or information you give them they are going to twisted for their benefit. They had the words of the prophet and they simply twisted the words for their own benefit. This is the secret to interpret the Bible. Being able to read between the lines to what the prophet actually said and what those who printed the Bible twisted its meaning for their benefit. In one sense the world canít be saved because itís too much information. And the education system, is not about educating people with truth, itís about making them dumber to serve the beast. Money is the root of all evil. Money is the mark of the beast. Every man who has a job is serving the devil.

The rich are still trying to enslave me. Now theyíre trying to make me into a rock star to promote their evil system. I would rather spend the rest of my life in prison, for killing people than have a job as a rock star. They are trying to use women to enslave me. This goes back to the epic of Gilgamesh. This is how the King enslaves people by using women. This is why I believe only women can overthrow the evil system by chopping the penises off the people who have jobs. They canít learn jobs or slavery by losing the arm on the job. Iíve seen people who lost both arms on the job and they still canít learn jobs are slavery. Even Stephen Hawking paralyzed from the neck down, canít figure out jobs are slavery and heís supposed to be the smartest man on earth.

The Buddha renounced everything. For even eating at McDonaldís causes the slavery of other men. Furthermore, their probably spitting in your burger, because they are slaves who resent not only serving rich, they donít even want to serve the poor. Retweet my tweets on Twitter. Evil Christianity is trying to start a war to kill off the Muslims. The CIA stands for ďChristians in actionĒ is using fake news of what they claim is a million Iranians chanting, ďdeath to AmericaĒ. Funny that there are millions of Iranians chanting ďdeath to AmericaĒ and thereís not one of them reading it on twitter. When I tweeted that I didnít see anyone tweeting, ďdeath to AmericaĒ on twitter the CIA claims they are tweeting it in a different language. So the ďdeath to AmericaĒ is a translation of what the Iranians are saying. The real translation of, ďdeath to AmericaĒ should be translated as, ďdeath to baby killersĒ. Because when you translate the word, ďabortionĒ into other languages, it is translated as, ďAmericans are baby killersĒ. There is no other way to translate the word abortion into other languages. So they have a good reason for killing us.

Good thing the Muslims donít believe in capital punishment or a right to bear arms to kill murderers, or we would all be dead. If I donít get a thousand followers of the Timothean religion by the end of the winter, Iím going to join Islam. I know people are afraid of the devil on the Internet, but meet at the bar if you want to join my religion. No one joins, I join Islam. Christianity is this so evil that youíll probably spend the rest of eternity in the lake of fire if you even live in a Christian nation like the United States. Islam is a evil religion but not as evil as Christianity and their fake news like Fox news and the evil CIA that works for them.

I was at the grocery store the other day and a woman bought two gallons of Syrup, four gallons of sugar orange juice and about twenty dozen eggs. She worked for the soup kitchen. I felt sick to my stomach, the thought she was feeding this shit to the poor thinking she was doing God a service. People in poor countries donít eat eggs because itís a waste. Itís better to eat the chicken when it grows up. One egg canít feed a man but a chicken can feed the whole family. This lady was supposed to be a woman of God. She was a member of the synagogue of Satan. This is why people have to join the Timothean religion and get out of that evil Christianity, that is run by the devil. Google gotimothy and follow gotimothy on twitter.


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