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Pro Choice Systematically Forces Girls to Abort, August 28, 2012.

Pro-choice is not freedom for women. Pro-choice systematically forces young women to have abortions against their will. This is why over a half a million young girls run away from home, get abused by pedophiles and get caught up in the porn and prostitution businesses. Young girls 11 to 18 want to have children. It’s the reason why God put them here. It is their purpose in life. But pro-choicers, force them to have abortions, by claiming they were too young to have consensual sex, therefore it was “legal statutory rape” and the child needs to be “legally aborted”. Every impregnated girl under 18 was “legally legitimately raped” and must get a “legal abortion” paid for by the government. That’s what they are calling a “legitimate rape” qualifying for a government funded hitmen Doctor to forcibly kill the victims Infant. Forcibly kill the victims infant because it was a “legitimate rape”.

These are young girls who want to have a baby and had consensual sex, but pro-choicers are claiming they were “legitimately raped” it is a “legal rape” and their pro-choice parents, have a right to “force them” to have an “legal abortion”, because their underage and could not possibly have given “consent to sex”. These runaway girls are girls that are 14 and pregnant and know that their parents will force them to have an abortion. They have no other choice but to run away or have their parents legally murder their unborn child. Many of these women return home years later. Some don’t because they believe a parent that would force their child to abort “their child”is so evil, there’s no reason to return home.

Who are you to tell women or girls, how old they should be to have children. If their body gets pregnant, their body is telling them they are old enough to have children. Some 13-year-olds are more mature than 60-year-olds. But to think that some people would rather have their children run away from home and shack up with a pedophile in a shed, because that’s the only way they can “legally” have a baby. That’s right lawmakers and pro-choice are telling young women that if they want to “legally have a baby” they must shack up with a pedophile in a shed and hide the baby for 18 years. If discovered by police while they are still four months pregnant, they will be forced to have a abortion by pro-choice people.

Pro-life people, say it doesn’t matter if 11-year-old girl was raped and became pregnant, her children have a right to live and they have a right to be loved and accepted by society. Pro-Life people say if a 11-year-old girl wants to get pregnant and have a baby, the pro-choice people “cannot abort it”. Pro-life people say young girls who want to have a baby don’t have to run away from home and shack up with a pedophile to do it. I’m not saying Jaycee Lee Dugard had consensual sex to have a baby, I think she can stop “rape abortion” because most lawmakers will agree that she was, “legitimately raped”. Many women have been raped and became pregnant and kept the rapist child. They believe the rapist is evil but it would be even more evil to abort the rapist child.

Pro-choicers believe these women were not “legitimately raped” because they decided to keep the rapist child. This is why abortion for rape victims is still legal. The pro-choicers do not believe these women were “legitimately raped” and that’s why I believe Jaycee Lee Dugard story can put an end to “legal abortion” for rape victims. Not too many people will argue that Jaycee Lee Dugard was not “legitimately raped”. I am sure that there will still be people out there that will think Jaycee Lee Dugard shacked up with a pedophile to have a baby and was not raped at all. But those people are pro-choicers and they are screwed up in the head. Pro-choicers are criminally insane. They even believe that it’s unhealthy for a young girl to have a child. This is criminal insanity. They are using a criminal mind for an excuse to abort a baby by claiming it’s not healthy. The Virgin Mary was 13 years old when she had Jesus. Pro-choicers are atheist who want to prevent Jesus from being born. And they figure they can prevent the second coming of Jesus by legalizing rape for rape victims, and then claiming all women under the age of 18 were “legally raped” even if it was consensual sex, so that they can “legally abort Jesus”. Jesus is not going to have have a second coming, because when the Virgin Mary gets pregnant at 13, she was “legitimately raped” and Jesus is being “legally aborted” every year.

Just like I don’t believe it’s about taking away guns from gun owners, because all gun owners are murderers. It’s more about locking them up in prison for life, to keep society safe. Pro-choicers need to be locked up to keep society safe. They’re not going to become good people when abortion becomes illegal for rape victims. In the war between good and evil, former gun owners and former pro-choicers will be killed. Just because you make abortion illegal, does not make pro-choicers become righteous or beneficial to society. The gun owners have said if you take away their guns they will still kill with sharp pencils and the pro-choicers have said if you make abortion illegal, they will still kill their unborn with knitting needles. It’s about separating good and evil. Let the good live and be free and lock up or kill the evil. It’s not so much about making abortion illegal, as it is finding these people and putting them on FEMA trains with the former gun owners to concentration camps and separating them from the rest of civilized society. They are the evil.

Pro-choice people are so chronically mentally ill that they’re not capable of understanding that it takes two people to make a baby and the baby is just as much the fathers as it is the mothers. If a man takes a baby and slits its throat right in front of the mother, so that she can see the blood drip out of it, is no different than a woman aborting the man’s child. So if a man should go to prison for life for killing a woman’s child, the women should go to prison for life for killing a man’s child. But the women are worse, because they are so criminally insane, they don’t see anything wrong with killing the man’s child. Whereas at least the man knows it’s murder. In fact if a man kills a woman who wants to abort his child it could be considered “self defense”. He was defending his family. In the future it might even be possible to cut the unborn fetus out of the woman in its second third or four months of pregnancy and implant it into another woman or test tube, until it’s born. Making it unnecessary to kill the child. Even given the woman the opportunity that she does not have to carry the baby, once she becomes pregnant. They will simply transplant the fetus into a test tube or another Women.

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