Chlorinated Water Conspiracy ABC2020 MMS, November 1, 2016.

ABC twenty twenty did a story on a religious group that was selling chlorinated water as a miracle cure in Mexico and Africa. In Chicago, a study was done so that they figured out people who lived by a alcohol brewery, got sick less often than people who lived in other parts of the city. They found out it was the drinking water that made people sick and that people who drink alcohol were somehow killing the germs and viruses. So some guy came up with the solution of putting chlorine in the city drinking water. People were against chlorine in the water because chlorine was a poison. The guy actually put chlorine in the city wanted of Chicago against the will of the authorities. But when people stop getting sick, they had to accept the fact that the chlorine was killing bacteria, viruses and germs. Now they put chlorine in all of our drinking water, in our swimming pools, fountains and just about anywhere we use water. The bleach manufacturer started selling bleach to disinfect homes and we even put bleach in our laundry. So bleach has become a miracle cure in the United States. Or is that only what the bleach manufacturers have been telling us? A religious group has been taking bleach and selling it as a miracle cure in Third World countries. ABC twenty twenty recently did a story on this religious group. However they are not painting this religious group as heroes, but as snake oil salesman, who are selling poison chlorine to put in peopleís drinking water in Third World countries. So when the United States government puts chlorine in our drinking water, it is a miracle cure. But when a religious group tries to sell the same chlorine and drinking water in Third World countries, it is considered snake oil poison according to ABC twenty twenty. Now Iím not looking at the religious group as being a bunch of Saints for selling chlorine is a miracle cure without telling people. But I donít really think many people even know what chlorine is. Most people in the United States just know itís what they put in our drinking water to make us healthy. But now after the story on ABC twenty twenty, we have to rethink why they are putting poison chlorine in our drinking water. A religious group has to sell poison chlorinated water before we wake up to the fact that the government has been poisoning us with poison chlorinated water for years. Now religious groups should start selling Halloween candy, that way ABC twenty twenty can do a story how sugar in candy is poisoning our children.

Three weeks ago I got a cold from someone at the bar. I usually keep my distance from people at least an arm lengths away. But some guy sat next meeting started talking to me and the very next day I knew I was coming down with a cold. I knew I got the cold from the guy at the bar because whenever I let someone get in my personal space, I end up getting a cold. My sister claims, stop blaming other people, you couldíve got the cold from the barstool, but I know I got it from this guy. Anyway I had a cold for at least two weeks before I went back to the bar. Most people simply go to the bar with their cold. I looked on the Internet and it said youíre only contagious for about four days. But who believes whatís on the Internet. So when I went to the bar I avoided shaking peopleís hands. People stuck their hand out and I told them I didnít want to shake their hands I had a cold. But most people look at me as if I was from another planet when I told them I didnít want to shake their hand because I had a cold. Most people donít care if they got a cold they would shake other peopleís hands anyway. So I was talking to one guy and he stuck his hand out, why I was talking and inadvertently I shook his hand and said, ďoh I shouldnít have shook your hand Iíd got a cold, while just donít touch your mouthĒ. Then he got all paranoid and ran to the bathroom to wash his hands. The other guy put his shirt over his mouth to try to avoid my germs. I thought that was funny considering my sister claims I didnít get a cold from the guy at the bar and all these people are more germ a phobs than I am.

Anyway I started searching the Internet for the meaning of a cold. Why do we get them? Why do they exist? Is there anything in the Bible about getting colds? Colds donít make sense. Itís a virus you get from somebody, it lives in your body for a couple weeks and then it dies if you donít give it to somebody else. How come every time I get close to someone it seems like I get a cold from them? What message is God trying to send me? While I found out from the Internet, that there is only so many cold viruses and that we never get the same cold virus twice. Many of us are exposed as children too many of these cold viruses so we build up an immunity to them. Because I avoided people, I wasnít exposed to a whole lot of cold viruses. So I donít have a great immunity system to them. Furthermore, we are living in a sterilized environment. We use bleach to clean our houses, bleach in our laundry and bleach in our drinking water. When you go down to Mexico, they tell you not to drink the water, it will make you sick. But Mexico drinking water doesnít make the Mexicans sick. Thatís because the Mexicans are used to drinking their water and they have built up an immunity to it. We are used to drinking sterilized chlorinated water. Mexico donít use chlorine in their water and thatís why we are not supposed to drink it. So putting chlorine in drinking water is a form of genocide. But genocide of who? Genocide of Americans by putting poison chlorine in the water or genocide of Mexicans and Africans by not putting chlorine in the water? If Darwin had it right, it is genocide of the Americans. Evolution is causing The Mexicans and Africans to build up an immune system. The people in Third World countries are exposed all the germs and viruses and Americans are being exposed to large amounts of chlorinated water. The elite probably believe in their own delusional minds, that it is genocide against the blacks and Mexicans, because Americans look like theyíre healthier on paper. Chlorinated water makes less people sick, but it destroys their immune system. Water in Mexico makes more people sick, but the survivors are stronger and more evolved into healthier humans, if Darwin is anything close to being correct. Evolution says only the strong survive, but chlorinated water is helping the sick survive. But that survival is only temporary. Because we are exposed to less germs and viruses, we donít build up an immunity to them. A cold or flu shot, is a small dose of the cold or flu virus. They give you a small dose of flu virus to help your immune system buildup antibodies to fight that virus.

Speaking of genocide. The rich are trying to exterminate the poor. Even my sister was smart enough to figure this one out. She was selling her house and the inspector tested the tap water. The tap water have a large amount of bacteria and they said there wasnít supposed to be any bacteria in the drinking water. It turned out the bacteria was coming from the nozzle on the kitchen sink. I live in a government-subsidized housing unit. They put special low flow water saving nozzles on all the sinks. These nozzles aerate the water and if you pull down on them they will turn the water into the spray for washing dishes. These nozzles are bacteria traps. They take in air and mix it with the water, which also means they are taken in bacteria and germs and Breeding it in the nozzle. If my sister figured this out, no doubt the Flint water inspectors have figured this out and theyíre not telling anybody in the low income housing units. I guess theyíre waiting for all those multimillion dollar lawsuits to roll in against the government. If you have one of those spray nozzles on your kitchen sink, youíre probably being contaminated with bacteria and all the rich people know it.

Unfortunately they probably donít keep statistics in Mexico on how many people die from their water not being chlorinated. But according to the guy ABC twenty twenty some people are dying from chlorinated water and it canít be detected. They canít tell if the chlorinated water the religious group was selling people, was killing people. They only have a suspicion that it is. That means people might very well be dying from our chlorinated city water, but there is no test to find out if it was the chlorinated water that is killing Americans. They just tell us not to drink the water when we go to Mexico. Our immune systems have been destroyed to the point where we canít drink anything but chlorinated water.

In my theory, if chlorinated water prevents diseases, then a larger amount of chlorine in water might cure some people who have cancer or other diseases. So even though ABC twenty twenty was trying to paint this religious group is a bunch of snake oil salesman selling poison chlorinated water, I might try drinking a higher concentration of chlorinated water if I get cancer. Itís got a be a better treatment than chemotherapy. I watched my mother die from chemotherapy treatments. My motherís death certificate actually had chemotherapy treatments as the cause of death. I wanted to change my motherís death certificate to say the cause of death was cigarettes. But I was surprised to see the cause of death was chemotherapy treatments. This might be a conspiracy of the tobacco companies. They donít want people to believe that people are dying from tobacco, so they put the blame on the death certificates as chemotherapy treatments. This would be like a gun manufacturers paying off all the doctors to say the cause of death is not guns, but doctors who donít know how to save people from bullet wounds.

The death certificates should not have homicide or accident as the cause of death when someone is shot. The cause of death on every death certificate where a person is shot, should be, ďgunsĒ. Iíve been watching escape TV that has all the FBI files and unsolved mystery stories. People are not murderers, guns kill people. If these people didnít have guns, in many of these stories, they wouldnít have killed people. People should plead not guilty whenever they are charged with murder by a gun. Guns kill people. Every person who shot someone with a gun has a legitimate lawsuit against gun manufacturers, for brainwashing them with the belief that guns donít kill people. If that woman didnít have a gun, she would not have ran her husband over with a car. If the bank robbers didnít have guns, they would not have started beating people over the head with a baseball bat. If the hunter didnít have a gun, he would not have started stabbing rabbits to death. Not only should those people who have killed people with guns be let out of prison, but gun manufacturers should be put in prison a hundred years, for every person, who is killed with a gun.


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