Chernobyl & Fukushima Update October 14, 2014.

The more you learn about these reactors the more poorly they are designed. Fukishima might not be as bad as we first thought. The first reports said radioactive steam is coming out of the ground near the reactors. This would generally mean that the core had melted through the containment building. Who would’ve thought the containment buildings were so poorly designed, that they had pipes running out of them with seemingly no shutoff valves. My house was designed like that. There was no shutoff valve underneath the sink so if you had a leak, you had to run down into the basement and shut off the water to the whole house.

These reactors have all these pipes leaving the containment building with no shutoff valves. So if there is a leak, radioactive steam just comes shooting up out of the ground with no way to shut it off. So it may be possible that none of the reactors have melted through the containment buildings. But with no shutoff valves on these pipes, it really doesn’t make a difference because it’s not a containment building if pipes are running out of it with no shutoff valves.

The really bad news, is not that an earthquake or a tsunami caused Fukushima. What caused the accident was a power failure and flooded basements. Last month we had a thunderstorm that caused a three day power failure and flooded so many basements FEMA had to come out and assess the damage. Basements are flooding all the time. They flood when it rains a lot. They flood when there is a power failure. They flood when the sump pump goes bad. If there is a thunderstorm by one of these nuclear power plants that knocks down power lines or knocks out a transformer and floods the basement at the same time we are going to have a Fukushima in the United States.

Why would anyone in their right mind keep the generators in the basement? As if they thought basements would never flood. And even if they remove the generators from the basement, I got an idea that these things are so poorly designed that all the other electronics is probably stored in the basement also so even if you move the generators above sea level when the basements flood these things are going to melt down. In one way the basement flooding might have saved us because that’s probably what kept the reactors from melting down through the containment buildings. The flooded basements probably cooled off the reactors to an extent. Someone needs to find out if any of these hundred, reactors in the United States, have electronics or generators in their basements.

They say that the reactors only had five years of spent fuel in the cooling pools and the other 35 years of spent fuel was kept 100 yards away in a different pool. But when these reactors blew up they must’ve damaged this other pool also. Remember when the World Trade Center collapsed and it also knocked down building seven. Reactor four didn’t even have an explosion it was damaged from number three’s explosion. These reactors are supposed to handle just about any kind of explosion except a direct hit from a nuclear weapon. So they told us.

It’s good Dana has been taking pictures and documenting the sea life along the ocean coast. Hopefully he documented the time date and satellite location on those pictures so that we can take pictures in a year, five years and 10 years from now to see if the ocean is dying. Someone also needs to get a good microscope and examine the microscopic life in the ocean water. If the radiation is damaging butterflies, it’s killing the microscopic life. A few years ago I looked at the tap water under the microscope and seen plenty of water fleas. In radioactive water they might not exist or they might have two heads. This connecting the dots guy has made some outrageous claims that no ocean life has died and that no ocean life will ever die from Fukushima. You can take a bath in a whole bottle of dish soap, but just a few drops of dish soap can kill most of the germs and bacteria in a sink full of dishes. Just a tiny bit of radiation in the ocean can help lower the immune system of living organisms making them more susceptible to bacteria and disease. Taking the ice bucket challenge will not give you pneumonia, but if you have a severe cold and someone starts pouring buckets of ice water over you, you might get pneumonia.

I believe more than 1 million people died from Chernobyl. But it’s like dying from cigarettes. They don’t say he died of cigarettes they say he died of cancer. The radiation lowers immune system and makes people more susceptible to other diseases. The radiation lowers sperm count, causes miscarriages and stillbirths. It keeps women from getting pregnant. And those who do get pregnant have ultra sounds and find birth defects so they have abortions. The nuclear industry is no different than the tobacco companies who deny their product kills people. They are like atheist who say if you can’t prove it, then it doesn’t happen. This is not like a criminal case where you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person is guilty. In a civil suit all you have to prove it is that it’s more likely than not that Chernobyl is responsible for the depopulation of Russia. The birth rate in Russia has dropped since the Chernobyl accident. The population of Russia in the first time in history that man has lived on earth the population of a country has dropped. The population should more than double after 28 years if each married couple had four children. We can expect the population in Russia to continue to decline as radiation is still leaking out of Chernobyl. The radiation has spread across hundreds of square miles of land and that radiation could have been bulldozed up and stored in a safe location. But Russia ran out of money before they could’ve scraped 4 cm off the top of the land. Now that radiation is seeping deeper into the earth and would be impossible to scrape up now because it has seeped several feet into the soil. Rainwater has also been running through Chernobyl causing more radiation to seep into the ground. It will continue to seep into the soil until it reaches underground rivers and aquifers to be distributed throughout Russia over the next thousand years or until everyone’s dead. The radiation doesn’t have to be strong enough to kill you, if it makes you infertile, it killed all your children. The sarcophagus is full of holes and a new sarcophagus has been built but it’s not as sturdy as the old one and I don’t believe it will last as long. It looks those flimsy it looks like a tornado will make it fly away. I doubt it’s strong enough to handle the snow that will land on its roof. I had a dream that I was shoveling about four or five feet of snow this winter. It was a bad winter last winter I really should move down south. The tritium in the atmosphere and on top of the ocean is causing the ocean water to evaporate more rapidly and we are getting record-breaking floods. That means there may be record-breaking snow this winter. I don’t know if they’re going to shovel the snow off the new sarcophagus or simply let it collapse like the old one.

The population in Japan has dropped by more than 1 million people since 2011. Before 2011 the population was increasing. More than 600,000 people from one website have left Japan in 2013 either in boats or they died. We don’t really have any reports of a mass exodus from Japan. But the great exodus of the Bible was less than 500,000 people. The new census report will come out in 2015 and then we will know the true numbers. Unless the government starts cooking the books on the census report.

When Chernobyl blew up 500,000 people knowingly risked and sacrificed their lives, but they knew someone had to do it. They did it to save the lives of their families and their country. When Fukushima blew up the people wanted to abandon the site. It wasn’t about saving the lives of their family or their country because their country didn’t care if they died. Their country wants to start up more nuclear power plants risking the lives of their families further. Since the Fukushima accident they were not able to higher one new person except for some homeless people who didn’t care if they died. The only people who are signing up to cleanup fukushima are those who are suicidal. Every day another employee quits at Fukushima and no new ones are hired. They raised the pay by another $100 a day but there has been no new sign-ups. A lot of people are still supporting nuclear power on YouTube, but none of them are signing up to cleanup fukushima or Chernobyl. The only people signing up to work at nuclear power plants in the United States are illegal aliens coming from Mexico who have no clue to how dangerous radiation is. I suspect the population in the United States is dropping also from radiation but we are bringing in so many immigrants it looks like our population is growing. They are estimating over 10 million illegal Mexicans alone that’s not including the ones who got here legally. The majority of people coming into the United States are coming in on airplanes not crossing the border. They fly in and never flied out. If we stopped immigration united states population would decrease every year. © Copyright 1996-2014 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.