Charles Tan Murder Case, Dateline, Cornell, May 2, 2016.

Charlie Tanís lawyer Brian DeCarolis and Judge James Piampiano, are just as guilty of murder as Charlie Tan and his mother, of murder. Their just as guilty of murder. The prosecutor did not have to prove Charlie Tan murdered his father, because Charlie admitted to shooting him. The gun, the dead body is proof Charlie Tan wasnít lying when he said he shot his father. The whole court case was about whether this was self-defense or murder. When Charlie Tan and his lawyer Brian DeCarolis, tried to use the defense that the mother did it, that means it is a conspiracy where the lawyers are in on the crime and are just as guilty of premeditated first-degree murder. So the lawyers of Charlie Tan must be charged with conspiracy to commit premeditated first-degree murder. When the friends of Charlie Tan, came to his defense, knowing he murdered his father, all the friends at Cornell University are also guilty of conspiracy to commit premeditated first-degree murder. And they must be charged with that crime. When the judge James Piampiano threw the case out of court, it meant he was in on the conspiracy to commit premeditated first-degree murder and he must also be charged with premeditated first-degree murder. This judge is a mafia judge. He needs to be charged with murder too because he obviously did everything in his power to let this gun owner get away with premeditated first-degree murder. Because he was a gun owner right.

Most of these people commit murder because they are suicidal and they do it for their children. God said you cannot get good fruit from a bad tree. If the parents are murderers the children will be murderers and as a deterrent to murder, the children of judge James Piampiano should also be put to death for conspiracy to commit premeditated first-degree murder. Because thatís the only deterrent. That judge doesnít care if heís charged with premeditated first-degree murder heís only going to be deterred from premeditated first-degree murder if he believes his children are also going to be put to death for his crime. This is a mafia judge defending the gun lobby and the gun nuts right to murder people and claim self-defense or try to get away with murder by blaming someone else. Like blaming the mother. There is no doubt the judge, the lawyer and the friends of Charlie Tan at Cornell University, are all in on this conspiracy to commit premeditated first-degree murder. Every one of those people should be charged with conspiracy to commit premeditated murder, unless they are willing to make a deal to confess about this conspiracy. However, the only way to prevent this kind of organized murder and this is organized crime when the judges in on it, the lawyer is in on it and the friends at Cornell are in on it and even the mother is in on it. This is organized crime and the only solution is to put their children to death because these people are suicidal and donít care if they die. These people will murder for their children and they donít care if they go to prison, because theyíre doing it for their children. When they know their children are going to be put to death, they wonít be in on these conspiracies to commit premeditated first-degree murder. There is no law but the absolute law of God. When Cain became a murderer as the Mormons have stated, all of Cainís children were murderers, that had to be put to death. This is the Mormons believe that Cain was a murderer and all of his children are murderers. Even until today. So if you do a family tree and it traces back to Cain they are a murderer.

This trial just shows how powerful the gun lobby is, that you can shoot someone, go to Canada to run from the murderers, come back and then claim self-defense with a week old body. If Charlie Tan stabbed his father to death, he would be in prison because the gun lobby and the gun nuts would not be behind him. Not only will Charlie Tan go down in history as a premeditated murder, so will his lawyers, the judge and his friends at Cornell University. And their children. Because you canít get good fruit from a bad tree. So all these people and their children are murderers. Cornell University should toss all of his friends out of the University also. Because. That email message proved they were in on the conspiracy to commit premeditated first-degree murder. If youíve traced their family tree it would probably go back to Cain. These people are so criminally insane, they probably believe they were doing God a service by killing a so-called abuser. Itís Bible prophecy being fulfilled. But we know that the 911 calls for help were all just as fake as these liars who claimed the mother shot the father. You can actually hear the father talking calmly in the 911 tape where the mother says sheís being beat a week before the murder. You can hear the mother on the tape saying, ďIím being beatĒ while the father is talking calmly in the background and you donít hear any punches or smacks. This is some kind of mafia takeover of his company. That is why he was killed, for his money and his business, not because he was a abuser. Find out who owns the business now and you will find the mastermind behind this conspiracy to commit premeditated first-degree murder. This is a corporate takeover of what ever company that guy had. And itís organized crime.

I had this cough in my doctor said it was bronchitis. When I quit smoking my bronchitis was cured and I was angry at the doctor. I confronted him about it and he acted like I was wearing a tan foil hat. I thought the doctor was purposely serving the tobacco companies. Then I realized the doctor went to a university that was funded by the tobacco companies. And not only was he taught that anyone who had a smokerís cough had bronchitis, but anyone who tried to convince them the smoking cough was caused by smoking was wearing a tinfoil hat and he could not get a license to practice medicine unless he believed it. Original Sin is not sex, itís taking from the tree of knowledge. Original Sin is going to school. Everything taught in school is to benefit the kingdom of the Antichrist. The Indians never went to school and they lived on this land for thirty-five thousand years in perfect harmony with natureís God. They didnít know at all, they didnít have all the answers but they lived here for thirty-five thousand years without going to school, without electricity, without cutting down any trees, without cell phones, without telephones or automobiles or destroying the earth. The kingdom of the Antichrist might last another twenty years before it destroys itself and the people who serve it. Maybe it will last a hundred years but one thing is for certain, it is destroying itself. Be careful of anyone who has a high school education or higher as they been thoroughly brainwashed, deceived and manipulated.

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