Darwin, The Most Evil Man Who Ever Existed, November 28, 2012.

Charles Darwin could almost be considered the man who created evil, with his lies about evolution and survival of the fittest. If you talk to any of the leaders like Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney, or Donald Rumsfield and asked them how they could live with themselves with so many people being killed in Iraq for oil, their answer would be “Charles Darwin, survival of the fittest”. They really believe that because our country is big and powerful and because we have all the guns and bombs, that it’s just part of nature, that we should kill the weak or least kill those who don’t have enough bombs to fight back. Bill Gates would say the same thing about sterilizing 250,000 hungry African women. Offering them a bag of food if they get sterilized. He has the money he believes he should be able to live, they don’t have it, they should die and he would quote Darwin’s survival of the fittest.

Survival of the fittest only applies to animals not civilized humans and there is only little bit of truth that it is true of the animal kingdom. Yes the lion will kill and eat the sheep or the rabbit, but that doesn’t mean Lions are going to take over or rule the world. In fact it’s exactly the opposite. The lions and tigers are becoming extinct and the meek rabbits and the sheep are multiplying. I don’t know where Darwin’s head was when he was talking survival of the fittest, while examining the extinct bones of the dinosaurs. Why are not dinosaurs ruling the earth now if there’s any truth in survival of the fittest? What happened to all the strong buffalo? Why are cockroaches taken over the earth, when we can kill them by stepping on them? Why is it that no matter how many chickens Kernal Sanders kills, there’s still more chickens than there are lions tigers and bears? The lions are becoming extinct because the other 99% of the animals on earth, know they are a threat, that have to be taken out. So a tribe of week malnutrition humans, gather together to kill the lion. The complete opposite of Darwin’s survival of the fittest. The week humans live and the Strong Lion dies.

This is also going to be the future for the rich. They will become extinct no matter of their belief of Darwin’s survival of the fittest. The 99% of the week and poor will consider them a threat and kill them, just like the tribe of week starving Africans, killed the strong lion.

When a lion or a bear gets a taste of human flesh, they have to be killed. If the lions and bears are just eating rats, they can live in the woods. But if they get a taste of human flesh, the humans will have to kill them, to survive. The rich people, are like the lions and bears, who have gotten a taste of human flesh. They can’t go back to eating rats.

I seen a movie star on TV and she said she used to drink seven dollar bottles of wine. Once she tasted the wine that costs $150 a bottle, she could not go back to drinking the seven dollar wine. I found this truth in coffee. I used to buy Maxwell House coffee from Aco hardware store for four dollars a large can. When I applied to move into this townhouse they gave me a cup of coffee, while I filled out the application. The coffee was so delicious, I had to know what it was so I asked them what kind of coffee it was. This is a low income government-subsidized nonprofit co-op and so they were afraid to tell me what kind of coffee it was and they never told me. They just said you can’t buy it, it’s a special coffee.

So I started buying the more expensive coffee and found out that the more expensive the coffee is, the better it tastes. First I tried the A&P eight o’clock coffee, it taste a lot better than what I was drinking. Then I tried Biggby coffee and I thought that was great until some Starbucks coffee went on sale and I bought a bag of that. Now I can’t go back. I can only drink Starbucks. It’s almost like when I used to smoke cigarettes I could only smoke my brand and no one else’s. It’s like Charlie’s date from hell on 2 ½ men, she can only eat the fresh lobster, she can’t eat that frozen lobster.

I was chatting with a guy who says Jesse Ventura was proud to serve in the Navy Seals. He was proud to go down and kill the drug dealers in South America as if he was doing Americans a favor. He was only serving the rich. Killing the marijuana growers who were trying to support their families in South America, because they were selling their marijuana to the college kids of the rich. While the rich see nothing wrong with pushing cancer-causing tobacco on children right here in America. A judge has been trying in the courts for 12 years to make the tobacco companies admit they lied to Americans to get children addicted to tobacco. If Navy SEALs wanted to serve America, they should have went in and killed the tobacco people and their lawyers. It’s not about going to another country and killing Bin Laden. The enemies of the people of the United States are living right here in the United States. I was injured on the job and the big automobile companies tried to get out of paying me for my suffering by brainwashing my family into believing I was not injured. Henry Ford’s automobile company, actually opened a hospital to get out of paying the people he made suffer. They have all kinds of support group for all kinds of different people who suffer, but there is no injury support group. I called several religions and churches who were brainwashed with the ideology that Jesus was supposed to heal the injured, so that the factories who injured them, would not have to pay. Not one church had a injury support group or would even let me start one. So I started one at my house. I couldn’t take the horror stories, from people who were paralyzed from the waist down from automobile accidents or work injuries and tried to sue the automobile companies, when the automobile companies sent thugs over to their house, to break their arms, to get them to drop their lawsuits. You think you got thugs trying to shut you up about 9/11, try becoming paralyzed from a car accident and suing the car companies. They will kill you, before they pay you, for what they did to you. I don’t care if you don’t believe if I was injured or not. If one person lost a finger at an automobile plant, that company should have been sue for every penny they own. The reason why God said, “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, trillion dollars for $1 trillion worth of suffering” is because you don’t have enough money to pay for a person’s eye or finger. The games the rich people play is, if you are injured and sue for $10 million and win, they will send someone over to your house to fake a slip and fall on your front porch, to sue you to get the money back. This is why if you lose a finger on the job, you must cut off the finger of the person who started that business or you will never get any justice. You will never be able to stop others from being injured and that is what the purpose of a lawsuit is. It’s not about the money. It’s about making sure that company or business don’t injure another human being again. When a person was killed by one of Henry Ford’s automobiles and he didn’t want to be sued out of business, the Navy SEALs should have went in and killed Henry Ford. If the Navy SEALs did not do that, the Navy SEALs were not serving their country. If you are or were a Navy Seal, you should be a shamed of yourself. When that guy was paralyzed in a car accident and tried to sue Henry Ford’s automobile company for $20 million and they sent in thugs to break his arms, to get him to drop his lawsuit, the Navy SEALs should have went in and severed the spine of Henry Ford. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, severed spine for severed spine that’s justice. It’s not religion. In a just country, a person who suffers 20 million worth of pain, should be paid 20 million. If the business causes one to lose a finger, the business owner should lose a finger. And it’s really not about the money, it’s about guaranteeing no one is ever injured by that company again. So if the business has more than 20 million, then $20 million is not enough money to sue them for. Come to think of it, it was probably the Navy SEALs that went in and broke the guys arms, who was paralyzed from the waist down, trying to sue the automobile company, so that it never happens again.

The rich are like lions and bears that have gotten a taste of human flesh and suing them for the suffering they cause, is not going to change them, they will only sue you back, if they can’t break your arms to get you to drop the lawsuit first. The rich are just like a bear, that has to be killed, because it has gotten a taste of human flesh. That’s what you do with Bears who have learned how the human flesh you have to killed him. They are not going to go back to eating rats or out of garbage cans.

Charles Darwin’s survival of the fittest, is not only a lie, it has caused all the suffering in the world. Tom Monahan started Domino’s pizza and has thousands of employees that he pays minimum wage, so that they have to rely on government food stamps to survive and he makes so much money that he can afford to buy a $1 million car, goes to the church of Satan that makes him believe Jesus has blessed him, and cursed all of his workers. His workers are what made him rich. That’s not what Jesus taught. That’s not love. Love is when I take you to dinner and I buy you a stake, because I am eating steak. If I’m eating lobster, I should buy you lobster. I should not be eating lobster and serving you spaghetti or a hamburger. The owner of a company, should make the same as the employees. And he should be happy that he’s making the same amount of money for sitting on his ass, as the employees, who are working their asses off.

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