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Welcome to my channel.

This channel is about truth & truth will make you angry. But don’t get violent, words are like bullets. There’s only one truth and infinite lies. Those in authority are more afraid of truth, then violence. They want you resort to violence, to shut you up. They don’t want you to know truth. Truth sets you free. Truth is like toothpaste, it can’t be put back, once let out.

I saw God and he revealed to me truth. When religions told me no one could see God, I knew the world was deceived. That opened my mind and made me wonder where else I’ve been deceived.

Everything on the news is planted. If it don't make the news station money, it don't make the news. It’s not a government conspiracy. The sponsors decide what goes on the news. If the gun lobby is sponsoring the news, the stories of the gun owner being shot by his own gun, will only get a small blurb on the last page of a newspaper, whereas if interpreted that a gun saved a life, it will air every day of the week, several times a day.

Not only is news planted, everything you hear in Church is planted. The sermons are based on the Church’s sponsors. The Sopranos don’t donate money to the Church for nothing. The car companies donated that bus to the church for a reason. Tobacco companies build churches for a reason. When that factory is donating 10% of their profits to the Church, your not going to hear a sermon on air pollution or global warming. The preachers can’t even preach that cigarets cause cancer, without getting sued by the tobacco companies. All they can say is, “the devil wants you to smoke” and you have to read between the lines. When that Construction Company buys your church an organ, their trying to bribe someone. Their never going to preach work is a sin, because your giving them a portion of your earnings. You are paying them to lie to you.

What you’ll get on my channel is my opinion based on intuition given by God, that is right more often, than the propaganda on the news. We can’t go on living the way we are living. Sooner or later we will be out of natural resources and our grandchildren will be forced to live without cars, heat, electricity and even wood for building houses.

My videos get a lot of thumbs down by gun owners, who know I am trying to take away their guns. Guns keep men in bondage. Guns make people believe they can own what belongs to God. Gun owners believe they make the laws and when supplies are low, they will use their gun to take what is yours. We go to war because men have guns. The Earth has been destroyed because men with guns make the rules. Everything belongs to God and you cannot buy or sell without receiving the Mark of the beast. Food grows on trees, jobs are slavery and business owners are slave masters.

Even a 200 year supply of gas would only make us a war target for countries who have no fuel. Only six years of the ten year supply of gas in Iraq will make it to market. Two years were burned up in the war fighting for it and another two years will be burned up defending it. Those in power got us addicted to the way we are living. We need to learn how to change. People have lived for thousands of years without cars, electricity, heated homes, air-conditioning, cell phones & microwave ovens. We all dream of living like those on Gilligan’s Island, but we can’t get there because the people in power hold us in bondage, to sell us product.

The rich are forcing us to live in a subscription Society. They put sugar in food to force us to purchase dental insurance or have our children’s teeth rot. When Regan lowered the speed limit 10mph, it saved 10,000 lives a year. They raised the speed back up because people were not afraid of dying in car cashes and they stopped buying car, life and medical insurance. Now they want to raise the speed limit higher, to get more people to purchase these insurances. At 25mph no one would need car insurance and most would not worry about life or medical insurance.

Water and sewer used to be free. We used to have septic tanks and well water. The government subsidized city water and sewer making us believe we can have theses services cheep. But it only past the cost to our children, who will have to pay billions to have these services maintained as they are getting old and will have to be replaced at more then ten times the original cost. Now it’s too late to go back to septic tanks and well water, as they polluted underground water and built on land too small to support septic fields.

The oil and gas companies made us dependent on heat for our homes by passing city code, so that rooms had to be at least 8' x 8' x 8'. This size room needs artificial heat. The Eskimos don’t need heat for their igloos, because they build them small enough, for their body heat to keep the room warm. This is true for your pets. If you build your doghouse for the size of your dog, you will not have to heat it. The dogs body temperature will keep the dog house warm. This is how the homeless stay warm. They build small houses. And that’s how they stayed warm hundreds of years ago.

The only way the rich can increase the Earth’s resources is to kill off billions of people and that means you and your children. Just because you’re upper-middle-class doesn’t mean you’re going to get to live. There’s just not enough resources for your children or your children’s children.

After the Fukushima accident many of us will wish we were Amish. Using candles is better than glowing in the dark from radiation. You will not be the same after watching my videos, you will be enlightened and have the ability to enlighten others.

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