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Unnecessary Cesarean Section, August 27, 2012.

Women or their unborn child are three times more likely 2 die or be injured in a cesarean section, then they are in a natural childbirth. Money is the reason why they perform them. Hospitals cannot make any money on natural childbirth. It’s more sinister than killing 1.5 million Iraqis for oil. But people do very evil things for money.

A bartender at Shelli Kelly’s told me how she almost died during a cesarean section and that she might not be able to have children because of it. She owes over $22,000 in hospital bills. She can’t sue the doctor, because when you go to the hospital you sign papers that say if something happens to you, or your baby, you will can not sue them. You sign away your rights when entering the hospital.

Lawyers on TV will tell you, you can sue the doctor if you have a natural childbirth and something doesn’t come out right. This is because when you have a natural childbirth, you didn’t sign away your rights. Doctors will not perform any surgery and to you sign away your rights in a contract. The woman told me she never signed any papers. However, if you go to a hospital, you sign papers for any future surgeries that you might have years later. When you go to sue, they will bring out the papers. Furthermore doctors and hospitals subsidize lawyers lawsuits against doctors, who do not perform cesarean sections, because they can make so much more money performing cesarean sections. Lawyers cannot make any money suing doctors who screwed up your cesarean section, because you’re ready signed away your rights to sue them.

The woman who works at Shelli Kelly’s told me she needed a cesarean section, that many women died because they did not have them in the past. I am amazed at how many of the women are deceived and believe what the doctors say. It’s not against the law for doctors to lie you. In fact you cannot even sue a doctor for lying. They can tell you that you will need a operation or you will die and if you’ve refused the operation and live, you can’t sue them for lying. They told my grandmother that she would die if they did not amputate her leg. She refused to let them amputate the leg and live another 40 years until she was 94. But then she couldn’t sue them for lying and make her and her fear for her life those 40 years.

Many women are told the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck and cesarean section was needed. Jaycee Lee Dugard had two children without a doctor or hospital. She said on 20/20 that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck. The motorcycle accident brain-damaged, crack addict, pedophile rapist Phillip Craig Garrido, was able to unwrap the umbilical chord. Shows you that he is better than doctors.

A hospital in Europe told women their three-year-old children needed heart surgery and that the surgery was 98% successful. Over 150 children died during that surgery and over 200 were permanently damaged. A woman found out the surgery was not 98% successful when she sat in the waiting room of a hospital and met several other women whose children had the exact same surgery and were permanently damaged. They tried to sue the hospital when they found out the surgery was less than 10% successful and the courts ruled it’s not illegal, immoral or unjust for doctors to lie to their patients, to get them to perform surgery. Just hearing the story should be enough for you to never go to a doctor again. I’d rather die then go to a doctor. The story was on PBS, but I forget the name of it, if anybody knows comment below. The main problem is there’s too many doctors, too many hospitals and not enough children that need heart surgery. The same problem goes for dentist. Colleges and universities are turning out millions of dentist and people are not getting that many cavities. To stay in business, they have to do things to cause you cavities. Dependable cars with thousands of mechanics, they have to tell you things are wrong with your car that aren’t, to stay in business.

My mother had 10 children. Some of us were born by cesarean section and some of us weren’t. My mother figured out, if she went into labor early in the day during the week, it was a natural childbirth. But if she went into labor at night or weekend, the doctor performed a cesarean section, because he wanted to go home. He did not want to wait for the baby to be born. So cesarean sections are performed because the doctor wants to go home at a certain hour. It also depends on the operating room and available surgeons. If there’s surgeons hanging around doing nothing and the operating room is empty, then you need a cesarean section.

I’m not a doctor but common sense tells me that you only need a cesarean section, if you are in labor for several hours having complications, bleeding badly, or have some other severe complication. If the doctor says you need a cesarean section before you even go into labor, you need another opinion.

Hospitals make money on cesarean sections and because it’s surgery, you sign papers earlier, signing away any rights, if you or your child dies or is severely injured during that procedure. I’m trying to get women to tell their stories of complications on cesarean sections. It seems the hospitals and doctors are trying to cover-up how many people are actually injured or killed by them. Just like the gun lobby claims guns save lives because they are making so many billions of dollars, doctors and hospitals are claiming cesarean sections are saving lives because they’re making billions of dollars performing them. They are lying to you. Over 100,000 people year die by medical mistakes a year. Over 500,000 unborn children are aborted every year. Doctors are murderers, like gun owners who believe they can save lives with guns, they think they can play God and I would rather die, than go to one. Asking a murderer to save your life is insanity. Of course doctors will try to convince you that I’m insane. Everyone who is injured or suffers from going to a doctor, is considered insane by the medical profession. The only way doctors can live with themselves after they screw you up during a operation, is not only claim that you are insane, but actually believe you are insane. If they really believed they screwed you up they would have to commit suicide. The medical industry systematically screws people up, and then claims all those people that are screwed up, are mentally ill and it’s not their fault.

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