Celibate Priest, Judgment Day, May 1, 2016.

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The main reason why Priest were to remain celibate is because the antichrist uses women to enslave men. The antichrist canít deceive man, he can only deceive women. In the Garden of Eden it was Eve who was deceived by the devil and she tricked Adam into sinning. Then the curse from God was that men would abuse women to the point it would bruise their heads and the manís heel. Basically meaning men would kick women in the head for forcing them into slavery called jobs. This is why so many women are abused. Theyíre not intelligent enough to know jobs are slavery and business owners are slave masters. All crime, suffering, murderers and rapists can be directly attributed to jobs. Being forced into slavery by women telling men they need jobs is responsible for all crime, suffering and death.

This may be good news that they are drafting women into the military. This will teach them how to kill the slave masters, the business owners. Medical marijuana is also going to help overthrow Satanís kingdom, as it is going to give people the courage to fight the war between good and evil.

The United States government forces the elite military to get vasectomies, so they cannot be deceived or controlled by women. In the Bible men become eunuchís to become faithful to God. Otherwise women are used to deceive them.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, King Gilgamesh uses the woman Shebat, to seduce Enkidu into becoming a slave. Itís like how the Mafia control society by threatening their family members. My family refused to sue the tobacco companies after they murdered my parents because they feared the tobacco companies more than they feared serial killers like the Hillside strangler or Jeffrey Dahmer. If Jeffrey Dahmer killed my parents my family would have no hesitation on suing him. But because my parents were murdered by the tobacco companies, everyone was afraid to sue the murderers.

In the Gnostic literature, women were created by the devil to deceive Godís molded forms. A lot of literature was created to demonize women. There is something about the mysterious woman Babylon. Because women are used to deceive the world.

In the book of Mormon, the Original Sin came from ďsecret combinationsĒ of the devil using women to corrupt mankind. We see this today with pornography, women models in advertising, even women working as waitresses in bars and restaurants to bring in more money for business. This was Original Sin and it is what corrupted society. In one bar woman brushes her breast up against me to get a bigger tip. In another bar a woman bends over with a low-cut top to show her breasts for bigger tips. In another bar owned by cops, the waitresses are actually dropping their pants to show their ass, so the cops who own the bar can bring in more money. The bar has become worse than strip clubs or whore houses. This bar charged three twenty-five for beer on a Monday night and I was surprised it had customers. But now that I know they have hookers as waitresses I can see why it is such a popular bar. And the way they get away with it is Christianity is so brainwashed into believing anyone who mentions the word, ďassĒ is not a man of God so they donít even listen to these truthful stories. If you dial 911 and say some woman is showing her ass to bring in tips, the 911 Christian operator will hang up on you for swearing.

Christianity is a joke. Christianity is the false church Babylon the claims nobody can see God, in Isaiah 47: 10. Islam is the daughter of Babylon. In Judaismís is the father of the false church Babylon. All of these religions based their ideology on no one being able to see God. This is why the Timothean religion is the only true religion as you cannot know God without seeing God. People have to be prepared to see God and only the Timothean religion can do that. Itís not about just saying okay let God appear I am prepared. People who belong to these false religions cannot see God. Theyíve already been indoctrinated with false religious beliefs. These religions have not been spreading the truth for the last two thousand years, they have been hiding the truth and spreading lies. Murderers will not be able to see God. Who is a murderer but he who owns a gun or believes in gun ownership. Who is a murderer but he who thinks kayak companies should be able to make a profit after their product kills people. Who is a murderer but he who thinks the automobile companies should make a profit after their product kills people. People who do not believe the swimming pool manufacturers should be charged with one account a premeditated murder for every child who drowns in a swimming pool will never see God, but will see the lake of fire, where they will be burned and tortured forever and forever.

The floods in Texas is killing these religious nuts by the thousands. But news media is not reporting it because of the Christians, Jews and Muslims find out God is destroying them by the thousands, nobody will go to church. God had warned people to leave the false church Babylon or be destroyed and no one is leaving. Furthermore news stations are not reporting the death of thousands of Christians, Jews, Muslims and even atheist. But it doesnít matter that the news media is not reporting their deaths, God said both the deceiver and the deceived shall be destroyed. They are not reporting the deaths from Fukushima either. The only way we know millions of people are dying from Fukushima radiation, is we could see the population of Japan dropping, by over a million people since 2011 when it should have went up a million or two. Millions of people were also killed by Chernobyl and we know that because before the Chernobyl accident the population of Russia was rising. After the Chernobyl accident the population of Russia has been in decline. There is also decline in pregnancies in the United States. This is not because they have better sex education. This is because Chernobyl and Fukushima radiation is preventing women from becoming pregnant in the first place.


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