The fight begins. My e-mail to Carl Levin about Fraser Rams Horn. February 3, 2014.

A server at the Fraser Rams Horn (Utica Road & Masonic) was coughing and overworked. I thought she might have whooping cough a contagious disease. I sent a e-mail to the Board of Health on what could be done about sick contagious workers at restaurants who cough in people’s food during this flu season. No one seemed to know when I googled the question and someone asked for an answer on Yahoo’s questions.

Steve Gold from the Board of Health told me he would not let the server put the contaminated food in front of him and he would not pay for it. I told Steve in the e-mail that when the server was coughing, I refused to order anything except coffee.

Steve contacted John Mulcahy from environmental health (586-465-8030) and John called me to say he would look into it. I told him not to mention my name, but I did complain about the coughing worker two days in a row to Rams Horn management.

They knew it was me that turned them into the Board of Health and the next time I went into the restaurant they tampered with my food. The eggs, pancakes and even toast tasted so awful that had to spit them out and I got sick from it. My lips burned for a week. They did not charge me for the breakfast or give me a receipt. Their actions showed they knew it was contaminated. They quickly remove my plate.

I returned to the restaurant again and just ordered coffee that coffee tasted tainted also. I wanted to figure out who contaminated my food so I returned to the restaurant to use the restroom the following Wednesday. The manager asked me to leave the restaurant. I posted the incident on YouTube and sent a e-mail to Rams Horn corporate office, asking them to check their surveillance videos. They send Fraser police to my house to intimidate me.

Everyone knows they tampered with my food and they are making me look like the bad guy. I want the Rams Horn to be put out of business. They should have done everything in their power to look into Food Tampering and check those surveillance videos. Updates and more on the story on my YouTube channel.


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