Car Makers 100% Responsible for All Injured & Killed in Crashes, July 21, 2017.

This is not an opinion. Scientists knew that if they made a car go faster than 10 mph, people would be injured and killed by them. People were afraid to get on trains that went 15 mph, because they knew they could die at that speed. Traffic fatalities is a science. Mass and speed is responsible for traffic fatalities. Not drunk drivers. Iím not defending drunk drivers, the automobile makers are criminally insane narcissistic psychopathic murderers, who put the blame on a substance, that has been here for thousands of years, before they ever made the automobile.

Nobody died in the first automobiles, because they only had a one cylinder engine and could not go faster than 10 miles per hour. The auto companies that tried to make safer cars and had compassion for those injured or killed, were sued out of business. The car companies that blamed the drivers and tortured and killed the people trying to sue them, were the ones that stayed in business. The first model T that had a one cylinder engine, got 60 miles per gallon. Few if any died in them. They didnít go fast enough to kill anyone. They werenít even heavy enough to kill someone, if they ran over someone. And Iím not talking about the later model four-door with the bigger engine. Mass and speed also determines gas mileage. The heavier the car, the more gas it uses. The heavier the car the more traffic fatalities. The faster the car can travel, the more traffic fatalities. The faster the car drives, the less gas mileage it gets.

In the 1970s Ronald Reagan lowered the speed limitís to 55 miles an hour, to save on gasoline. It had an unexpected outcome. Inadvertently, it also saved 10,000 lives a year. The slower the speed, the more lives are saved. Mind you he only lowered the speed limit, he didnít lower the speed cars could go. So people were still able to speed and die in car crashes. If Reagan was somehow able to lower the speed cars could go to 55 mph, most likely twice as many lives would have been saved. And even more lives would have been saved if they would have lowered the weight of the vehicles to match the speed limits. If cars have a top speed of 55 mph, they can be made lighter. The lighter a car is, the less likely it is to kill someone. For instance if you get hit by a car that weighs 50 pounds at 10 mph, youíre not likely to die. However, if youíre hit by a car that weighs 2 tons at 10 mph, itís going to crush you like a tank. People are actually driving big SUVs because they would rather have the other person die in a car crash. This makes people who drive SUVs into murderers. Because driving an SUV is not going to save your life, itís just going to make it more likely, that you kill the people in the other vehicle. The heavier car does not protect you or lessen the likely that you die in a car crash. It just makes it more likely that the other people die in the car crash. Youíre more likely to die because the heavier the car, the harder it is to slow down when something is in its way or on ice.

Studies have found that if people even slow down 5 mph, when entering an intersection that it can save thousands of lives a year. But itís not about saving a few lives. Because no one, and I mean absolutely no one, should ever die in a car crash. And anyone who thinks even one person dying in a crash is acceptable, is a premeditated first-degree murderer who should spend the rest of their life in prison. Furthermore, if they think one person dying in a crash is acceptable, because theyíre making money or creating jobs, they should be put to death by lethal injection. Traffic fatalities have a greater impact on society than simply someone dying. Whole families are devastated when a parent, child, spouse, sister or brother dies in a car crash. Even Aunts, Uncles, friends and neighbors are affected. When schoolchildren are killed in a crash the entire school full of children is affected. Anyone who thinks even one person dying in a crash is acceptable is a sick piece of Fucking shit. More evil than Jeffrey Dahmer, or any of these serial killers that you have seen on escape TV. These serial killers are mentally ill. But those who think one person dying in a crash is acceptable, because someone is making money or someone is creating jobs, have absolutely no excuse. They are the most evil narcissistic psychopaths on the planet.

How these narcissistic psychopaths managed to stay alive, in a country where every person has a right to bear arms to fight for justice and a court system that determined what is justifiable homicide, I donít know. The way the justice system is supposed to work, is when someone is killed in a crash, the family member uses their right to bear arms, to kill the person, the carmaker, the car dealer, the insurance salsman, the doctors, the investor, the lawyer, the politician, the judge, who was responsible for the automobile going faster than 10 mph, and 12 jurors decide if itís justifiable homicide. If itís not determine justifiable homicide by the 12 jurors, then you sit in prison with the rest of the people who killed narcissistic psychopaths, who thought people dying in car crashes was acceptable and you wait for judgment day for your reward and for their destruction.

Because the only reason why cars go faster than 10 mph, is to sell people car insurance, make money for doctors, hospitals, morticians, rehabilitation centers and to sell more gasoline. None of these people that profit from cars going faster than 10 miles an hour have any empathy for the millions of people injured in car crashes and that tens of thousands of people killed by them. Not to mention the hundreds of millions of people affected, by someone who was injured or killed in a crash. Iím affected just by the people I see suffering from car crashes on TV. No one in my family has died in a crash. None of my friends have died in a crash. None of my friends or family have lost arms or legs in a crash. Iím affected by the TV commercials, begging me for money for these children who lost arms and legs in car crashes and the people responsible donít want to pay, so they beg for money from people like me instead of going to the people who caused their injuries, for the money. These are some sick pieces of fucking shit, that will make an automobile that causes people suffering and then try to get the money from strangers to help the victims.

Insurance companies need to give refunds plus penalties and interest to every person who purchased car insurance for the last 50 years. The only reason why people purchase car insurance is because the speed limits make cars dangerous to drive. People purchase car insurance because they fear for their life. The insurance companies know what a safe speed is. They keep statistics. They know how many people die in car crashes at 55 mph, 45 mph, 35 mph, 25 mph and 15 mph. Call your insurance company and tell them your daughter got in a crash at 10 mph and died and they will tell you thatís not possible. Insurance companies are the most likely cause of traffic fatalities. Instead of lowering speed limits so that no one would need to purchase car insurance, they did everything in the power to raise speed limits, to make people fear for their life and purchase insurance. These sick pieces of shit, are almost more evil, than the car manufacturers. Itís probably the same crime family, running the auto industry as it is, running the insurance industry. If a person dies in a crash, the insurance companies CEOs, should also be charged with accessory to murder. They knew that if cars went a certain speed, people would be injured, people would be killed. They done nothing to lower those speeds, because they were making a profit selling insurance. Furthermore, it seems like there is evidence that theyíve actually tried to raise speed limits to sell more insurance and cause more traffic fatalities.


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