Capitalist Beer Bar Conspiracy, September 6, 2016.

Someone had once asked me why beer taste better in a bar than it does at home. I figured the beer in a bar is colder than a beer In a home refrigerator. The coolers in bars are kept at just above freezing and are designed to keep beer cold. Your refrigerator home is not as well made. Things on the bottom of the refrigerator are generally a little warmer than the things on the top shelf. Beer has a little alcohol in it so it can actually be kept a little bit cooler than thirty-two degrees without freezing. But what I have found, is that my beer at home, taste far better than the beer at the bar. Sometimes I will have a beer before I go to the bar. So I know my beer taste better.

So Saturday I went to the bar and the beer was not as good as mine at home. After a couple beers, I decided to go to another bar and order the same kind of beer. The beer at that bar was absolutely undrinkable. I took one sip, looked at the date on the bottle and could not figure out why this beer tasted so bad. The bar was virtually empty except for a couple of females who were drinking fruity drinks. This is an Italian Mafia bar conspiracy. I remember telling the other bar owner, how there was a bar down the street, where the beer was cheaper and they had karaoke. He said it doesnít matter. Heís an Italian. This is where the conspiracy comes in. And Iím not sure how it works. But I have a clue.

Budweiser is almost a Mafia run organization. It is in fact a cartel. For the right amount of cash, I imagine you can bribe the truck driver, to deliver nasty beer to your competition. They decide which bars stay in business and which bars go out of business. The bars they want to stay in business, those bars get the good beer. The bars that they want to go out of business, get the lesser quality beer. Perhaps even the beer that is undrinkable. Because we are now live in an age where customers donít bother complaining, For fear of being labeled some kind of tinfoil hat wearing paranoid schizophrenic. They are able to get away with this. I ordered a meal at a restaurant and they donít ask you how your meal is anymore. The breakfast was absolutely terrible, I paid for it, but I will never return to that restaurant. The sausage had pieces of bone in it, I had to spit out the bacon because it was rotten and the hash browns were like mashed potatoes. The restaurant was in such a bad area they had a armed guard inside the restaurant. I felt like I was eating breakfast in a prison and the food was worse than prison food. I think the arm guard was to make sure people paid for their meal that was un edible. The Board of Health couldíve never went inside that restaurant because it would have been closed down.

When I called the board of health on a bar because of the nasty tasting beer, the Board of Health tested the beer, called me back and said there was a little cider in the beer. He assured me the cider wouldnít harm me. But there was nothing illegal about them selling beer that turned to cider. If you leave an old bottle of vinegar around, it will eventually turn to cider. I donít believe it was an accident, that these bars are serving cider tainted beer. If they are not in the Mafia, paying the Mafia tribute, their bar is going to get cider tainted beer and theyíre going to lose all of their customers. Thereís no way I can test the beer myself or even the bars test the beer they are selling. It is very hard to discover or even prove they are purposely driving their competition out of business by paying off Budweiser to deliver cider contaminated beer. And thereís nothing illegal about it. So now I have the choice of going to the bar run by Mafia thugs, or drinking cider tainted beer.

I used to work at a bagel factory. Every business has quality control. We can tell what bagels are overcooked, what bagels are undercooked and what bagels are not as good quality as others. Sometimes the machines donít connect the ends and they have to be connected by hand so the bagels look funny. To our quality customers, go the good bagels. To the customers that give us a hard time, go the undercooked, overcooked or hand wrapped bagels. There is no doubt this goes on in every business. It even happened when I worked at the plastic factory. Ford got the quality parts, General Motors was not as fussy. All General Motors cared about was the box the parts came in. They wanted the boxes do look nice for higher-ups and commercials. Thereís no doubt in my mind that Budweiser knows which cases of beer are of higher quality and which cases were left out in the sun too long.

There was a Colombo show about this topic. A wine connoisseur had murdered his friend because he was supposed to keep an eye on the air conditioner in the wine cellar. The air conditioner broke down and all the wine got warm. These were five thousand dollar bottles of wine. But most people could not tell the difference between wine that got warm and was re-chilled and wine that never got warm. So it was a very hard case for Colombo to crack. Only the wine connoisseur himself, knew that the five thousand dollar bottles of wine were spoiled. Most people cannot tell the difference in taste. The beer was the same way. Some people could not tell the difference between cider tainted beer and good beer. They just know for some reason beer taste better in this bar, rather than in that bar. Like my friend who knew beer tasted better in a bar, then the beer he had at home. The Italian Mafia cartels know the difference and thatís why this guy knew, that his competition was going out of business. He must the knew that Budweiser was going to start delivering some cider tainted beer to neighboring bars. We need Colombo to crack this case. No use in calling the city health department, theyíre probably getting paid by the Mafia thugs, to keep quiet about the cider tainted beer.

Everything in the capitalist society is corrupt. Itís no longer about the better businessmen wins. The more corrupt you are, the more you bribe and pay off people, the more likely a business is going to succeed. Bribe the Budweiser driver to deliver the cider tainted beer to your competition. Bribe the plumbers union, not to fix the plumbing or sewers of your competition. Even pay an employee to work for the competition and screw up all the orders. This is capitalistic America. I remember the Myers store that was built right across the street from Kmart. How did Meyer even get a permit to build another shopping center across the street from Kmart? City planners should of known there was not enough people in the city to keep both stores open. Meyer knew they were going to put Kmart out of business. It wasnít about fair business and whoever has the cheaper prices wins. Thatís not their form of capitalism. Their plan was to lower their prices until Kmart went out of business, then raise their prices back up, far higher than Kmartís. Causing shoppers to end up spending twice as much, in the long run. This should have been unfair business practice. But now itís become part of capitalist America. The bigger criminal wins.

In a just society, Kmart would have been able to sue Meyer out of business and take over Myers. In a just society Myers, would have to refund consumers for their unjust business practice of putting Kmartís out of business by temporary lowering prices, so they can rip people off later, after they could no longer shop at low price Kmart. It even gets worse, when the gun lobby ended up putting Kmartís out of business, because they refused to sell bullets. In a just society, consumers would have been able to sue the gun lobby, for the losses they caused by putting Kmartís out of business.

These businessmen must know thousands of different strategies for putting their competition out of business. The capitalist system no longer works. If someone has an idea for an electric car, the gas car companies will fake auto injuries to sue them out of business or simply burned down the electric car company. This is why car companies with good ideas go out of business. They donít know how to be ruthless and capitalism doesnít work anymore.


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