Bryce Williams a Script for a Conspiracy Movie, August 30, 2015.

It looks like Bryce Williams was being harassed and fired by WDBJ because he was getting older, fatter and he was black and they wanted to replace him with a younger, slimmer beautiful model, so they can increase profit at the news agency. So they had to slander him so they could have reason to fire him and replace him with a beautiful girl half his age and half his weight and the opposite color. So it’s not just that WDBJ was racist, they also discriminate against people for their age and their weight, like most news channels do.

The cameraman was the same cameraman that worked with Bryce Williams and they were friends. When Bryce Williams’s friend Adam Ward the cameraman, told the young blonde news reporter that she replaced Bryce Williams because she was younger and beautiful and not because of her intelligence or experience Alison Parker got angry. She realized that when she turns 40 and gains another 20 pounds she will be replaced by someone younger and prettier and less experienced maybe even an idiot. So both Alison Parker and Adam Ward supported Bryce Williams in his lawsuit that would have destroyed WDBJ. Because it would have exposed how the news agency was not only racist, but they discriminated against people for their age, their beauty or ugliness and their weight. So all three of them had to be killed by this Mafia run news agency.

Just like this Mafia gun store owner on 48 hours who murders his father and blames his mother it is the same Mafia MO. Alison Parker and Adam Ward are murdered supposedly by Bryce Williams and then Bryce Williams conveniently commited suicide.

Now we see a similar story in the news. Not only does Planned Parenthood murder over 3500 babies a day, Child Protection Services another Mafia run agency, that is supposed to protect children, is legally kid napping them and selling them. A Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer was going to file a case with the United Nations because of this “legally kid napping of children in the United States and selling them”. Before she filed the case , Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband were found shot to death in her home and the cops labeled it a suicide. I’ll give a link below to the Russia today story. So the Mafia kills Bryce Williams friends Alison Parker and Adam Ward because they supported him in his lawsuit against Mafia run WDBJ news station and they blame Bryce Williams for the murder. Then they have cops kill Bryce Williams’s. The cops who kill Bryce Williams didn’t do it because they were in the Mafia, they did it because they believed he murdered two people, but the fact is the Mafia murdered Alison and Adam.

Just like the chase in the O.J. Simpson case where police chased down the murder suspect with news media following the police, the same thing happened in the Bryce Williams case. Cops were in a chase after Bryce Williams car and the BBC had news reporters chasing both the cops and Bryce Williams. But because the BBC news reporters could not speed they were far behind with cameras rolling. When the BBC finally caught up with the cops and Bryce Williams car, cops claim Bryce Williams committed suicide but BBC video footage shows cops shooting Bryce Williams through the Windows of his car. Cops threaten BBC news reporters and confiscate the video footage and make them delete all pictures on their cameras destroying evidence that is not only a crime but against the Constitution of the United States. It’s not just illegal to destroy evidence but if you wipe the fingerprints off a gun after someone used it in a murder, destroying evidence, it means you are in on the crime you are just as guilty of murder as the guy who pulled the trigger. So wherever destroyed the evidence of the video footage is guilty of a triple murder. Whoever destroyed the evidence by taking down Bryce Williams Facebook page, Twitter page and YouTube video is guilty of a triple murder because they destroyed evidence in a homicide case. I’ll give a link below to the news story where cops threaten BBC reporters who do not destroy video evidence of them shooting Bryce Williams. Keywords:

Bryce Williams, false flag, conspiracy movie, Vester Flanagan, Nancy Schaefer, Alison Parker, Adam Ward, Planned Parenthood, child protection services, CPS, BBC, WDBJ,

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