Bryce Williams Conspiracy, False Flag, August 27, 2015.

Well this seems to be another conspiracy. Whenever a guy goes on a shooting spree and then commit suicide before he can say why, it has to be some kind of false flag event. The police were never even going to arrest George Zimmerman for the murder of Treyvon Martin because they believed he was a thug who deserved to die. Police are not arresting people they believed to be suspects because they believe in their own mind that their tax dollars should not support these people in prison so they are simply killing them. The family needs to do an autopsy on Bryce Williams to make sure he was killed with his own bullets. I doubt that he was and I doubt that they will do an autopsy. But autopsies should be done in all of these so-called suicide cases.

The biggest sign that this is a conspiracy is they took down all of Bryce Williams Facebook and Twitter accounts so that we could not learn the truth. The job of the media is to report the truth and we need the truth because we need to know why this guy went on a shooting spree and we don’t want to hear that hearsay that reporters report on of why he did it. This guy sent out as 24 page document and all were hearing about is a few lines from that document. And I’m not even sure it’s a few lines from that document or if it’s media just making stuff up. I need to know why this guy went on a shooting spree so that people don’t shoot me. I mean if this guy killed those people because they took his parking space maybe I’ll think twice before I take someone’s parking space. If this guy shot the news reporters because they were only reporting the winners of the lottery and not the millions of losers may be news reporters should start reporting on the millions of losers of the lottery. If this guy shot the news reporters because they were only reporting on the people who were cheating the workers compensation system and weren’t reporting on the millions of people who were screwed over by the workers compensation system then may be the news agencies should start airing the stories of people who were injured on the job and tortured by the workers compensation system. Because the workers compensation system doesn’t seem to want to pay for their suffering they cause.

I was injured on the job suffered $450 billion worth of pain, tortured by the workers compensation system, had HUD sell me sold a toxic mold home with the little money I got from workers comp, I was poisoned by Rams horns restaurant, I had Christians churches tell me Jesus should heal my injuries so that the military industrial complex can make billions of dollars in profit off of people suffering, I had Jesus tell me the United States will be destroyed by a nuclear war because of it and I haven’t found a reporter to report my story yet. Then after all I went through the government sold me a townhouse with asbestos flooring. These townhouses are supposedly inspected by the government every year and that’s why I got into them. After 30 years of inspecting they claimed they didn’t know the floors had asbestos. I can’t find any lawyers to represent me because there are so many cases where women miscarried and children died that are more profitable for the lawyers that they won’t take the case by a single disabled man. But Jesus will take my case and heard my story making me the Messiah who was injured to save the world.

The truth is this guy had a lawsuit and could not get any justice in the courts and he could not get his voice heard in the news because it is all controlled by the rich who oppress the poor, minorities and the injured. People have no choice but to take the law in their own hands as they do not get any justice in the courts run by Mafia lawyers, NRA appointed judges and Supreme Court justices. The media claims they don’t want to give this guy a platform or a soapbox to tell his side of the story. So all we get is hearsay of the reason why he went on a shooting spree. Many times these people go on shooting sprees believing they will finally get their story told in court how they were discriminated against etc. etc. but they are killed by police so they don’t even get their story heard in court even after they kill a few people. That’s why there are so many of these cases and there’s even going to be more shootings in the future. Because instead of looking for the reasons of the shootings they are simply covering it up, drugging the injured workers and labeling them as mentally ill and then there taken down their webpages and social media before anyone can hear their side of the story.

It’s time for people to start waking up to the truth. People like Bryce Williams get angry because somebody has done them and injustice. And the only way to compensate for the injustice in the world is to go on a shooting spree. In a unjust world, the only place for a righteous man is in prison or dead as a martyr. Bryce Williams is a martyr, he didn’t commit suicide. He tried to tell a story on social media, it didn’t work. He tried to get justice in the courts, it didn’t work. He tried to tell his story to the news media, it didn’t work. Let’s not make him fail when he gave his life to tell his side of the story. It may be sad he took out a few news reporters that refuse to listen but Jesus said these people have their conscience seared with a hot iron so that they will not listen to the truth.

I tweeted on twitter that this Bryce Williams story needed to be told. That Bryce Williams is no difference than a soldier or gun owner who kills believing they are saving lives by killing. Bryce Williams saved more lives by killing two reporters that all the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and all the police and FBI did in the history of law enforcement. People are finally going to start to wake up to the truth that there is no justice in the court system and the only way to get any justice is to take the law into your own hands. If you think the justice system is just, then pay me the 450 billion for my job injury, that 300 million in damages HUD did by selling me a toxic mold house, the $200 million for the Rams horns restaurant poisoning in the $20,000 for selling the this townhouse with asbestos flooring.

After I get my money then I might sue the candy companies for destroying my teeth and the alcohol companies for destroying my liver. And for all those people who were talked into having a abortion by Planned Parenthood, if they did not give you all your options in writing you have legitimate trillion dollar lawsuit against them and those who contribute to Planned Parenthood, so please contact me and I will tell you how to sue. The unjust world might have put statue of limitation laws so they can get out of paying for the suffering they cause, but there is no statute of limitations when Jesus returns to execute judgments.

I get people who say, “isn’t that a little excesses, $450 billion for a job injury” and I believe it’s quite low because the guy who created Facebook got $750 billion for his effort and I suffered 30 years of chronic pain. I should get at least 1 million times more for my suffering then what the owner of Facebook got for creating a webpage. I’m a capitalist injured worker and if you don’t like it move to another country like Iran where dictators dictate how much you should be paid for your suffering. That’s why I’m asking for $5 billion month late fee also.


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Quite ironic that the news media does not want to give Bryce Williams a platform by airing his manifesto after the shooting. If the media would have allowed him to air his manifesto in the first place he would’ve never killed anyone. So the news media is to blame for this man going on a shooting spree. Thou shall not muzzle the ox.

Quite ironic that the news media does not want to give Bryce Williams a platform by airing his manifesto after the shooting. If the media would have allowed him to air his manifesto in the first place he would’ve never killed anyone. So the news media is to blame for this man going on a shooting spree. Thou shall not muzzle the ox.

Morris108 pointed out that the video of the shooter shows a white hand pointing the gun at the reporters and the ignorance of the reporters that they can’t hear someone walking up the wooden platform or see the guy holding the gun out of the corner of their eyes. Check out the video of the guy with the white hand shooting the gun at the reporters

at 19 seconds in the video you can even hear the guy say "bitch" caught on Mic and the people didn’t hear it, that were standing there. I suppose that word must've been edited in the video later.

at 29 seconds someone should pick up all that green cabling off the ground before someone trips over it and gets hurt. Can you imagine if the gunmen tripped over it he could've shot himself and they would have had to make another false flag video to covered it up.

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