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This sequel to the words of Abigail is similar to the version I posted a few days ago. Abigail is a Bible character. Not sure how old this book is but it was very popular and I believe there was a wisdom advice column in the newspaper called, ďdear AbbyĒ that was based on this character.

The Book of the Five Followers Published (07-Oct-94).

'Followers' is the English version of the Book of the Five Followers, the sequel to the Book of the Words of Abigail, being a quasi-religious document recalling the words of a traveling sage, Abigail, and her five followers, together with certain instructive incidents.

Abigail kept her words from no-one, but spoke freely to all who would hear her. To this end, this version of the Book of the Five Followers has been released into the public domain, so that all may read her words, and decide for themselves what truth lies within them.

Being in the public domain, you may freely copy the 'Followers' document, and indeed, you are encouraged to give copies to your friends, upload copies onto your bulletin boards, translate copies across computers, and send copies to your public domain libraries, as well as retaining as many copies as are necessary for yourself. All that is asked of you is this, that you do not alter the document, and that this text is supplied, unaltered, with all copies.

Should you wish to contact someone regarding the Book of the Five Followers, or should you be unable to obtain a copy of the Book of the Words of Abigail, you may write to the following address:

AMF the Doomwatcher,
The Monastery of Doomwatcher Monks,
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The Book of the Five Followers Followers 1.00 (07-Oct-94).

1. Abigail said, "When you hear my words, you will not hear what I have said, but what you have understood. If you do not understand what I am saying, you will hear nothing but your own misunderstanding. And do not say to one another, 'This is what Abigail means', or 'That is what Abigail means', for everyone hears my words in a different way."

2. Natalie said, "When I hear your words, I hear one thing. But when Natasha hears your words, she hears another thing. Which of us has heard the truth, and which of us is mistaken?". Abigail said, "Both of you have heard the truth, and yet both of you are mistaken. For if Natasha tells you that you are wrong, you will not hear her. And if you tell Natasha that she is wrong, she will not hear you. Any change must come from within yourself."

3. Abigail said, "There are some things that cannot be contemplated, some things that are beyond contemplation. Do not say to yourself, 'I understand this', when you do not. If you do not understand something, say 'I do not understand this', and your honesty will be respected."

4. A man asked, "When shall the end of the world come? Will there be a sign?". Abigail said, "Your world will end as you draw your last breath. But do not look to the end, saying to yourself, 'Then shall I be free', for if you do, you will achieve nothing. In that last breath, you will see all that you have achieved, and you will be ashamed."

. The man asked, "I am deeply vexed. What am I to do?". Abigail said, "If you appreciate every breath you take, if you realize the true value of your existence, you will have achieved something that few have even contemplated. For there are many who curse their existence, many who do not even realize what they have."

5. Abigail said, "Be honest with yourself. If you have a problem, say, 'I have a problem', and consider what may be done about that problem. And do not say to yourself, 'I shall forget about my problem, and it will go away', for if you do, your problems will grow."

6. Abigail said, "There are some people who by saying much say nothing. And there are others who by saying nothing say much."

. Nicola asked, "Then should I say nothing, or should I say much?". Abigail said, "Be careful of what you say. If you know that you should say much, say much. And if you know that you should say nothing, say nothing. But if you do not know what you should say, beware, for many regret speaking rashly."

7. Angela asked, "What is the truth, and how can we recognize it?". Abigail said, "If I were to say, 'This is the truth', or 'That is the truth', you would resent me. All I can do is to point to the truth, for you must find it for yourself. And do not say to yourself, 'I shall hide from the truth, and all my problems shall fade away', for the truth shall always be there, and one day, you must face it."

8. Abigail said, "If you hope for the impossible, your hopes shall be dashed. Only if you expect the worst will you not be disappointed. Yet if you have no hope, you shall have nothing but despair. It is better that you have something to strive for. However, in the end, all that is false shall collapse beneath you, and you will be confronted with the truth."

9. Abigail said, "With a little imagination, you can free your understanding. With a little understanding, you shall see through the confusion. The confusion is an illusion, but many are confused."

10. They were walking in the mountains, and the ground was covered with snow. Abigail said, "Look behind you, and tell me what you see."

. They turned around, but were perplexed, for they saw nothing but snow. Nicola asked, "Have I missed something? Or is there nothing but snow?". Rebecca said, "There are footprints in the snow, and they lead from the village."


Abigail said, "The footprints only show where we have been. They cannot show where we are going."

11. A man said, "At night, I lie awake, considering what I have done. And in the darkness, I say to myself, 'I should have done this', or 'I should not have done that', and I am deeply vexed. What am I to do?". Abigail said, "If you do not look beyond the past, you shall indeed be deeply vexed, for you will have nothing but your regrets. Rather, you should use the past to guide the future, for although the past is closed, and cannot be changed, the future is open, and everything may be achieved, should you but realize that it is within you."

12. Abigail said, "Do not make other people into things that they are not, for if you do, you shall be deeply disappointed. It is better that you accept them as they are."

13. A woman came up to them, screaming and shouting. "You have corrupted my daughter with your teachings."

, she yelled, "She will listen to no-one but yourself, and she will not even speak to me. Do you not see what you are doing to us?". Abigail said nothing, and the woman left, cursing loudly.

Angela said nothing. Abigail asked her, "Why do you not challenge me?".

Angela said, "Whilst I have been with you, I have learnt many things. When I first followed you, I would have asked you what you have just asked me, for I would have challenged that woman. But now I realize that everyone needs time to calm down, to think, and to consider what they are doing. Come tomorrow, she will return, having considered these things, and she will be wiser for it."

14. The following day, the woman returned, and bowing her head, she said, "I am sorry that I cursed you yesterday. But my daughter means a lot to me, and sometimes I get carried away."

. Abigail said, "In the heat of the moment, it is easy to do things that you will later deeply regret. But there shall come a time when you must let your daughter live her own life, however difficult that may seem, for in the end, everyone must make their own decisions, and if you impose your will upon her, she will only resent it."

. The woman said, "That is a very difficult teaching. Must I renounce my daughter?". Abigail said, "There is always a happy medium."

15. A man came up to them, and asked, "Should we believe what you say?". A smile came to Abigail's lips, but she said nothing. The man asked, "Why do you remain silent?". Abigail said, "Although nothing is said, much may be made of a silence. Sometimes, a silence is all that is needed."

. The man said nothing, but in his silence was understanding.

16. They were resting by the side of a road, under the shade of a large tree, when a group of monks came up to them. An old monk stepped forward from the group, and challenged them, saying, "Whilst your teachings are wise, there is nothing new in them, for you tell us only what we already know. Are all your teachings so obvious? Or have you kept something from us?". Abigail said, "If you consider what seems obvious, you will realize why I say these things. Not everyone knows what you know, and not everyone sees what you see. Whilst my words may seem obvious to you, there are some who have never even considered these things, some who do not know that they are there. I have kept nothing from you. I speak to all who will hear me, but in the end, it is you who must decide to listen."

17. Abigail said, "Be aware of what you are saying, for although a kind word spoken in love can heal, a harsh word spoken in anger can wound. Easily spoken, such words cause much harm, for like a barbed arrow, they are difficult and painful to withdraw."

18. Abigail said, "A flock of birds is many, and yet is one. Together, the flock has strength, but divided, there is nothing but weakness. With unity comes strength."

19. Abigail said, "If you are not aware of what is against you, you shall never defeat it. If you wish to overcome something, study its ways, and be prepared, so that the next time it attacks, you are ready for it."

20. Abigail said, "Uncertainty is hell. And certainty has its price. It is difficult to show you your delusions, for you must find them for yourself.

But once you have seen them, they shall be all too evident, and you shall wonder how they could have overcome you."

21. Abigail said, "When you are considering doing something, do not just consider what it will do for you, but think also of what it will do to others. And beware of saying, 'I have considered everything, and nothing can go wrong', for no-one can see everything, and no-one can know everything.

There is always something that is overlooked."

22. Abigail said, "If you expect light in the darkness, it shall not come to you. And if you expect silence in the storm, you shall only be disappointed.

If you wish to achieve something, work steadily towards it, until you have achieved your goal, for no-one else can do these things for you. I can show you the end, but it is you who must discover the beginning. I can speak of what is there, but you must find it for yourself."

23. Abigail said, "The truth shall only come to you if you search for it.

Yet if you search for the truth, you shall not find it. And if you look for the truth, it shall be nowhere to be seen. Only when you are not expecting it shall the truth come to you, yet in your despair, you shall not recognize it, and it shall you pass by."

24. Abigail said, "If you take your brother's food, he shall go hungry. And if you take his drink, he shall go thirsty. But if you take his advice, he shall have lost nothing, and yet you may have gained. Let no-one put a price on wisdom, for it may be shared without loss."

25. It was hot, and they were resting under the shade of an old tree.

Natasha said, "It is hot, and the heat seems as if it shall have no end. How are we going to cope with this weather?". Abigail said, "When it was winter, it was cold. Now that it is summer, it is hot. But the heat shall not last, for the summer shall pass, and one day it will be winter again."

26. They were walking in the mountains when they came across a cave. It was dark inside, and their voices echoed around the darkness. Angela said, "The cave is dark, and it frightens me. Must we go inside?". Abigail said, "You fear what you do not know and what you do not understand. If you do not overcome your fear of this cave, you shall be forever fleeing from your fears."

. Angela said, "It is difficult for me to overcome my fears."


Abigail said, "I did not say that it would be easy."

27. Abigail said, "Until you know of the light, you shall not see the darkness. Until you know of the harmony, you shall not hear the discord. And until you know of the truth, you shall not perceive the falsehoods. All these things shall remain hidden until they are found, but once they are found, they can never be hidden again."

28. Abigail said, "If you look carefully, even in falsehood may the truth be found. But to do so is not without danger, for it takes a discerning eye and a sharp mind to distinguish truth from falsehood, and many have been led astray in the process."

. Rebecca asked, "How can we tell if we are being led astray?". Abigail said, "If you look back, it is easy to see where you have gone wrong. But at the time, it is very difficult. No-one can ever be sure that the truth is with them."

29. Abigail said, "There will be times when you will feel happy. And there will be times when you will feel sad. When you are sad, remember that you shall again feel happy. And when you are happy, remember that you shall again feel sad. Nothing lasts for ever. Everything changes, good and bad."

30. Abigail said, "Nothing is truly valued until it is lost. Only then shall it be really missed."

31. Abigail said, "If you doubt yourself, you shall achieve nothing.

Achieving nothing, you shall sink into despair, and in your despair, your doubts will grow. Only if you trust in yourself shall you break this cycle.

Only then shall you be free. But with your doubts, you will not hear me."


32. Abigail said, "Until you have seen these things for yourself, you will not listen to me. You shall live your life in ignorance, saying, 'These things will never come to me', and believing yourself immune, you shall not give them a second thought. But one day, when you are not expecting them, they will confront you, and the confrontation shall leave you deeply shaken.

Learn from that experience, lest you are caught twice."

33. Abigail said, "No-one hears my words, and no-one listens to my voice.

Wrapped up in yourself, you hear nothing but yourself, and no-one can reach you. Only when have you seen these things for yourself shall you realize what I am saying, but at that time, you shall no longer need me."

34. Nicola said, "When times are difficult, I say to myself, 'Though I am weak, I shall yet be strong. Though I am divided, I shall yet be one. In body, mind and soul, I shall not be overcome. For there are many things here still left to be done', and though the difficulties do not fade, I find the strength to overcome them."

. Abigail said, "Saying this, you have understood the essence of your problems. There are many who would do well to follow your advice, many who would benefit from your words, but unless they discover them for themselves, they shall not believe it."

35. Abigail said, "Believing your problems to be insurmountable, you turn and walk away, defeated and dejected. Doubting yourself, you sink into despair, leaving your problems to grow. Though it seems difficult at the time, the only way to break out of this circle is to believe in yourself, for only then shall you be free."

36. They were walking through a forest, and were surrounded by trees.

Abigail said, "When the wood is wet, it is difficult to light. But when the wood is dry, even the smallest spark will cause an inferno."

37. Abigail said, "A day is not over until its end, nor does the next day begin. Not every day shall be like today, for now is not forever. And as the days change, so also will you."

38. Abigail said, "If your mind is clouded, be aware of the clouds. In such a state, it is easy to do things that you will later regret, for the clouds shall pass, and you will wonder why you ever thought that way. Even when there are no clouds, it is better for you take time to consider things."


Rebecca asked, "What can cloud a mind?". Abigail said, "Love and hate. Fear and anger. Strong emotions. Be aware of these things."

39. Abigail said, "If you do not learn from your mistakes, you shall have gained nothing from them. If you do not realize where you have gone wrong, you shall make the same mistakes again and again, for there shall be nothing to stop you. But it does not have to be this way. If you see your mistakes being repeated, it is always possible to stop and take control of yourself."

40. Abigail said, "Doing the same things every day, it is easy to become stuck in your ways, resenting change, and fearing the unknown. But there shall come a time when the changes will leave you deeply shaken, and though you will resent it at the time, it shall do you good. For it is only through change that you may advance."

41. Abigail said, "In all things, you should ask yourself, 'What do I expect?', and you should consider your answer. For if you expect the impossible, you shall be left deeply disappointed when it does not arise.

And if you are left wondering just what to expect, beware, for such is the time when much thought is needed."

42. Abigail said, "If you sow the seeds, do not be surprised when the plants grow. If you fill your mind with evil thoughts, do not be surprised when they reappear, uninvited."

43. Abigail said, "If you limit yourself, you shall be bound by your limits.

If you say to yourself, 'I can go no further', you shall not advance. But if you realize that there are no limits, you shall be without bounds, for you are capable of many things, should you but realize that they are within you."

44. Abigail said, "It is often good to change your ways. But if you go back to your old ways, despite the change, you are little better than one who has never changed."

. A woman said, "It is difficult to persevere. How can I continue?". Abigail said, "If your mind is set on your goal, you shall not look back. But if you see yourself turning, remember that it is you who has control, and overcome yourself. It is you who will make the decision to continue, and it is you who will make the decision to turn back."

45. Natasha asked, "Everyday, I see people surrounded by falsehood, deluded and confused, and I want to help them. How can I show these people the truth?". Abigail said, "Everyday, I see people surrounded by falsehood, deluded and confused, who believe they have found the truth. Wanting to spread this truth, they force their beliefs on others, and in doing so, they spread nothing but falsehood."

. Natasha asked, "How can these people be helped?". Abigail said, "Everyone must find their own truth. All we can do is to offer them a possibility, one among many. There will be some who will agree, and there will be some who will disagree. That is their choice, and it cannot be changed."

46. Natalie said, "I remember a time when I was happy, for there were no problems in my life, and the days flowed smoothly into one another. When shall this time return?". Abigail said, "Beware of the golden ages, for they existed only in your mind. Looking back, it is easy to remember only the special times, and to believe that everything was that way, but it was not.

One day, you shall look back on today, and ask yourself, 'When shall those times return?', but they were never here."

47. Abigail said, "No-one has authority over you until you give it to them.

Being born free, your actions are your own, and no-one else can control them. But having freedom, there is no-one else who can be blamed for what you have done, for all your deeds are your own. Take pride in what you do, therefore, and do all things well."

48. Abigail said, "One is not many. Many is not all. And all is not one."

49. Abigail said, "In doing all things well, you shall find happiness. But should you seek happiness by doing all things well, you shall be deeply disappointed, for the happiness that you seek will elude you. Only if you seek to do all things well, without hope of reward, for the sake of doing all things well, only then shall happiness find you, and only then shall you understand what I am saying."

50. A man said, "When I look around, I see other people, happy and joyful.

But when I look at myself, I see nothing but flaws, and I am deeply vexed.

How shall I become like the others?". Abigail said, "If you truly knew these people, you would not desire to follow them, for they, like you, also have flaws. And whilst you are aware of your flaws, and can strive to correct them, those that you would follow live in ignorance, and can do nothing."

51. Abigail said, "If you feel that you are losing control of yourself, remember that it does not have to be that way, and do not let it happen.

Doubting your own strength, it is very easy to let yourself slip, but it is always possible to keep control, should you but believe in yourself. Nothing can stop the truly determined."

52. Abigail said, "Your dreams are often much more vivid than reality. But the dreams shall only be dreams, for reality is much different. There are people in your dreams who you recognize, yet they have never existed. There are ways of thinking in your dreams that seem logical, yet there is no logic in them. Deluded and confused, even so, the dreamers shall yet awake."

53. Abigail said, "There is little to separate one who desires a deed to be done, but is unable to do it, from one who, being capable of doing that deed, goes ahead and does it."

54. Abigail said, "If you wish to do something, do not say to yourself, 'One day will not matter. I shall wait until tomorrow', because if you do, you shall never achieve anything. And if you wish to stop doing something, do not say to yourself, 'Today will be the last time. I shall stop tomorrow', because if you do, you shall never stop. Beware of tomorrow, for tomorrow shall have its tomorrow too. If you wish to do something, do it today. And if you wish to stop something, stop it now."

55. Abigail said, "Look ahead, and see where you are going. Walking along a wide road, it is easy to miss the faint tracks that lead off from either side. But should you feel that you are being led to a place where you do not wish to go, stop, and look around. Although it may seem that there is only one path before you, should you look carefully, you will find that there is always another way."

56. Abigail said, "'I was foolish, but now I am wise. I was weak, but now I am strong. I was divided, but now I am one'. Disillusioned, you reject these words, believing them to be beyond your grasp, but the possibility is always there. Though now you are foolish, weak and divided, even so, these words shall yet be yours. Hold fast to your goal and you shall yet achieve it."

57. Abigail said, "When you come to put out a fire, be sure that it is fully extinguished, for a single gust of wind can soon re-ignite any smouldering embers left behind. A small fire is easily smothered, but left to itself, it rapidly becomes an inferno, impossible to deal with, destroying everything in its path. But though it takes time, a fire will always die out, leaving nothing but charred remains and ashes in its wake."

58. Angela asked, "What shall happen to me after I have died?". Abigail said, "Beware of those who say to you, 'After death, this shall happen', or 'After death, that shall happen', for whilst they are still alive, they can speak only from belief, and not from knowledge. If I knew what would happen to you, I would tell you, but I do not know, for I have not yet died. All of us must discover death for ourselves, and all of us must enter the darkness alone. But do not fear death, for it shall come to you regardless."

59. They were walking along a track, surrounded by dense woodland, and lost in thought. Silence had descended upon them, and though Abigail had sensed the silence, she said nothing, for she felt that it was better that way. And many questions arose in the minds of the five followers, but not wanting to break the silence, they said nothing, and the questions drifted away, unanswered.

60. Abigail said, "If you pluck a leaf from a tree, it will grow back. And if you cut a branch from the tree, the tree shall still grow. But should you cut down the tree, do not expect it to grow back, for being dead, it shall not."

61. Abigail said, "Beware of illusions, for not everything is as it seems.

Watch carefully, with a discerning eye and an open mind, for it takes time to see the true nature of a person, hidden deep behind the outer shell. It is easy to be deceived by outward appearances, but in the end, it all depends on how you look at things."

62. Abigail said, "A door that is locked may only be opened if the key fits.

And just as there are many doors, each one quite distinct, so also are there many keys, and though some are similar, many are quite different. Should you find a door that is locked, you will know that you must find a key. But if you try a key, and it does not fit, do not force it, for if you do, it shall break."

63. Rebecca asked, "Where may the truth be found?". Abigail said, "If your vision is sharp, the truth may be found everywhere, even in falsehood. But if your vision is blurred, the truth shall be nowhere to be seen."

. Rebecca asked, "How can I distinguish between truth and falsehood?". Abigail said, "You must learn to trust your feelings, for in the end, there shall be no other guide. Beware of those who force their truth upon you, for should you listen to them, you shall sit uncomfortably with something that is not your own. Ultimately, you must discover the truth for yourself."

64. Abigail said, "Do not limit yourself, and do not let yourself be limited. There are no boundaries for the one who does not impose them. There are no limits for the one who does not accept them. You are capable of many things, should you but realize that they are within you."

65. Abigail said, "You have flesh, but you are not just a body. You have thoughts, but you are not just a mind. You have feelings, but you are not just a soul. Having body, mind and soul, you may achieve completeness, but even so, should you neglect one part, you neglect all."

66. Abigail said, "The greatest enemy that you must face is yourself. Once you have overcome that, you will find that there are no more defeats, only setbacks. Truly determined, nothing shall stop you, for whilst you may be hindered, should you believe in yourself, you shall achieve your goal."

67. Abigail said, "When everything seems to be closing in on you, and the future looks bleak, do not limit your thoughts to your immediate problems, for if you do, you shall have nothing but despair. It is better for you to broaden your horizons."

68. Abigail said, "It is better for you to listen to the single wise word that is spoken by yourself than to hear a thousand other words, however wise they may be. It is better for you to realize just one of these things for yourself than to be shown a thousand other things, however profound, for you will not see them until you discover them for yourself."

69. Abigail said, "Time passes, and if you have not experienced an emotion for a while, you shall gradually forget how it feels. Looking back, you will wonder how you ever felt that way, and cursing your past mistakes, you shall attempt to banish your emotions. It would be easier for you to discard your body, for being part of you, your emotions will always be with you. Being neither good nor evil in themselves, you must learn to cope with them, for they are what you make of them."

70. Abigail said, "Be aware of the thoughts that lurk at the back of your mind. Whilst you are occupied with other things, they shall not be noticed, but slowly growing, they wait for you to stop, before resurfacing with a vengeance."

71. Natasha asked, "Which is the wisest saying?". Abigail said, "Once there was a daughter, whose father sent her to the market, and asked her to buy the reddest apple that she could find. Never having been to the market on her own before, the daughter knew little about buying apples, but seeing a man selling fruit, she went up to him, and asked, 'Which is your reddest apple?'. 'I'm afraid I only have green apples', replied the man, but seeing the daughter's disappointment, he added, 'But there is this one, which has a tinge of red, although it is mostly green'. The daughter bought the apple, and feeling pleased with herself, she took it home to her father. On seeing the apple, her father said, 'There are many stalls on the market, Abigail, and the first is not necessarily the best'". Natasha asked, "But which is the wisest saying?". Abigail smiled, and said, "I have not visited all the stalls yet."

72. Abigail said, "If you do not consider where you are going, you shall drift through your life, going from one day to the next, but never reaching anywhere. If you wish to achieve something, you must work steadily towards it, with a strong and determined mind, for there is nothing that can stop one who is truly determined."

73. It was growing dark when Natalie approached Abigail, and said, "I am deeply vexed, for I have been arguing with Natasha, and though I have tried to forget it, the argument has stuck in my mind. I blame myself, for it was my fault, but I can think of little else."

. Abigail said, "You are not free from blame, but you must not blame yourself entirely. An argument must have two sides to continue, and though each of you could have prevented it, you did not."

. Natalie went away, and when she had gone, Natasha approached Abigail, and said, "I am deeply vexed, for Natalie and I have been arguing, and though it was her fault, the argument has stuck in my mind, and I can think of little else."

. Abigail said, "You must not blame Natalie entirely, for you are also partly to blame. An argument must have two sides to continue, and though each of you could have prevented it, you did not."


Natasha went away, and the night passed. The following morning, Abigail saw Natalie and Natasha walking along the road together, and she smiled to herself, for they were reconciled.

74. Abigail said, "Believing your problems to be intractable, and doubting your own strength, you will look to others for a solution, but they will not help you, for they are wrapped up in their own problems. Should you wait for their solution, it will not appear, and should you rely on their support, it will collapse beneath you, leaving you alone. In the end, the solution must come from within you, for only then shall it succeed."

75. It was dark, but the stars could be seen, for the sky was clear. Abigail said, "Only when the sky is clear can the stars be seen. When it is cloudy, their light is hidden behind the clouds, but they are still there."

76. Abigail said, "Without darkness, there may be light, but it need not be blinding. Without silence, there may be sound, but it need not be deafening.

Without extremes, there is always a happy medium."

77. Abigail said, "There will come a time when I shall not be with you. You will look for me, but you shall not find me. You will call my name, but no-one shall answer. You will hear the echo of my voice in the silence of the night, but I shall not be there. When this time comes, do not look for me. Let your eyes turn inwards, and look for yourself."

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