Bomb Threats from China, January 31, 2014.

Well the Chinese have not figured out the fine art of capitalism. In June of 2013, I ordered a lithium battery from China for my electric bicycle. The electric bicycle was my idea, I gave it to the idiot CEO of Chrysler who went to Europe to manufacture the bikes. But they don’t even make the batteries here in the United States.

Ebay only gives you 45 days to complete a sale. If you don’t receive your item within 45 days you notify eBay and they give you a refund. I asked for a refund and got it. Well the item came from China by ship and it took eight weeks. When the item arrived, I signed for and called eBay to try to figure out how to refund the refund. I went to a lot of trouble to find this guy to pay him his $340. A lot of money for a battery but they shipped it from China. Shipping made up for about half that price. Finally I found the guys e-mail address through PayPal and sent him a letter to send me a bill through eBay. He couldn’t send it through eBay, so he sent it to PayPal.

I don’t log on to PayPal every day so by time I log on, she had sent me a half dozen request for $340. I deleted all of her request for money except the last one which I paid her $340. Ebay said I didn’t have to pay it, but I did receive the item and figured I would pay it anyway. For some reason he did not acknowledge that I paid it and kept sending me bills for $340. Both eBay and PayPal are Web forms. There is no room to chitchat with the buyers or sellers. PayPal sends you a bill and you either pay it or delete it. There’s no place to say, “hey dude, I already paid that”. So the bills just keep coming and I ignore them, because I already paid it.

Today January 31, 2014 I got this envelope in the mail from China. There is no return address. There is writing all over the back and inside is a copy of the sales from eBay and he is requesting I pay the $340 that I already paid.

Well I have another e-mail account with net zero, that I use with PayPal. I never log on to it because it’s only receipts from PayPal from things I bought on eBay. So I log onto net zero and check my receipts and I see this guy has e-mailed me a bunch of bomb threats. You can tell by the way it’s written, this person is Chinese with not so good English skills.

I just ordered a bunch of stuff from eBay and I got a package at the same time I got this letter. So I called Fraser police. They came out but there’s nothing they can do. They save file a complaint with the federal government but there’s nothing the federal government can do. These people want the guys name, address, phone number Social Security number, a picture of him and his fingerprints and DNA sequences before they will even let you file a complaint. All I know is the guys e-mail address. And he wants me to send $340 to a e-mail address in China or he will send me a bomb. It’s almost comical, until you realize the United States Post Office had delivered this letter to my address that was from China with no return address.

So China does not need a rocket capability, to send nuclear bombs to the United States, they can simply use the United States Post Office, to have those bombs delivered to whomever they want. There could’ve just as easily have been a bomb in this package. But there it also could be some kind of biological white powder and there’s nothing the police can do. And China doesn’t have to worry that someone might file a complaint with the feds, because the federal government will not even take a complaint in less you have the person who made the bomb threats, name, address phone number, Social Security number and fingerprints. There’s not even a place on the postal inspector’s website to report bombs, or bomb threats being sent through the mail.

Too bad I didn’t live in another country, because this country, would be so easy to overthrow.

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UpDate had sent quite a few e-mails and mistakenly sent to one to, and sent the blind carbon copy to my net zero e-mail account.

I googled, and found this website with Paul Murphy’s name on it.


I also traced the IP address of the e-mails back to Los Angeles California, if the FBI or Homeland security wants that information, let me know. But of course they don’t care if China uses the United States Postal Service to deliver bombs or bomb threats. I bet the leader of Iran wants to know if the United States Post Office delivers to the White House.

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