Are All Blacks Racist?, December 17, 2014.

On the news the other day a man complained that his daughter wanted a black Barbie. He complained the black Barbie was twice as much as the white Barbie. Mattel had made a black Barbie for black people. How come someone hasn’t sued Mattel? This is racist. Barbie is a white doll with blonde hair. There is no black Barbie, anymore then there is a white Oprah, A white Bill Cosby, a white president Obama or a white AL Sharpton a white Sidney Poitier, a white blind singer named Ray Charles, a white civil rights leader doll called Martin Luther King.

My memory is slipping and I forgot Martin Luther King so I googled “civil rights leader” then I am got nothing googled “black civil rights leader” and got nothing then I googled “black civil rights leader killed” and I still got nothing. I read down the results of the search and seen “Black Panthers” and then I remembered the name Martin Luther King. I thought this guy was supposed to be famous.

Can you imagine if a white child demanding a white president Obama doll? Or a white Oprah Winfrey doll? I want a white blind singer Ray Charles doll. Can you imagine a white child saying, “I want a white Martin Luther King Doll, I’m not a racist, I’m just white”

Then I seen on TV black sitcom a child asked his black father for toy from the real white Santa. The black father acted like he was angry because his son believed in a white Santa.

When the blacks have a black Santa, a black Jesus and the black Barbie, that’s a sign of a racist. No white people are demanding white president Obama dolls or white Oprah Winfrey dolls. If the black child wanted a black doll then they should have asked for a black Diana Ross doll. If Mattel is not racist then why did they make a black Barbie? Someone needs to sue Mattel.

How can anyone who wants a Black Barbie, a Black Santa or a Black Jesus, not be a racist? Jesus is not even white. He is middle eastern and looks more like an Arab. If Jesus had a towel on his head, he would look more like Bin Laden then Bill Clinton or Pres. Obama. White people are okay with the idea that Jesus is Middle Eastern. We don’t try to make him Albino white with a Aryan race Hitler mustache. But blacks even seem to be racist against Whites, Arabs and Mexicans. They have to keep the blacks and the Mexican separate in prison systems. When there’s riots the blacks burned down all the Arab and Asian stores.

I don’t think racism is going to end until blacks stop buying their children black Barbies, until they stop telling their children about black Santa and taking them to the black Jesus Church. You will not have to worry about Santa, but Jesus is going to return someday and your children are going to be awfully surprised to see a Middle Eastern Jesus, if not ashamed. If you don’t believe in white Santa then celebrate Kwanzaa because if you teach your children about black Santa, black Jesus or black Barbie, you are more of a racist than the Ku Klux Klan giving their children white president Obama dolls for Christmas as if there was no black president.

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I hate to give the Ku Klux Klan ideas of making a white president Obama doll, to give to their children, because they don’t believe in a “black president” but how else can you fight against racist blacks, who created a black Jesus? © Copyright 1996-2014 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.