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Blacks Are More Racist Than Whites, April 2, 2012.

It’s not really a black-and-white thing, it’s a ignorance thing. It’s a Rich Man poor Man thing. People say children aren’t racist but from my experience, children are more prejudice, than adults. When I went to school as a child my classmates would pick on the children who had glasses. So all the kids with glasses had to hang around in a group to protect themselves against the bullies. But even at recess, the kids with glasses, would pick on the little fat kid. It’s not a black-and-white thing it’s a difference thing. People tend to shun people who are different. By time I got to high school, kids with glasses and a fat kids were not picked on as much, but people were judged by the way they dressed and looked.

I’ve had a lot of experiences with racist black people.

I took a bus down to Detroit and I was the only white guy on the bus. I don’t plan my trip I usually ask people for directions and find my way there. None of the black people on the bus would answer any of my questions. It was my first time riding the bus. I didn’t know how much the fair was, the transfer fees which directions the bus went, and I knew all these people knew the answers, to the simple questions that anybody who writes a bus should know, but me the first time on a bus, I don’t know anything. But they wouldn’t answer me. So I had to ask the Black bus driver everything. The bus driver was really mean to me, but reluctantly he gave me the answers to where I can transfer to the next bus to get to my destination. As we got down to Detroit all the blacks got off the bus, so that it was only me and the bus driver.

Then the bus driver’s personality changed and he started being really friendly to me. Given me all the information I asked for. I got kind of pissed. This bus driver was afraid to give me the information in front of other black people, because he was afraid they would say, “why are you helping that white guy”. This was not racist black panthers on their way to a convention, these were average black people. I’m sure not all of them were racist, but the ones who weren’t, were afraid of the ones who were. This doesn’t happen with white people. Unless 50 Ku Klux Klan members walk in the bar, I’m not going to pretend I don’t know the black person that I’ve been talking to. Even then I might stick up for them, I don’t know it hasn’t happened. But I’m not afraid to treat a black man with respect, in front of a whole bar full of white people.

I traveled to Washington DC and on the way home I stopped at a hotel in Ohio. The one hotel wanted $100 a night and there was another hotel down the road $45 a night. So I am going to stay at the $45 night hotel. They mention there was going to be blacks staying there and I said I don’t care, I’m not paying 100 bucks. It was early in the morning and the hotel was empty. Later that night I noticed the hotel was filled with black people. I was the only white guy at this hundred room hotel that was packed. It must’ve been a black convention or something. So many black people, that even a black girl mentioned that she’d never seen so many blacks in all her life in one spot and then she seen me and pointed at me and said, “look there is a white guy”. The blacks found out there was a white guy in the hotel and they were running up and down the halls yelling, “there is a white guy in the hotel, is a white guy in a hotel” and I hear others saying, “in this hotel” and I can hear them saying, “in that room right there”. Then they come banging on my door they want me to come out and talk to them, I’m scared shitless, I’m not going to open the door. I latched the deadbolt and put a chair in front of the door and did not go out the rest of the night. I go to bars where there’s a black guy in the bar and I’ve never seen all the white people jumping up and down yelling, “there’s a black guy in the bar, there is a black guy in the bar”. It don’t happen. I’m sure they get harassed by Ku Klux Klan members or Confederate flag flying rednecks, but not the average white man.

I post a statement on the opera website, that she has more followers than the NRA and if she endorses a president, he will be the next president. Oprah claims she never endorses a presidential candidate, because she has never liked any of the ones who ran for president. As soon as a black man runs for president, she endorses him. Oprah Winfrey is a racist. President Bill Clinton did more for black people than Pres. Obama ever did or ever will do. In fact the Obama health care plan of forcing people to pay for healthcare will send all black people to prison, where slavery is still legal, for not paying for healthcare. If you can’t sell $500 worth of food stamps a month to pay for healthcare you going to prison. And it’s not going to be a federally run prison where they paid for your food shelter and healthcare, they are going to have prisons that are privately owned by big corporations, where you are forced to make product. That’s what President Obama is doing for you.

A lot of white people go to hear Oprah. That’s because she’s intelligent and well-educated. There are a lot of well-educated intelligent white people, but I don’t see a whole lot of black people going to listen to some white lady. Is it because the black people think all white people are stupid, even the educated ones? Or are they racist? Maybe there are large groups of black people going to listen to well-educated white people, but I haven’t seen it yet. This gives me an indication that black people might be more racist than white people.

Some of the black people act like I’m the guy who enslaved them 150 years ago. Look at the Jews, the Germans killed 6 million of them 50 years ago, they’re not still going around kidnapping German women and turning them into prostitutes. When the war was over the Jews and the German sat down and had a beer. They were intelligent enough to know that not all Germans killed Jews. That was the leaders, the people in power, Hitler. The rest of the Germans were just following orders.

Now the Black Panthers come out with this video acting like white people are offering them a beer to compensate for the death of a black man. It is really showing their ignorance. I don’t think black people get it. There was a white guy killed in a black neighborhood and it did not even make the news and not one black person is jumping up and down for justice because the white guy was killed in an all-black neighborhood by a black guy.

Because not only do the whites think, that the white guy should not have been in the black neighborhood, the black people don’t think the white guy should’ve been in a black neighborhood. I got lost and ended up in Detroit and was pulled over by two black policeman. They were wondering what a white guy was doing in a black neighborhood. They claimed I was down there to buy drugs, as there was not any other reason for a white guy to be in a black neighborhood. I didn’t go running to the news media and bitch and moan that I was harassed, filing a discrimination lawsuit against the black Detroit police.

I used to hang out at a bar on 8 mile that was frequented by bikers and they kept the blacks out of the bar. I though this wasn’t fair so I had a religious leader contact one of the black leaders to bust up this racist bar. I think it was AL Sharpton. Well they sent their people in there to bust up the bar and blacks started going into it. The next thing you know, the black racist people go in there and they kicked all the white people out. Now it’s a totally black bar, and a white guy can’t get in it. But the white people have no bar busters of white people, who will go in that bar and sue for discrimination because they won’t let white people in. There are black apartment complexes and there’s no groups of white people that are suing them because they’re not letting white people in. There’s no white people suing the United Negro fund, because they’re not providing a white guy with an education.

Black people need to pull the racist mote out of their own eye, before they can cast it out of someone else.

The black girls video, of her ranting and raving because some white girl asked her about her about her cycle, is just showing her ignorance. When I went to school there was no stupid questions. The white girl asked her, because she was taught in an ignorant church that black people did not have menstrual cycles, which she probably thought was wrong but had to ask, to clear up misinformation. But the black lady turned into a raving lunatic because of the simple question, as if the simple question was a personal attack. I don’t know much about women’s menstrual cycles and I probably never will, now that I know I can be personally attacked for asking such questions.

I was taught at ignorant church, that black people were black because they were cursed by God. Which I thought was probably wrong. Scientists told me that black people were black because they stayed out in the hot African sun for generations. For a while I believe the scientist, but when the same Scientist tried to tell me that I evolved from a monkey, I have to come to the conclusion that black people were black, because God wanted them black and white people are white because God wanted them white. I see no indication that black people are starting to turn white because they’re not going out in the sun anymore. I understand I go in the sun I get a tan, when I stay out of the sun, I turn white again. Whether black people are black because God curse them, I don’t know, but I do know the reason why I speak English, is because God curse me, at the Tower of Babel and confused the languages and I’m not going on a raving rants about that.

The Ku Klux Klan is not against blacks because of the color of their skin. They don’t even let Jews join the KKK. They go by a twisted version of the Bible, that shows a sign of mental illness. This is not like the Black Panthers. They don’t join because of a religious belief. The Black Panthers seem to let in anyone, who hates whites, except if they’re a white person who hates whites, they can’t join. The KKK is a mentally deranged religious group like the Hale-Bopp Heaven’s Gate people, the Black Panthers seems to be a hate group.

There are lot of white people that are very angry at the way Zimmerman killed Troy. But I don’t see black people getting angry when a black man kills a white man. I don’t see black people get angry when black pimps inslave white women. That’s what disturbs me. I’m sure black people have a lot of racist stories they would like to tell me about what whites did to them, but I have more stories too, and you have to realize they’re two sides to every story. There are white people that want to see Zimmerman prosecuted. There are white people who are witnesses who will testify against Zimmerman. If a white guy was killed in Detroit I don’t think there would be a lot of black people wanting to testify against the black man who killed him. I just haven’t seen it. Maybe they don’t put it on the news. So if you want to make some videos, maybe you should make them about how a black person helped a white person. Or how the blacks called the police when they seen a white man getting beat up. Or how a black man save the white girl from a black pimp.

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A rather long unedited rant, about the racist blacks I met in my life, which still does not cause me to be a racist, as I understand where they are coming from. © Copyright 1996-2012 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.