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Asbestos Blood Black Stool, October 27, 2012.

The last video I made was of the box of Asbestos Kentiles. Even after reading for two days about asbestos I have never read anything like this. I told the property manager of this 500 unit townhouse co-op, that you were not supposed to sweep or vacuum asbestos tiles. She laughed and said “oh I think you can sweep them, they’re not that toxic”. I didn’t sweep the tiles in fact I’m kind of a slob and the basement floor has never been swept. I did run my Roomba hepa vacuum down there last year before inspections, but that was it. It was not false information from a blog, but the EPA website that said, “do not sweep or vacuum asbestos floor tiles”. While I didn’t vacuum them or sweep them, I seen no problem with going down stairs and taken some pictures of the box of tiles. From one side of the box it says “fragile, do not drop”. I did not drop the box, but the floor tiles inside had a corner broken off every tile and I did not realize it, but when I turn the box upside down to take pictures, broken chips and stand like granules, came out of the box. I didn’t see any dust, but I’ve had a dry cough and my throat is scratchy and itchy since taken those pictures. This was less than 48 hours ago . Today I noticed my stool was black. This generally means there is blood in my stool and I am bleeding on the inside. Just from taking pictures of a box of asbestos floor tiles. Before I took pictures the property manager wanted me to bring the box of tiles over to her, and I told her that might be dangerous, but I seen no harm in carefully moving the box and taking pictures. The maintenance worker who has worked here for years who the property manager sent over to look at the box, because I did not want to bring it over, took one of the tiles out of the box, held it in his hand and said don’t worry it’s not that toxic and he asked if he could take a sample tile with him and I let him.

When the top maintenance worker with 35 years experience came over, he did not even want to step inside my house and wanted me to step outside to talk to him. He said not to try to remove the tiles but he wanted me to seal them somehow. I guess with sealer that makes them perfectly safe.

If you come in contact with asbestos, check your stools, to see if they’re black, which means blood. These are some of the most heartsick floor tiles because the box says fragile and these tiles are as thin as paper and shatter like glass. They made the floor tiles out of the scrap asbestos from mining. This means they have the smallest particles and they have every type of asbestos in them. Even the most toxic ones. My throat feels like I swallowed some fiberglass. That is from just coming in contact with the box of brand-new asbestos tiles. The tiles were somehow broken someone must have dropped the box in the past or stacked something on top of it. This is not the old tiles that were on the floor for 30 years. I have not had a black bloody stool since I lived in the old house on Jackson Street in Warren Michigan which had asbestos on the furnace. And probably had asbestos floor tiles.

I have recovered before from the symptom and I hope I do again. But it seems like you can only get diagnosed from the effects of asbestos when you get mesothelioma and you are going to die in six months to two years. You can cough up blood, have scratchy throat and shit blood and to the doctors, lawyers, people in power, that’s not proof you are suffering from asbestos exposure.

These peoples who think you can make asbestos safe by sealing it, need to be put on FEMA trains with a can of sealer to seal up Libya Montana and they need to be forced to live there. Over 30% of the residents of Libby Montana are dying from asbestos exposure and they know that their children are going to die, but there is nothing they can do about it. The rich die when they are 100 and the poor die before 50. They accepted death as part of life. They are like the tobacco smokers who believe we all have to die anyway, might as well die from asbestos. They believe the tobacco company propaganda, that some people smoke to 100 years old and never die of cancer. The smokers believe them, because they see old men smoking cigarettes and they think to themselves “that old man is smoking and it’s not killing him”. Look at George Burns he smokes cigars and lived to 100. But George Burns was an actor. He only acted like he smoked for the tobacco companies profit. George Burns probably was only 40, but he looked like 100, because he smoked. So next time a smokers says, “look at that old man smoking, it’s not killing him” you reply, “he’s not an old man, he’s only 40 and smoking makes him look like 100".

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