Black Jon Benet Ch 7 News Rick Snyder Inciting Violence, September 24, 2016.

Channel 7 News and Rick Snyder, is inciting violence in Charlotte North Carolina. First they have this for our special on CBS about Jon Benet at the same time Jon Benet murder is on dateline and Doctor Phil. Then there is this murder of two black Jon Benetís in Dearborn Michigan. Channel 7 news have to plaster these pictures of two black little girls, that were murdered. Just like Jon Benet they are dressed in beauty contestant dresses with crowns on their heads. Their mother was tortured in the basement like Jon Benet and the murder is just as senseless of four children. Then Rick Snyder decides to incite violence, by ordering all flags to be flown at half mast, not for the four murdered children, but because a psycho cop, was killed in the line of duty of oppressing the poor. Channel 7 news, Rick Snyder and the cops are not stupid, they are inciting violence, purposely. They want race wars. They want to incite the blacks so that they can kill them all and call it justified. The conspiracy theories of the black man who killed his four children, two of whom were coincidentally beauty contestant black Jon Benetís, are running deep. This is either a psych ops of the CIA or it is simply a black man, who would rather spend life in prison, then be enslaved with a job and forced to pay to raise four children. I guess Iíd rather accept the CIA conspiracy theory, then the absolute truth. Either the black man killed four children, so that he could be the top dog in prison, where nobody would mess with him, or he killed four children, so the CIA can give him a job working on a nuclear submarine, by proving himself to be a narcissistic psychotic sociopath serial killer, capable of launching nuclear missiles. My theory was you have to murder a bunch of children, to get a job working in the nuclear industry. How else can you kill thousands of people without of conscience? Or millions of people? It is a prerequisite.

Sixty minutes had a special about the Cold War last Sunday. The Cold War is not over, itís getting worse. We now have nuclear submarines that can carry two hundred nuclear missiles. Each one, a hundred times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Sixty minutes interviewed the black guy, who takes orders from the black president, to launch these nuclear missiles. Making the next two months, the last chance for blacks to be on top. President Obama doesnít need Congress, to launch a nuclear strike against the whites. White people are being blamed for everything now. Blamed for killing the Indians, enslaving the blacks. Even the Puerto Ricans are having dreams about killing the white people. One Puerto Rican made a YouTube video, that whites were being killed everywhere and she was afraid because she had white feet. She had to hide among fellow Puerto Ricans, for fear of people thinking she was a white person and killing her. Even though we all know itís the rich people, that are causing the problems, not necessarily white people. So stop blaming white people. It Just so happens that, ďsome white peopleĒ are rich. Not all white people enslaved the blacks, only the rich white people. Those same rich white people are still enslaving people. They are even enslaving white people. But they are not called slaves, they are called Butlerís, maids, chauffeurs and employees. If you are a gardener for a rich person, you are really only a cotton picker with a fancy title.

Itís not a coincidence that Jon Benet has been on all of these TV specials. Itís not a coincidence Channel 7 news is showing all these pictures of two beauty contestant black Jon Benetís. Itís not a coincidence that Rick Snyder ordered all flags to be flown at half mast, for a police officer, after these for black children were murdered. Rick Snyder and Channel 7 news knew this was going to incite black people into riots in Charlotte North Carolina and everywhere else. This is psychological operations warfare and itís what they have been using on me for the last thirty years because of my job injury.

They know Iíve suffered four hundred and fifty billion dollars worth of pain on my job injury and they donít want to pay me. So they had doctors torture me with stellate ganglion blocks to the neck. They pumped poison gas into my house on 7524 Jackson St. In Warren Michigan. They use women to enslave men in jobs and thatís one reason, why the black guy killed his children and tortured his wife. And even though I told them I am a celibate priest, married to God. They are using psychological operations, when I go out to a bar. By having a couple kiss and hug in front of me. They are doing this on purpose. This is not just a couple for a night out at the bar. I could hear them talking, ďTim looking this way, lets kissĒ. Timís looking quick letís hugĒ. You could hear them talking, you know theyíre doing it on purpose. So they donít have to pay me the four hundred and fifty billion dollars for my job injury. Thatís what they want to do. If I end up going psycho and killing them, industry gets out of paying me for my job injury. They know this is what drives men to murder couples like the zodiac killer. This couple thinks itís a joke but they might end up dead if they do it to someone else. This is bullshit, they want me to go psycho and kill them. Thatís why theyíre doing it. They know this is what drives people to go psycho and are doing it on purpose. They drove the black man to go psycho and murder his children in Dearborn Michigan. Itís like the Manchurian candidate. They know how to get people to kill people. They want me to kill people. This is how they got the zodiac killer to go psycho, because they didnít want to pay him for his job injury. They are trying to incite me to violence. So they donít have to pay me the four hundred fifty billion dollars, for my job injury. They know that this is what drives men to murder couples. They want this couple to have their heads severed, put on pikes, with the sign attached, ďforce me to get a job now AssHoleĒ attached to it.

The head of the northern branch of the FBI had sent me a e-mail letter saying they are trying to incite me to violence, so they can put me away and keep me from preaching the truth that jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. Well doesnít take a genius to figure out the nuclear war is just around the corner. Nuclear weapons were created to defend truth and kill the wicked. The wicked slave masters. Thereís no one more wicked, than a slave master who thinks jobs arenít slavery. Even President Obama knows, he is a slave president, to white people bypassing Obama care. Which is basically enslaving the blacks and forcing them to pay or go to prison. Thatís what Obama care is. Obama care forces the blacks to pay for medical care or go to prison. Forcing blacks to pay for child support or go to prison. You got a get a job, you got a be a slave. Even the black guy on the sixty minutes nuclear submarine knows, he is a slave taking orders to launch nuclear missiles. Heís got a slave job. ďIím a slave, itís my job to launch two hundred nuclear missiles when the black president gives me the orderĒ. What he thinks going to happen when you have a slave like that? Bye-bye American pie.


This is how they manufacture Manchurian candidates. This is how they got the zodiac killer to go around killing couples. The zodiac killer was injured on the job and they didnít want to pay him. They tried use women to enslave him after his job injury. But he was so severely disabled he could not work. So they got these couples to hug and kiss in front of him, to try to get him into a relationship that would force him to work as a slave, but he only ended up killing them. Knowing he could not get into a relationship because he could not work. This is what they did to the man in Dearborn Michigan, to get him to kill his children and torture his wife. If there is no evidence that David Russell Williams killed Jon Benet, I believe this is probably what they did to John Benet, to get him to murder his daughter Jon Benet. Use his wife and children to enslave him in a executive job. The only way to be free, was for John Benet to kill his daughter, Jon Benet. F&%@ no, I wonít do what you tell me, Rage Against the Machine.

The reason why Obama and the black generals he elected wants to nuke Russia, is not because Putin is a tyrant, but because Russia is mostly white people.


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