Bikers, Guns, Fukushima & the Constitution, June 23, 2014.

I used to go to bars on 8 mile where the Vigilante bikers used to hang out. So one day one of these bikers buys me a beer and then he says I have to buy him one. I thank him for the beer but I say I donít have to buy you one. What was the point of buying me a beer if I have to buy you one back? And he said well thatís the rule. I said whose rule, I thought that you guys didnít live by rules? Anyway he starts getting angry and starts to try to intimidate me by showing me the tattoo of the devil on his arm. I said thatís not the devil, you want the devil on your arm you should get a tattoo of the Pope or the President or maybe even the caduceus, the sign of the medical profession. He laughed at the caduceus, but the sign of the medical profession is probably the most evil sign on earth. They are responsible for killing and manipulating more people than any Popeís or Dictator. Everybody dies in the hands of doctors. Nobody can even be born, without a doctor nowadays. It is the most evil symbol on earth. I donít think you can destroy the devil without killing all the doctors first. They are so evil, they manipulate people into believing they save lives, but yet everyone dies in their hands and they are responsible for half million baby deaths a year by abortion. Nero, Hitler, Stalin all the dictators of the world together, didnít kill that many babies.

So anyways these bikers are not liking me too much and Iím not liking them. One of them even tried to sell me his girlfriend to me for 20 bucks. So one guy sits next to me and he slowly takes out a switchblade knife and he slowly wipes the blade on my jeans, then folds the knife up and puts it away. Iím just looking at him, Iím not sure what heís doing. Is this a gang initiation sign, did somebody bet him a beer that he would do it, I donít know, Iím clueless. So Iím just looking at him and then he kind of looks like he just shit his pants and had to get up and walk away. So later I asked one of the guys wearing a vigilante jacket what it meant that this guy wiped his switchblade knife on my jeans and the biker gets angry and says and says, ďhe wanted you to leaveĒ. I say, ďboy did I get the wrong message, I thought he was suicidal and wanted me to take the knife away from him and slit his throat with itĒ. If he wanted me to leave, why didnít he just asked me to leave. And then I wouldíve asked why and he wouldíve probably said something like because he thought I was a cop and I wouldíve said something like well then donít try to sell me any drugs then. Anyways the vigilantes stopped hanging out at Yakidy Yaks and black people started coming in and the next thing you know it was an all-black bar. Iím not prejudiced but I am not going to hang out at a all-black bar because a big group of black people, is like a big group of bikers. When you have a big group of bikers they are intimidating because they all stick together, they act tougher because they believe they have more power and power corrupts. When you have a big group of black people, itís the same thing, except that you canít protect yourself against a big group of black people, without looking like a racist. If youíre in a bar and 10 bikers come in, you might be able to legally kill them all and claim self-defense. The Constitution gives you a right to bear arms to protect yourself. If these 10 bikers with gang signs on their jackets make you fear for your life and you shoot them all, itís very possible that itís going to be called self-defense. When that biker took out his switchblade and wiped it on my jeans, I could have legally shot him dead without going to jail. In fact I might have been called a hero for killing a criminal. One of my friends told me he killed someone and never went to jail, because the guy he shot was a known heroine addict and heroine was found in his blood after he was shot dead.

Thereís the story about the law-abiding gun owner who went into a biker bar and these bikers started intimidating him to leave the bar. The gun owner tried to educate the bikers about the Constitution and how many Vietnam vets died defending it. In fact a lot of bikers were Vietnam vets who fight and die for the Constitution. But many of these bikers donít understand this so he tried to educate him how the Constitution of the United States gives a law-abiding citizen a permit to carry a gun and if he has no criminal record he can legally kill a known gang member, who makes him fear for his life. Well the bikers didnít believe the gun owner had that right or even had a gun. So the biker wanted the gun owner to show his gun. The law-abiding gun owner said that brandishing a weapon was illegal and he doesnít take out his gun unless he intends to use it. So the biker says heís got a knife and he will show the gun owner the knife if the gun owner would show him his gun. So the gun owner says you pull out your knife and Iíll show you my gun. So the biker pulls out his knife and as soon as the gun owner pulls out his gun he shoots him along with five other of the bikers and it was called self-defense. It wasnít on the news because criminals, drug dealers and gang members get shot all the time so itís not news. Not all the bikers that were shot were wearing their gang member logos on their jackets but it was still considered self-defense because some of them had criminal records, some of them tested positive for illegal marijuana, and some of them had tattoos proving they were gang members. So I learned a long time ago you donít do drugs because someone can shoot you and not go to prison for it, because it can be considered self-defense. I donít belong to gangs or get tattoos for the same reason. The Constitution says all people are equal and if you got a jacket that says youíre better than someone else because you belong to a gang, you could be legally shot dead. The jury will consider it self defense, if a law abiding gun owner shoots you and you have a criminal record, illegal marijuana in your blood and are wearing a biker jacket.

So I went to Shelly Kellyís Wednesday and a few bikers came in wearing ďDevil Disciples JacketsĒ and there were some young people in the bar who were all intimidated by them so they left and there was just me and some bikers in the bar. So was pretty boring. Saturday night I went to Checkers bar on Gratiot Avenue and there was some bikers in there wearing their gang symbol jackets and they donít bother me. But one guy who wasnít wearing a jacket said his uncle was in the gang and they werenít too friendly people. I told him I wasnít worried about it, I went to bars with the vigilantes, the liberty riders, the renegades, the highwaymen, and I think the Hells Angels rules over them all. I donít know if he thought I was in the Hells Angels but he went and talked to the bikers and they were a little bit more friendlier towards me and I never got to finish telling him about the pyramid of power.

The Hells Angels are not on the top of the pyramid of power, God is. Underneath God is the Messiah. Underneath the Messiah, is the devil. Underneath the Devil is the military. Underneath the military, is the Militia. The Hells Angels are under the Militia. Some of the Hells Angels are in the militia many of them were Vietnam vets who defended the Constitution of the United States with their lives. The smart Hells Angels no longer are into criminal activity or they know they will lose their Constitutional right to bear arms. The smart Hells Angels, no longer do illegal drugs, for they know if someone shoots them, it might not be murder, it might be considered self-defense. The smart Hells Angels, no longer wear their gang signs or leather jackets, for they know someone could kill them under the Constitution and it would be labeled self-defense, justifiable homicide. If the cops, judge or jury believe that gang jacket made Americans fear for their life, itís justifiable homicide. The main reason why George Zimmerman got away with stand your ground justifiable homicide, is because Trayvon Martin had marijuana in his blood system. Even tattoos that have gang affiliation, can benefit a law-abiding gun owner, who has a self-defense claim. Most of these motorcycle gang members claim that theyíre just in a friendly club who rides motorcycles and have barbecues. But if they are going in a bar wearing their gangís name on their jackets they are intimidating to the customers and making them fear for their lives, which means it could be considered justifiable homicide to kill them. It might even be considered justifiable homicide if a white guy is confronted by a dozen black guys telling him to leave the bar. Stand your ground, means you can stand your ground you donít have to leave the bar because this group of people wants you to.

What I find more frightening than the group of a dozen bikers is my ignorant neighbor. You can fight against a dozen bikers, but you canít fight against stupid. I was explaining the democracy as being ruled by demons or serpents. Itís called the serpent rule, because the majority of the tail wants to tell the head with the brains what to do. This guy thinks nuclear radiation only takes 90 years to go away and he believes we should build more nuclear power plants. It is absolutely frightening that this guy is allowed to vote. When I win the argument about democracy he starts calling me a communist to win his argument. Yes we should build nuclear power plants everywhere because anybody whoís against it must be a communist. Is what he thinks.

The radiation from these nuclear power plants doesnít go away for 10,000 years. The radioactive water, coming out of Fukushima is so highly radioactive, that scientist cannot study it. A shot glass full of it would kill all of the scientist trying to study it. They canít send robots into the nuclear power plants to see how bad it is, because the radiation fries the robots. Even after I told him that Russiaís top scientist stayed at a hotel near Chernobyl right after the nuclear explosion thinking that it was safe and they all died. He was still for nuclear energy. These were the top nuclear scientist of Russia. There was less than 20 million people in Japan and already more than 1 million of them have Exodus to Brazil. The neighbor is an accountant but is unable to count the beans. The number of pregnancies have decreased in America by more than 1.2 million since the Fukushima accident. Yes they are cooking the books by claiming sex education is lowering the birth rate but the fact is itís the same sex education before 2011 so the lower birth rate can be blamed on Fukushima radiation. Women donít even have to wear condoms anymore they canít get pregnant because of the radiation. Thereís going to be so many people heading to South America that the border that used to stop Mexicans from coming to America will be stopping Americans from going into Mexico. The entire northern hemisphere has been contaminated by Fukushima radiation. Ironically the Japanese who Exoduses to South America a few years ago have a better chance of surviving than Americans. By time Americans discover how contaminated the northern hemisphere is, it will be too late. A three-year, five year or 10 year exposure to low levels of radiation is far worse than a few months of high-level of radiation exposure that burned the Japanese skin enough, to make the move to South America. We are literally like frogs in a pot with the fire underneath slowly warming the water so that we donít notice enough pain, to make us want to jump out. The people who are the tail of the serpent, with no brains at all and are voting for nuclear energy, should be forced to Exodus to Japan.

My other neighbor kicked his 18-year-old son out of the house because he didnít have a job. Children now days who have Internet access are realizing that jobs are not only slavery, but they are a crime against humanity. A guy in Florida killed his parents who wanted him to get a job and he left their dead bodies in a bedroom and held big parties at his house while party goers wondered why the house smell like dead people. Partygoers then bragged about being at the party when they found out the guy who gave the party killed his parents to have the party. Jesus set you free, but if you teach your children they must have jobs, they might have to kill you, to get their freedom.

Iím against guns but if bikers are taken over bars to intimidate people, recruit members and have full control over the women, then I think it should be legal to carry guns inside of bars. Because this one woman inside Crackers came and sat next to me because this biker was bothering her. The other biker said it was his fiancťe, but Iím tending not to believe him. I think she mightíve just been a girl in the bar and she seemed to be fearing for her life. But she didnít ask me for help so I did not intervene. These bikers seemed to go to bars where a lot of pretty girls hang out and they take over the bar and the women and there doesnít seem to be any men to protect them.

In my last video I talked about the beast being the eagle and the wings of the eagle being the branches of government and the feathers being the different institutions. In the movie Ruby the guy who killed Oswald, Ruby represented Dallas as different mafia families controlled the eagle or the United States and each mafia leader being another feather.

If the Hells Angels rule over all these other motorcycle gangs and each gang rules over a neighborhood, they can be considered little feathers of the eagle in which when the Messiah speaks to them, the gangs disappear. Iím not really against these gang members. In the suburbs itís almost a matter of survival for people to join these gangs, because of fear of other gangs and none of these people, seem to know their constitutional right to bear arms or the right of self defense, that they donít need to be in a gang for protection. Iím not in a gang. The Muslims and Christians both told me I needed to join their religion or be squashed by one of the ďotherĒ religions. People join religions and gangs for protection, from other religions and gangs and the Constitution of the United States was created, so that it is not necessary to join a gang or religion to feel safe. Now I want to return to Crackers bar on Gratiot Avenue but I donít know if I have to return with a gun or the Hells Angels for protection. The bar had as a security guard but even the security guard seemed to be supporting the bikers with their logos on their jackets. So I guess what Iím saying is if I returned to the bar and they kill me, then my last message to the world is, I support the constitutional right to bear arms and everyone who has a gun should go to their local bar and kill the bikers with the logos on their jackets or no one will even have the freedom to go to a bar. If bikers and gang members are running the bars, then making it legal for law abiding citizens to carry guns in bars might not be a bad idea. Iím just wondering if the government or the Mafia is using these gangs to control the people and keep them from speaking the truth in bars. I know they control the media but if the government wasnít controlling these gangs, the evil government would have been overthrown along time ago.

Whatís the evil government? Itís the government that collects taxes off of Godís land, tells people they have freedom now go work in a coal mine. Itís the government that makes plea Believe they are good by giving its poor citizens free Obamacare then promises them $10 an hour minimum wage so they donít qualify for the free Obamacare and because they have to pay for it, they are making less than five dollars an hour. So theyíre making less money than they made before the minimum wage hike. The government might even be convincing the bikers to get tattoos, get them addicted to drugs and join gangs, so they can legally kill them. Who knows whatís going on, I havenít put all the pieces of the puzzle together yet. It seems like the biggest supporters of gun ownership is the gang members and ironically the Constitution gives people right to bear arms to defend themselves against them.


With gun owner logic we shouldnít outlaw murder, because criminals are going to murder anyway. Banning guns is what will identify the murderers before they have a chance to kill. Tanks and military equipment is stored in a secure place until a time of need. With your argument, all people should have a tank in their driveway, just in case thereís a war.

Of all the gun arguments no one has suggested we need a gun to protect ourselves in case were confronted by a dozen bikers in a bar. Gun owners have only suggested we need protection from robbers and rapists, which I suggested a stun gun or can of mace would be sufficient.

The other day I was confronted by a dozen bikers and reconsidered the gun argument, as I realize a stun gun or can of mace, will not stop a dozen bikers. Yet I have not seen any evidence of any law-abiding citizen using a gun to protect themselves against a dozen bikers and yet every bar I have been to, in my area, I was confronted by different biker gangs. See my latest video on YouTube. This tells me that the majority of gun owners are in fact bikers or gang members.

If George Zimmerman killed a dozen bikers in a bar under stand your ground, I would consider it self-defense. After being confronted by bikers Iíve changed my stand on gun ownership, Until gangs are banned, I donít think guns should be banned.

However, if there is no evidence law-abiding gun owners are using their guns against bikers and gang members, then my stand on guns being banned will stand.

The only time a gun will protect you against the dozen bikers, is if the dozen bikers donít have guns. With strict gun laws, say for instance a law banning gang members or bikers from having a gun, a gun might protect you.

However, with your argument that bikers will have guns even if theyíre against the law, again making it useless to have a gun for protection.

So I would get a gun to protect myself from a dozen bikers, if it was against the law for the dozen bikers to be armed because they are in a gang, but now you suggested they will have guns even if they were against the law, making it unnecessary or useless for me to have a gun.

Would you agree that guns should be banned from gang members, people who wear ďHells AngelsĒ or the ďDevils DisciplesĒ jackets/logos, or who have other gang affiliated tattoos or bandannas?

If George Zimmerman feared for his life because of a 17-year-old boy it would not be hard to believe a dozen bikers made him fear for his life. If George Zimmerman killed a dozen bikers would you consider it self-defense?

Who gives gun owners a right to bear arms, the Constitution or the NRA the National Rifle Association. If you say the Constitution, then you donít need the NRA and in fact the NRA is nothing more than a gang similar to the Hells Angels. If you say the NRA gives you a right to bear arms, then you donít believe the Constitution gives you a right to bear arms and you agree a gang or terrorist group, gave you your right to bear arms.


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