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I was reflecting back to see if anything has changed in my preaching. Some of my earlier writings have been lost due to my toxic mold house and computer crashes. In the earlier years I used a word processor. I didnít get a computer till 1995. But in those early years I would sign my letters Timothy and there would be hundreds of copycats, who tried to attribute their writings to be from me. If anyone has a copy of those earlier writings and sends it to my PO Box on my website, I will sign it for you, if I actually wrote it, after I make a copy for my records. Anything after 1995, I already have copies of. Be sure to include a return stamped envelope, if you want your copy returned, as I donít not know how many people will send me copies.

Before 1993 I ran ads in Floridaís jackpot magazine and several others. These are some of the ads that ran in Biblical Archaeology Review. There really wasnít much free speech back then, as religions controlled the world. Biblical Archaeology Review was the first magazine that published non-canonized text. Some of the other ads that ran in the magazine were pretty amazing also. If you had writing that the church rejected, you could probably run an add in Biblical Archaeology Review. Anybody who was a truth seeker and had an open mind generally read the magazine. Brainwashed religious nuts, simply believed the magazine was trying to deceive them. Little did they know it was their church leaders, that were deceiving them.

I ran this ad in March April 1993, during the Branch Davidian Waco massacre. Remember that the magazine was printed a month before its issue. So the magazine actually came out in February 1993. There is no doubt David Koresh got a copy of it. Anybody who had an open mind, was a truth seeker and had a love for God read Biblical Archaeology Review. It was the only place you can get any new information about God, that had been kept secret by the Roman Catholic Church and the world governments. So the ad.

Anyone can see God. Ask Him to show Himself to you. Those who have not seen God are antichrist. First John 3:6, 4:1-6. Donít be fooled by Satanís churches. Send 1$ S&H for more information to Timothy.

The ads were pretty expensive at the time, when you consider gold was about $300 an ounce. I couldíve bought a lot of gold for the money I spent on those ads. It was two dollars per word and wouldíve cost me another eight dollars to change the line to, ďthose who have not seen God have the spirit of antichrist.Ē Jesus said you must be born again. For every man born from Adam has the spirit of antichrist and the only way to rid yourself of the spirit of antichrist, is to see Christ. I could write another book of the subject alone. Iím sure many will disagree with me but the fact is, believing in God, is not the same as seeing God. For once you see God, you know God. Once you see God, you no longer have faith, for you know God and you donít have doubt. I ran the same ad in the May June 1993 issue.

In September October 1993 issue I change the adís slightly. This is the first time I call it the Gospel of Timothy.

The Gospel of Timothy. Anyone can see God, thatís mankindís goal. For more gospel send tithes to Timothy. The document I mailed out was actually titled, ďThe Everlasting Gospel of TimothyĒ. For it will never change. Christ will never be invisible. When Christ the son becomes invisible, he becomes the spirit Father God. I realize that charging one dollar was going to drive me to bankruptcy as I couldnít even pay for the ad with the dollar. Only a few sent in any money and mostly it was from prison inmates who mustíve read the magazine while they were incarcerated. That ad also ran in the November December 1993 issue and the January February 1994 issue. I didnít get very many replies from that ad either as most people believed that the church leaders themselves were God and that everybody else in the world was trying to deceive them. So I change the ad in the March April 1994 issue. It read.

Anyone can see God. Vision of God is acquisition of immortality. Exodus, 24:9 - 11. Send $5 to PO Box.

The ads were getting shorter because they charge per word and only a few sent in any money. This is why these writings may be very valuable today. Very rare. That add also ran in the May June 1994 issue.

Of Course I changed the ad again in the September October 1994 issue.

Anyone can see God! False Church wonít explain ďwhy not?Ē $5for Gospel of Timothy.

That add also ran in the November December 1994 issue.

January February 1995 Biblical archaeology ad said.

Ask God to Show Himself to You! Antichrist definitive, against visible incarnation. Need more faith, $10 to Timothy. Also in the March April, May June, 1995 issue.

In the July August 1995 issue either I had more money or they gave me a special deal because the ad got a little bit longer.

Ask God to show himself to you! See God while live, youíll never see God after you die. ďMortalsĒ none have seen God and died. Fooledf by Satanís church, it does everything except bring the dead back to life. ApEL Pseudopigrapha. Gospel $1 Timothy. That had ran through March April 1996. At that point nobody was even sending for the information, but I looked at it as information that was at least being published.

The ad changed again in May June 1996 after I published the book.

I saw God in person, secrets of Satanís church, immortality & G & E 70 PP $13 Gospel of Timothy. That ad also ran in July August 96.

I knew nothing was going to change until people started leaving the church that they have been brainwashed at. In September October 1996 I also had my website up on AOL. The ad read.

Donít go to church. Satan reveals himself by refusing to give up his church, 2nd Thessalonians 2:1 Ė 11. Prepare to see God: visit or send $13 for the gospel: Go Timothy. That ad also ran in November December 1996.


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