This is a Comment post I made about Bernie Sanders, July 26, 2016.

Religion is not the problem, money is. Money is the root of all evil and it’s the mark of the beast. No man could buy or sell without the mark of the beast. Dead Presidents are the heads of the beast. Whose image is on this coin? Caesar’s, because he’s the head of the beast. Jobs are slavery, no matter if you’re making a thousand dollars an hour, you’re just a higher paid slave. Like a hooker who charges a thousand dollars an hour and believes its moral, people think jobs are moral, because they’re getting paid so much money. Business is a beast, that enslaves mankind. It destroys humans, for-profit. Bernie Sanders wants to pay fifteen dollars an hour, so that they don’t think they are slaves, but it doesn’t matter if he paid them a thousand dollars an hour. They are still slaves. They don’t want more money, they want to be compensated for the slavery they have been in for the last twenty years and they want a trillion dollars a year, for every year they were enslaved. That money has to come out of the ass holes of the rich. Because the poor do not enslaved people with jobs. They tortured me with stellate ganglion blocks to the neck because they didn’t want to pay me the four hundred fifty billion dollars for my job injury. Now I want a trillion dollars for the stellar ganglion block torture they put me through. God will not return to Earth, until everything man-made is destroyed. Not one stone can be left upon another. If the Lord has not built it, men labor in vain, Psalms 127:1.

The rich people not only enslaved the blacks, when they tried to escape from slavery, they beheaded the blacks and put the severed heads on fence posts. Google it, if you don’t believe me. The only thing that freed the slaves is the slaves started killing their masters, the business owners, etc. It’s better to die than be a slave. In other words it’s better to die than have a job. The Bible talks about the war between good and evil, where everyone who works with their hands is killed. They will take a man and look at his hands, if his hands have calluses or blisters from work, they will kill him for serving the beast, Zechariah 13:6. They will smite the shepherd, the Messiah, and the sheep will be scattered. That means there will be thousands if not millions of “Lone Wolf” attacks against business owners, for enslaving mankind. But the business owners not only enslaved mankind, they accepted the business as a bribe payoff by the Mafia, for their job injury. This woman was paid off by the Mafia for a job injury she had, they gave her a bar as a settlement. She enslaved people at the bar she owned, Then she lost the bar, I seen her working at another bar as a slave. She didn’t learn anything. It’s hilarious.

Everything man-made is an idol. You’re not supposed to take from the tree of knowledge, you’re not even supposed to have the knowledge to make fire. If business is not stopped it will kill every man on earth. Because business is in the business of making money not helping mankind. The nuclear power plants are businesses, therefore they will all meltdown because it is profitable. It’s not only profitable to generate the electricity, it’s profitable when they meltdown because billions are made on cleanup. Business had lobbied so that they can profit by generating electricity and they don’t have to pay for cleanup, the taxpayer does. So the business owner not only makes money generating electricity in the nuclear power plant, the same business owner, owns a nuclear cleanup business, that makes money when his nuclear power plant melts down. Henry Ford started an automobile business, when people were being injured and killed by his automobile businesses, he opened up hospitals and funeral homes and started to profit, off the people that were injured and killed by his automobiles. He should’ve not only been sued out of business when the first man was injured by an automobile, he should’ve been put to death when the first person was killed by his automobile. What you brainwashed, indoctrinated people ought to do, is help your buddy commits suicide by buying him a pack of cigarettes and teach his children that their daddy is committing suicide. Because that’s what the tobacco companies want you to believe. You may believe people who smoke chose to commit suicide but my parents were manipulated into smoking by the tobacco companies and therefore I’m asking one trillion dollars for each of their lives and that money has to come out of the pockets of the smokers who funded them. Everything smokers own, now belongs to me because my parents were murdered by the tobacco companies and smokers funded them. Those who purchase cigarettes might have been manipulated in the past like my parents, but now with the Internet there is no excuse. Everyone who purchases a pack of cigarettes is funding the tobacco companies and is liable for the persons killed by tobacco. Wake up and smell the coffee because there’s no more free rides for the tobacco companies and the people who fund them by purchasing cigarettes.

The bottom line is, because there is no free speech or free religion, there will be millions of “Lone Wolf” attacks, until every man with a job is dead, for serving the beast. Once every man with a job is dead and every man-made item destroyed, then God will return to Earth and every one will become immortal. This is the MoeTariff you have to pay for immortality. You don’t go to heaven when you die, by serving the beast. You die, because you had a job and you served the beast and you will spend eternity being burned and tortured in the lake of fire, for serving it. God will not appear as long as there is an man-made item, an idol, on earth. The Catholic Church knows this and that’s why they are bringing this “our lady of Fatima” statue, to Detroit for people to worship. This statue is a idol, and the Bible says you should flee the city when they set this image up to be worshiped. Everyone in those churches will be destroyed as Jesus writes the name down, who visit this statue. I give a link below to the story about this beast that is being set up to be worshiped. Capitalism and the American system is a beast, not just any beast but “the beast” that was, and is not, and yet is” the beast of Revelation 17:8.

There's no greater insurance scam than the workers comp system. There's not a business on earth that has enough money to pay one man for his job injury and that's why every man who serves the beast has to be destroyed.


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