Proof San Bernardino Was a False Flag, December 10, 2015.

I wanted to wait a few days before I put this out, as they always try to fix anomalies when people see truth, in these hoaxes. The last video about the subject was that witnesses said they seen three shooters that were white. That the shooters had their faces covered with mask, but they could still tell they were white because of their hands and around their eyes. None of the shooters were women. There are so many signs that this was a hoax, that I cannot list them all in one video.

One of the first signs of a hoax, is when they said the shooters had bombs. The official story is the shooters spent several months making bombs in their apartment. This is the excuse they used, to say how they knew, that these were the terrorist. Because they found bombs in the SUV. This is an absolute lie. When you see bombs in the story and the terrorist did not use the bombs, then you know the story is made up. You don’t use knives, if you have guns and you don’t use guns, if you have bombs. You will risk your life, if you’re using knives, when you had guns or you use guns, when you had bombs. There was no bombs. If the terrorist had bombs, they would have used them. They would have planted the bombs, got on an airplane back to Pakistan and watch the building blowup from Pakistan, on the news. When you asked the question of why didn’t they use their bombs, the official answer is, the terrorist are forgetful and they must’ve forgot their bombs in the SUV, after they spent months making them. If you ask why didn’t they go back to the SUV to get their bombs, the official answer will be, because terrorist are lazy. If you ask why didn’t the terrorist use the bombs, when the cops were shooting at them? They will claim, because the terrorist are stupid. They will always have an answer for why the terrorist did not use their bombs.

But we know they didn’t have bombs. Because there was no FBI or ATF exploding bombs, after they found them. That is standard procedure, when you find a bomb. That is not UL tested for safety. The cops are not going to pick up the bombs out of the SUV and take them back to the police station to examine them. They are homemade bombs, they don’t know what makes them go off. They’re not going to risk moving the bombs. The standard procedure, is to blow the bombs up, where they sit. Then examine the shrapnel, to see how the bombs were made, where the parts were purchased, etc. They did none of this, because there was no bombs.

When you see this hoax you have to wonder why bombs were even part of the story. When there was obviously no bombs. There’s no bombs blowing up, there’s not even pictures of bombs. There is no shrapnel from the FBI blowing up the bombs, to see who made them and who supplied the parts for the bombs. The only reason why they mention the bombs, was to make people believe they had the real terrorist, when they shot two Muslims dead. Furthermore, they do not want to demonize guns. They want people to believe, that if these terrorist didn’t have guns, they would have use their bombs. This is the same story you hear by the gun lobby, over and over again, that if people don’t have guns, they will kill people with bombs. It’s a scare tactic to make people believe guns save lives and only knives and bombs kill people.

We know that at the same time of this San Bernardino hoax, the United States started bombing Syria and no one even questioned the government’s actions. The Bible says that both the deceiver and the deceived will be destroyed. The government is risking all of our lives. But is it the government, that is actually doing it or is it Zionist, the illuminati or the Mafia in power? On the FBI files titled “Woman in a Box” a woman was kidnapped, locked in a box by someone claiming to be the CIA. Because this woman believed he was the CIA, she didn’t call the cops. She didn’t call the FBI. She just accepted, that that is what the CIA does and that it’s legal. The people who pulled off this false flag hoax, really believe they were working for the CIA. They don’t bother calling the police, because many of them are the police and the FBI, who really think they’re working for the CIA. This is how they’re able to pull off these false flag hoaxes, like 911. Thousands of people are in on it, because they all believe they are working for the CIA, on some top-secret project, that they’re not allowed to talk about.

Congress needs to pass laws, to let people know that the CIA, or the military is not allowed to kidnapped, raped women and locked them in a box, or to blow up the World Trade Center and blame it on Muslims. People need to know that the CIA is not allowed to kill people in San Bernardino and blame it on Muslims. Because all of these cops and FBI agents, all believe they are working for the CIA and that’s why they don’t say anything, about this San Bernardino hoax. They believe the CIA has a license to kill, American people. There needs to be some kind of hotline, where anyone thinks they are killing or pulling off some kind of hoax, because someone told them they were the CIA and this is top-secret, that they can report that to some kind of tip hotline. There is the movie White Sands, where a CIA agent is killing cops and FBI agents and nobody says anything, because they think he’s a CIA agent, working on some kind of top-secret government project with a license to kill. This is Bullshit.

We are letting the terrorist get a way with killing our own people, because we really believe it was the CIA who had permission to do it. And what are we going to do with all those cops in San Bernardino who helped out with this hoax, thinking they were working for the government on some kind of classified project? The government should not work that way. The CIA should not be allowed to pull off any kind of false flag events. Because that is not a democracy, where the people get to vote and choose on war or peace.

The people pulling off these hoaxes are psychotic sociopathic serial killers. Some of them actually believe that they’re serving God. Others are atheist, who don’t see any reason why not to kill, because if there is no God to see them kill, then they didn’t kill. However, not only is there a God that can see what they did, there are spy satellites in the sky, that’s just like a security camera that records video. Not only does the United States and Russia have them, even Google has them. And they can look at the San Bernardino shooting and rewind the video, to trace the cars at the attack, back to the place of their origin. So this whole San Bernardino false flag event, was caught on video from space.

So who was behind the hoax, if it wasn’t the CIA or the Zionist? The oil and gas companies have their own armies. I used to think military men got job as truckers, when they were kicked out of the military for killing children and raping women. But many of these men, who were kicked out of the military, got jobs working with Blackwater or Craft International. These are private armies hired or owned by the oil companies, to defend oil and gas wells in foreign countries. But they could also be used to pull off false flag hoaxes in the United States, to protect their oil interest, pipelines and agendas. These hired militaries are so powerful and big, that local police and FBI, actually believe their working for the CIA, the Pentagon or the government. Blackwater and Craft international, have no connection to the CIA. The CIA might hire them, but they’re not the CIA. They have no license to kill. There are in fact Mafia cartels. They work for the oil and natural gas cartels, as well as the nuclear power cartels.

We know it is the natural gas and oil cartels, who were behind the San Bernardino shooting because of the targets they were hitting. Muslims would not target people who helped the crippled. Muslims would not target environmentalist, whose job it was to test the air, test the water, test for radiation etc. On CNN the 17 victims of the San Bernardino shooting were in fact environmentalist. They were the people testing for Fukushima radiation in California, that is 1000 times higher than the legal limit. They were the people testing for the toxins in the air at Porter Ranch California, from a leaking natural gas well. These governmental environmentalist are the ones who test the air after fracking and when they discover the oil companies are polluting the air, water and soil, they have good reason to kill them and shut them up. They are the people who test for toxic mold in houses built by the multibillion-dollar logging industry. These are not the targets of God-fearing Muslims. These are the targets of industrialist, who think these people are cutting into their profits by exposing the facts about wooden houses, fracking, oil companies, gas companies who are leaking methane gas and the nuclear industries that are leaking radiation. These gas companies claim that a natural gas leak is not harmful to humans. I expose their lies when they said methane gas is lighter than air and disappears. My gas detector says leave close to the floor because natural gas stays close to the ground and doesn’t disappear as gas companies claim. This is why houses are blowing up. Natural gas pools in the basements until it reaches explosive levels.

So now we know who did it. We also know how they did it and how they got so many people in on the false flag by claiming they are working for the CIA. The FBI needs to explain to people that the CIA has no power to kill Americans and blame Muslims. Only then will people come forward and speak of what they know. They don’t talk because they believe they are going against government policy to protect the CIA and classified information. A hotline needs to be created for anyone who does anything thinking they are serving the CIA or secret government organization. Only then can we stop rapist from kidnapping women claiming they are CIA agents. Thanks for watching. Thumb up the video.


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