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Timothean Beginnings

, August 16, 2011.

I started my spiritual growth in 1985 after I saw God at a low income housing hotel in California. There was many strange things happening at that time. Reports on the news that people went into funeral homes and brought people back from the dead. Snow in Huntington Beach California. I knew of many prophecies, things that would happen in the future. That’s when I first started reading the Bible. God had revealed to me, to read the scripture in red. By 1989 I had a word processor and I was mailing out letters to churches. When you see Jesus, you think your Christian a mistake many people make. I spent money on ads in newspapers and magazines. Teaching the gospel of Timothy. For while I ran ad in archaeology today. In 1995 I got a computer and started teaching in AOL chat rooms.

In 1996 I published the gospel of Timothy and created a website on AOL personal webpages and taught in a chat room called “I saw God in person” under the screen name GoTimothy. I taught to all religions even atheist. But these people were just using my ideas to promote their religions. Even the atheist use my ideas and Bible quotes to fight against the Christians. My arguments that Christ did not die on the cross, was used by Muslims to convince other Muslims Christianity was the wrong religion. My prophecies convinced Christians, that the Muslims were wrong, because Mohammed was not the last prophet of God. These two relations fought against each other because of my teachings. Atheist used my teachings the most, to get people to leave religion and join atheism. I’ve met many pastors and priests, who left the Catholic religion, because of my teachings. I believe teaching all these religions, would help them grow and merge into one world religion. But all they did with my teachings, is fight against each other. That’s when I decided to create the Timothean religion.

There was no dogma for the Timothean religion, just ideas on how a religion should be. Not only was I attacked for my beliefs, anyone who believed as I did, was also attacked. The FBI let me know they were keeping tack of the Timotheans, as the government had no control over them, because they were not in any established religion. The FBI told me Timothean’s were disappearing. They were keeping track of my website and when people joined up, they disappeared. I believe members of other religions or perhaps atheism, might have been killing them off, or they were being raptured to heaven. David Karesh at Waco, were followers of my teachings and same with Heaven’s Gate.

Then we seeing Waco burned, along with all the women and children. I believe poison was pumped into the Heaven’s Gate compound and it was made to look like a mass suicide. Then all the members were cremated and the compound was destroyed to hide all the evidence. They were not considered members of the Timothean religion, but they had a lot of my writings, that people didn’t want others to know about. Several movies were inspired by my writings, Conspiracy theory, enemy of the state, read and burn etc. I explain on my website, that Timotheans, risk their lives by exposing themselves. And that they should never tell anyone they were a Timothean. I have no idea how many followers there are. I’ve told many, not to even go on the Internet, as they can be traced, found and killed by groups of people would kill for their religions and had no love of God. Even if there were 1 billion Timothean’s, it would still be the agenda of the Catholic Church to have them killed, just like their agenda is to kill the 3.5 billion Muslims. The way they figure it, they are losing 10% of the income of 3 ½ billion people. Not to mention all the old people who die leaving all their possessions and money to the church.

I knew 9/11 was an inside job from day one. I explained on AOL how NORAD scrambles jets whenever a airliner is hijacked and because they didn’t, that was proof 9/11 was an inside job. Everything 9/11 truthers teach, is what I taught from day one. The missing airport security cameras, the missing four jet flight recorders. The plane hitting the Pentagon on the one wall with the 2 inch thick bombproof glass. The fact Selfridge Air Force Base had two armed jets in the air, at the time of a hijacking. I could go on and on. But it’s not important.

I opened up a Facebook account the other day. And there was already a person wanting to join my Facebook page, before I even created it. This person claims to be a relative of Howard Hughes. It turns out this guy was a stalker. He had already posted on a pro-gun site how many members were on my Facebook page. There are four members on my Facebook page, but three of the members are some of my other Facebook accounts. Every time I open a Facebook account I have spies for the gun lobby and the Catholic Church joining it and harassing my friends and followers. My own sister had to block my Facebook account, because of the attacks. So I’m trying to delete the trolls off of Facebook and found it better just to create another Facebook account. But as soon as I create an account there’s are ready a TROLL wanting to be my first friend.

The world doesn’t have to be saved. Before the world was created, no one existed. If God destroyed the world and kills everyone, it’s not going to be a loss. God will destroyed both the deceiver and deceived. So if the rich think they can stop the truth, they will only be destroying themselves, along with all those they deceive.

The world is ready to be destroyed. We can see that what the recent Fukushima disaster and the fact that hundreds of nuclear power plants are reaching the end of their life. They were only designed to operate for 40 years and many of them have been running for 50 years. They are not going to dismantle them, they are going to wait until they accidentally explode. And like dominoes they will, one after another. There’s only a few more martyrs left that are willing to die for the Lord. Once the last martyr dies, there’s no reason for the rest of the 6 billion people to be alive on earth.

You don’t die as a martyr by getting a gun and killing others. You die as a martyr by teaching the truth and being killed by one of the evil religious gun nuts. Because of the tactics of the trolls, the new videos will not be released for at least a year, two years, maybe three years and may never be released. It’s just not worth letting intelligence fall into the enemy’s hands. I am going to wait till I get 1 million members. Some videos will be released to the public, some videos will be released in a year and some videos will be released when I have 1 million members. Some videos will probably never even be made, because the spies hack into my computer are listening through the walls of my townhouse and I haven’t even made them yet, because there’s no one worthy to watch them.

There are several levels to the Timothean religion. It’s a Spiritual growth program. One cannot expect to learn everything I know in a week. It took me 35 years to learn what I know. If you believe in God, believe guns are Not the way of the Lord, and are Not a member of any of the established religions, you are a first level Timothean. Don’t worry about being a second level Timothean, nobody has reached that level yet. And as far as the seventh level Timothean, I’m not even there yet.

Try not to comment on my videos unless you have important questions. I need to reserve my time to make videos and upgrade my website.

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