My name is Timothy Allen Campbell but people call me GoTimothy. Here is my home page: I live in Warren, MI and work as a servant of God Messiah at The Kingdom of God.

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New <<< Do not eat at restaurants or drink in bars because the Mafia run government uses these institutions to poison the food and drinks of those who speak the truth. Do not go to a restaurant or bar if you believe in God or the Messiah. Don’t even order a pizza. The Mafia government controls food and drinks at these establishments. Police and FBI work for the Mafia and see nothing wrong with poisoning peoples food and drinks who have the truth.

We still do not believe in guns, as guns hold us in bondage and there is no evidence that guns have ever set anyone free. There is evidence that the 35,000 a year who die by gun suicides might have very well have died by gun accidents, but the gun lobby cannot sell idiots guns, if that many people are dying by gun accident, so they label them suicide and there’s no way the dead person can say it was an accident, not suicide, like Jake Labardo. Furthermore those Who were killed by, “justifiable homicide” have been murdered and it was made to look like “self-defense.” There is absolutely no reason to kill someone to save your own life. Every policeman , FBI agent and military men knows this truth. They know their job is to serve and protect, and it is the job of the devil, to kill and destroy. If there was a justifiable reason to kill in self-defense, the 6 billion people on earth would have to be killed to save the Messiah.

I am the Messiah, Jesus is God, those who do not believe so are the antichrist. Christ is God made visible, this is the words of the Messiah. The Messiah is a man. God was not born from David or Joseph. I am the son of Joseph. To say Jesus was the son of Joseph is blasphemy. Whose son is Christ? Gods or Joseph’s? Make your decision now, before Fukushima takes its toll. >>>

To Join first level Timothean's, Fill in your E-mail and click. The only requirement for Joining first level, is to believe at least 70% of what Timothy says. Timothy reserves his right to change his beliefs as he learns.

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Voice chat, Every Sunday 10 p.m. EST for 3rd level Timothean's. Because of hackers I am in different locations every week with different names. Don't worry, only one has even made it to the second level. Information of Joining the second level, is only given to first level Timothean's. Download Yahoo messenger

Seven Levels

There are Seven levels to the Timothean Religion, just like there are seven levels of Heaven and seven Churches. History has proven, that whenever a new religion gets started, that the Catholic Church has had every member of that religion killed. This is why there are 10,000 different hamburgers stands, in 50 years, and only about 6 religion in 10,000 years. The Cathors were able to make the Body of the Lord become flesh, and their members were about 1,000 strong, when the Catholics had them all killed. You can not be taught about Third Level Timothism, until you have been at a second level for a year, so get in now.

At first I thought it was the Government that had the people at Wayco Killed, but then I found out the Catholic's have their own Army and Militia to kill off their competition. Masada, Wayco, Heaven's Gate and Jones town all have something in Common, they were all murdered and it was covered up by making it look like a mass suicide. You would think that this is the Mafia and you might be right. The odds of getting 39 people to commit suicide and conveniently cremated, to cover up any evidence of murder, is about one in ten Billion. Not even George W. Bush is stupid enough to believe in mass cremation.

When the new religion gets above a certain number they send in the Army to have them Killed. This is why you will never find more then one member of the Timothean Religion. You can say your a Timothean, but if anyone ask you how many members there are, say "I am the only Timothean, all the others are impostures trying to overthrow my religion". Even if your screename is TIMOTHEAN99999 and your in a group of 10,000 all wearing Timothean T-Shirts and reading the Gospel of Timothy, say "I am the only Timothean, all the others are impostures." It's for your protection. Because these serial killers will think nothing of dropping a nuclear weapon on a Nation of Timothean's.

Timothean's are True Americans. We believe in the second Amendment "Right to Bear Arms" against anyone infringing on our rights to FREE Speech or FREE Religion. If they want to Stop our Speech or Religion, they need to Leave the USA, and go to a Dictatorship Country, where religion and speech is controlled by the Dictators. It is our constitutional right to bear Arms to kill them. In America, there is not a Juror that will convict us. Anyone who infringes on these rights, is a Threat to the National Security of the United States of America. Happy 4th of July.

Those, who reject my words,
will always be Mortals.

Timothy, son of Joseph.

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