Beast That Was & Is Not & Yet Is, Rev 178, November 27, 2012.

This is a continuation of my video. In the 80s I taught my religious belief in a magazine and I would get letters from prison inmates. I’ve hung out at some of the sleaziest bars in the country and I’ve talked to bikers, convicts, rapists, mentally ill Christians you name it, but I’ve never met a man more evil than my brother-in-law Ed Militello.

I was contemplating the eight people in the world that the Bible says cannot possibly be saved. Because they rule the world, and everyone else is just doing their job. And I don’t think men like Hitler, Saddam Hussein, George Bush, or Dick Cheney are one of these eight people. I wondered if it possibly could be the eight Supreme Court justices, because they seem to have more power than the president, but I don’t think so.

I would say Bill Gates is more evil than any of the presidents or Supreme Court justices. Bill Gates had 250,000 black women sterilized in Africa and not even the president of the United States, or the Supreme Court, has that much power.

Rich people have more power than the president of the United States. Not only does the president not have power to sterilize 250,000 black women in Africa, he doesn’t even have the power to stop Bill Gates from doing it. These rich people not only control who’s going to be president in the United States, they control who’s going to be president in other countries.

So the eight beast of Revelation, are in fact, some of the richest people in the world and their bloodlines. They are probably from the same Mafia crime family, who have been ruling for thousands of years.

The Bible says the devil is the wisest of the serpents, and therefore the richest. I watch the YouTube video where they tried to make a Pope the beast that was and is not and yet is, which was a completely ridiculous theory. When I look at all the tyrants and dictators Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, George Bush or Obama, these people are not even as evil as my brother-in-law Ed Militello.

Because I know if I was at Thanksgiving dinner with Barack Obama, George Bush or Saddam Hussein and we started talking about the people who work at Wal-Mart, who went on strike, because they’re only making peanuts, while the owner of Wal-Mart is making billions of dollars a year, I think I could have an intelligent conversation with them.

My brother-in-law thinks the owner of Wal-Mart has done the country so good, that he should be making billions of dollars a year and the people who work at Wal-Mart should be happy that they make a little more than minimum wage. And I realize the reason why we are $15 trillion in debt is because of Wal-Mart, not because of the people on food stamps.

My brother-in-law claims Wal-Mart created thousands of jobs. But the fact is Wal-Mart has put thousands of small mom-and-pop businesses, out of business. Thousands of factories that employed people and made product in the United States, lost their jobs because Wal-Mart started buying all their merchandise from China.

Wal-Mart almost puts Sears and Kmart out of business and force them to adopt his model of buying products from China, rather than from American manufacturers. Wal-Mart cost America so many trillions of dollars, that they should be sued to pay off our national debt.

And I’m certain that the president of the United States Barock Obama, would at least sit and listen to my valid points of my argument, whereas my brother-in-law just blocked his ears and refused to believe anything I said.

The 20-year-old girl with the channel HistoryIsNOW and talked about blowing up the White House, would have been far better off changing the world by finding someone like my brother-in-law and blowing up his house. That would change the world more than a revolution.

In his mind Wal-Mart has created thousands of jobs. He doesn’t have the ability or the intelligence to see the millions of jobs that were lost because of Wal-Mart. My brother-in-law is more evil than any of the dictators that have been on earth, more evil than Bush and the only person more evil than him, is the owner of Wal-Mart.

I believe the owner of Wal-Mart, is one of the eight beast of Revelation. He doesn’t even have to start a war or kill anyone, his actions destroyed our country, which made him worse than Saddam Hussein, worse than Osama bin Laden, worse than Adolf Hitler or any of the Popes.

But there is someone more evil than the owner of Wal-Mart. The beast that was, and is not, and yet is, is in fact Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin is the most evil man on earth, even though he’s been dead for more than 100 years. Every dictator and tyrant, is one of his programed subjects. Every war that was fought in the last hundred years, was because of his teaching of survival of the fittest. This gave every president, every leader, every warmonger, every dictator and tyrant, the idea that they needed to kill thousands of people, to be able to stay on top. He also laid the foundation for atheism and started the fall of civilization. The world has done nothing but go downhill since the day Charles Darwin was born. World War I, World War II and every war since can be directly traced back to Charles Darwin’s system of thought of survival of the fittest. It gives every dictator a justification for killing millions of people.

It’s really sad because he probably was a pacifist and his teaching caused the death of millions and millions of people. And it literally turned billions of people away from God. The Bible did say, “do not take from the tree of knowledge” and no one should have even read his books. Even though he is dead, his teachings are like a computer virus, that infects the minds of millions of humans.

What Darwin failed to recognize, was that we are not animals, we are sons of God. His thought is animal, reptilian thinking. His thought “survival of the fittest” relates to animals, not a civilized human being. What he said was truth about animals, not about civilized humans, that were made in the image of God. So if you are a reptilian, an animal, no different than a lion, tiger, bear, or poison serpent, then what he says is truth “for you”. But it’s not truth to me. I am not an animal, lion, tiger, bear or even a vulture, like my brother-in-law.

My brother in law is the same way, his thought, that Wal-Mart is good for the country and people on food stamps are destroying it, is like a virus that has to be disinfected, because now my sister has caught the virus.

My little message to Alex Jones, probably should make another video but it’s related.

(Copy sent to Obama).

I think Alex Jones should start a defense fund for the girl on the YouTube channel HistoryIsNOW, who watched his radio show for five years, got all paranoid because Alex told her the government was poisoning her water, poisoning the air she breathed, poisoning the food she ate and advising her that she should call up the White House, then she made the video that she should blow up the White House, because calling it didn’t stop the air, water and food from being polluted and that’s when She was arrested by Homeland Security, as they set her up and told her they would help her blow up the White House, so they can arrest her for being a terrorist and get a promotion and become heros for stopping a 20 year old 90 lb girl from a terorrist act. I think President Obama should look into this, see her frustration, and give her a presidential pardon, for any law that she broke while being under the stress and duress of AlexJones. And Alex I give HistoryIsNOW credit for giving you credibility, because after she started bashing you for your stupid advice of calling up the White House, and Homeland security set her up, arrested her for terrorism, so they can get a promotion, Homeland security didn’t take down her videos, like they did the I-96 shooter, who only shot gas guzzling SUVs and they didn’t want other people getting bright ideas. Because she was bashing you, they did not take her videos down, proving that you are not an FBI or CIA plant, like I thought you were. And I watched your show and your mind is starting to open up, about the teaching of David Icke.

The only thing I don’t like about the Alex Jones show, is you push the agenda of the gun manufacturers that keep us in slavery and you teach people that the government is polluting the water, while at the same time you’re selling water purifiers, which is a conflict of interest and those purifiers you sell, have silver in them, which is toxic and probably more toxic than the tap water. Yes the silver kills bacteria, that’s because it’s toxic and the bacteria can’t live in the toxic water.

You don’t like the chem trails? Your NRA gun lobby is responsible for the chem trails. You can thank the gun lobby for telling the government, they can’t tell those who pollute the air what to do. It’s not illegal to get in an airplane and spray toxic chemicals, because the gun lobby says the government can’t tell us what to do, if we want to fly a plane and pollute the air. You and your followers are responsible for the chem trails, because most of your followers are gun owners who want the government to stop telling them they can’t pollute the air and water. They believe it’s the right to bear arms and the right to pollute the air and the right to enslave mankind and the right to make money off the suffering of others human beings and that’s why they have a gun to make sure they can do that. You are not free, unless you can walk around naked on God’s land , and eat God’s fruit. When there is some gun nut, that claims there is no God, it is his land and he invented the Apple and if hungry child comes on his land to eat an apple, he’s going to blow that child’s brains out. Those are the kind of followers you have watching your show.


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