Mark of the Beast, November 9, 2010.

There are 666 marks or images of the beast in Revelation. There is no King but God. Everything belongs to God. God created the all. All the gold, all the silver, all the land, everything in the sky and under the earth belongs to God, Haggai 2:8. Even your spouse and children belong to God.

The mark of the beast is money. Money is known as “marks”. Jesus said, “whose image is on this coin?”, Luke 20:24, Mark 12:16. They answered, “Caesar’s”. Jesus said, “then give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give to God, what belongs to God”. The image or Mark, belongs to Caesar but the silver that came out of the earth, belongs to God.

Each denomination of money, has a image of one of the 666 beast on it. Count them, there are 666, Revelation 13:18. We could say the first beast was Caesar and the second beast was Nero, but whether or not Barack Obama is number 665 or 666 we do not know. It seems they stopped marking money with beast images in the Kennedy administration. Every piece of money has a kings image on it. There is no King but God. Anyone who sets himself up as King is the devil. Who made you ruler over me?

Is this because Kennedy is number 666? When Kennedy was in office, the US government no longer had gold to back up its money. From 1963 on, money is known as “notes” or “marks”. It is simply a piece of paper representing a value. No man can buy or sell, unless he receives one of these marks of the beast, image of its name, or number that represents its denomination.

When you work you are not serving God. You are serving the beast that is on the dollar bill. Why is Washington considered a beast? Because President Washington is not God. In fact he is against God, because he is dividing up God’s land, God’s gold and he is forcing God’s people into slavery called jobs. He is forcing mankind into slavery by passing laws making it mandatory people purchase clothing in the 32 billion dollar a year clothing industry. He is forcing people to pay taxes and rents on God’s land. He is even making laws that says Monsanto can patent the seeds for God’s apples and God’s vegetables. He is changing God’s laws of an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, trillion dollars for 1 trillion in dollars worth of suffering, into “free rides for workers compensation, why should they have to pay for the people they injured?”

When people start a business, they purchase insurance. The insurance salesman asked them how much insurance they want to purchase. A businessman knows that if he only purchases $50,000 worth of insurance and someone is injured costing $100,000, that the businessmen is going to have to pony up the other $50,000. So the businessmen purchases $5 million worth of insurance. But he knows when someone suffers 10 million, he’s going to have to pony up 5 million or suffer $5 million worth of pain. If the businessmen purchases $1 trillion worth of insurance, and someone suffers 2 trillion, that businessmen will suffer $1 trillion on judgment day. They don’t seem to be getting the message that you don’t force people into slavery called jobs.

You cannot buy or sell anything because everything belongs to God. As soon as you purchase something, you are purchasing stolen merchandise and when you sell something, you’re selling what belongs to God. Therefore whoever receives the mark of the beast, the image of its name, or the number of its domination, will be cast alive into the lake of fire where they will be burned and tortured forever and forever, Revelation 19:20. © Copyright 1996-2010 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.