Barnabas Proves Mohammed a False Messiah, Gold, August 20, 2015.

Islam is claiming the Gospel of Barnabas predicted Mohammed as the Messiah. Supposedly Jesus claims the Messiah will be named Mohammed in the Gospel of Barnabas. If this is true, Mohammed is a false Messiah.

In 1998 this woman wanted to name her child, the “Messiah” and all religions were outraged. They said you can’t name your child Messiah because people will believe he is the Messiah. This woman fought it out in the courts and because there is freedom of religion and free speech she was allowed to name her child Messiah.

There’s no way Jesus would have said the Messiah’s name is Mohammed because everybody would be naming their children Mohammed, to make their children into the Messiah. In fact what would be stopping people from naming their children Mohammed today to claim that their child is the Messiah and be in a better candidate for the Messiah than the Mohammed that lived 1500 years ago? The Bible predicts the Messiah will come in the last days, so if Mohammed is the Messiah that came 1500 years ago, then he is the false Messiah the Bible predicted would come. This is the reason why the Jews did not accept Jesus as the Messiah, because he came 2000 years ago and the Messiah is supposed to come at the end of the age.

Also the Messiah is supposed to be the son of Joseph and Mohammed was not the son of Joseph.

It turns out that the name Mohammed simply means “Blessed” and so Jesus said a man will come who would be “blessed”. That means anybody with any name could be the Messiah it just means that they would be blessed.

Islam is making a grave mistake by trying to paint Mohammed as the Messiah. To do so would make him both the false prophet and the antichrist. I will do videos on the reason why Mohammed is a false prophet later.

In my last video I mentioned the price of gold. I have so many gun nuts against me they are trying to drive up the price of gold by getting Texas to start their own currency. This will be great when the price of gold collapses.

Gold was at $1800 an ounce when I drove it down by telling these gold sellers they could be sued for advertising that gold would go up to $20,000 an ounce if it didn’t go up. So all those gold sellers that were advertising gold would go up took down their advertisements and the price of gold dropped below $1200 an ounce.

Years ago I exposed the Ponzi scheme of selling gold certificates as if it was real gold and charging the people for storing the gold that didn’t exist. A small group of rich people got together and sued the company that sold gold certificates for charging them for storage of gold that didn’t exist and they won an out-of-court settlement.

But that was only a small group of rich people who watched my videos and were informed that the gold certificates were nothing but a Ponzi scheme. The bank would have a small amount of gold that they would sell to hundreds of people and they would charge these people for gold storage. If you wanted your gold you would have to pay shipping and you would have to pay to store and insure the gold. So most people would leave the gold at the bank rather than pay for shipping, storage and insurance. However, if everyone called the bank and said they wanted their gold and would pay the shipping, the bank would have to file bankruptcy because they don’t have the gold that they are supposedly holding, for the people who have gold certificates.

I got so many enemies trying to prove me wrong that if I say the price of gold will fall down they will prop it up just to try to prove me wrong. I could almost make a killing by buying a bunch of gold just knowing how these people work. Because all these gun nuts live in Texas and are starting this Texas gold currency to try to drive up the price of gold, I’m going to put off the information that will cause the price of gold to collapse for a few more days or weeks.


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