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Re My Story, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Friday 13th 2012.

I was Sexually assaulted when I was 10 in a abandoned house that was turned into a clubhouse by the City of Warren Michigan, Fire Chief’s son. The Fire Chief son told his father and the perps were arrested or at least made known to authorities. If he had not told or have not talked, the perps would still be molesting children. I was not sued or threatened by the perp and because I told my story, gave their names to authorities, I slept well at night. Perhaps I was lucky not to have anyone tell me, that it was against the law, threaten me, etc. to give the names of those who assaulted me.

I was horrified to see this as rape awareness month and many young women, are given their stories on YouTube videos, without telling us the names of the perverts that molested them. One girl Alyson, actually told me that it was illegal for her to tell me who raped her. It might endanger his life. But she was not concerned about the other people who would be raped by him. That is aiding and abetting a rapist. That is illegal, she should be arrested. She is protecting the rapist. I told her that whoever told her that is illegal, for her to tell, is a rapist.

Unfortunately like the corrupt cops we have in Florida that would let Zimmerman get away with murder if they could, they let people get away with rape, because those cops are rapist. The only way to prevent rape and child molestation is to give the names of the people who raped and molested you. If you do not give their names, they will continue to rape and molest people. Furthermore, you will be open to lawsuits by all those who were raped and molested. If I found out the people who assaulted me had assaulted someone else before, but they did not talk or give the names of the rapist, I would sue the person who didn’t talk. We hear it almost every day on the news of a child molester raping and killing a child and after the guys caught, some girl comes foreword and says, “oh that’s the guy that raped me 20 years ago, but I did not talk”. They might start out as a rapist and turn into a child killing molester.

Rape does not exist in China. Perhaps it is because the women are not afraid to talk and that makes men afraid to rape. If you were raped or molested as a child, please tell your story online and give us the names of those who raped or molested you. Those people were not cured after they assaulted you. They are still assaulting other people and will continue to do so until they are arrested.

I’m surprised that many men and women do not know what rape is. If a woman invites you to her house for coffee that does not give you permission to have sex with her. A woman gets to change her mind at any moment. The consent for sex is a verbal contract. If you go to a store and ask the salesman, if you could have this stereo and he gives it to you, that does not mean the stereo is yours. You have to complete the contract by paying for the item.

If a man asks you for sex and you say okay, but you must use a condom or some other condition, if he doesn’t meet that condition and continues to have sex anyway, that is rape. If you say okay to sex, and the man drops his pants and his penis has herpes sores and green and yellow stuff dripping out the end of it, you have a right to change your mind and say, no, and if he continues, that is rape. The same goes if you’re a man and a woman drops her pants and it’s all smelly, stinky fungus coming out and you change your mind, if she done it anyway, that’s rape.

I don’t know how many other little girls were raped because Allison does not want to give the name of the rapist, but every girl that was raped, has a legitimate lawsuit against Allison and her family. Because unless she gives his name, then it is more likely than not, that the person who molested her, is the one who molested them and that rape could have been prevented. For if the other girls would have known that man was a rapist, they would have stayed away from him.

If indeed the men in power, have passed some kind of law, that restricts women publicly given the names of those who raped them, then women need to take action. In the Bible Paul taught woman how to fight against laws put on the books by rapist men. He convinced all women to stop having sex with men, until they change the laws. All the women became celibate or masturbators and told their men if they wanted to have sex, they better change the law. These are the men who need to be on the sex registry, not the man who were caught urinating in public or mooning someone. These laws are screwed up because we have rapist lawyers, police and judges in our judicial system.

If it’s any consolation to you Alyson, things could have been much worse. Your boyfriend could have remembered to bring the condom. You could have made love to him. You could have married him. You could have had his children. Then one day he might of forgot the condom and you would have realized that you fell in love, married and had children with a rapist.

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