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Trayvon Martin Autopsy April 16, 2012.

The 911 calls indicate Trayvon crying and asking for help for several minutes. This means Trayvon was being beaten and has injuries to prove it. What the autopsy will show, is the cause of death was not gunshot, but strangulation. Instead of Zimmerman trying to save Trayvon after he shot him, he actually suffocated him, to make sure he was going to be dead before the cops got there. This is the talk that I’ve heard on many websites of gun owners. How they shoot people in self defense, then choked them, to make sure the victim is dead, before the cops show up. If the victim lives, they can testify against them or even sue them in a civil court.

This is why gun owners want to use bullets that are guaranteed to kill. They don’t want the people they shoot to live. It’s not at all about self defense. It’s about killing the person so that they cannot testify against them, in a court of law. This is why autopsy’s must be performed on all the victims of these so-called self-defense cases. The autopsy will show that the cause of death was strangulation, after the person was shot.

This is organized crime. The police are in on the murder. They are covering up for the murder. They are participants in the murder. This is why they would not let Trayvon Martin’s family see Trayvon’s body for several days. Trayvon had injuries that proved he was murdered. Black and blue marks shown up on his throat. Police doctored his body, to hide these injuries from Trayvon’s family.

You need to call in Dr. G., to get a second autopsy done on Trayvon. There’s no doubt in my mind, that this organized crime, will cover up the autopsies of these victims.

Dr. G. Should also do an autopsy on Willie Whites self defense victim. For she will find that his victim did not die from gunshot, but from strangulation. All these gun owners are taught how to kill the people they shot so that it looks like a, “legal kill” which is what the gun nuts call it. Even the police told my brother how to legally kill someone, if he shot a burglar outside to drag the body inside, to make it look like self-defense. The person Willie White shot was laying outside, but his feet were inside. As if he was dragged back into the house. Gun websites teach people that if they shoot someone, the person they shot must have at least 1 foot inside the door to call it a, “legal kill”. The examiner should check his clothing to see if it looked like he was dragged.

The gun nuts website teach’s them how to legally kill people. If you talk to these gun nuts they will tell you how to legally kill someone. These so-called self-defense videos put out by the gun lobby, teach gun owners what to say to police to make it look like a, “legal kill”. They teach them about throw down weapons, and even teach them what to say to police. One gun video was teaching gun owners to say to police that the victim was threatening to kill them, so that it could be classified as a, “legal kill” in a self-defense case.

If you look at all the self-defense killings, you can see that they are scripted. Example, “the person came at me with a knife and said, “I’m going to kill you” and then I shot him”. That is a “legal kill”, but that is not what happens in most self-defense shootings.

The police do not believe in the Constitution of the United States. They believe in vigilante justice. They believe home invaders, drug addicts or even a person buying a joint, should be shot dead and they will cover up the murder. In the Zimmerman case, if the person looks like a home invader, they believe he should be shot dead, without a trial, without a jury and without a judge and they see nothing wrong in participating in the murder.

Not all cops are bad. I was amazed at the California police patience in the video on YouTube where a truck driver rammed a police car, took off smashing several cars and the police did everything but shoot the guy to stop him. Eventually they were able to stop him and arrest him, without killing him. There was a lot of property damage, however no one was injured or killed. It turned out the guy wasn’t a murderer, he was just high on drugs. It must have been a bit different California police department that shot a Muslim 90 times in another YouTube video.

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