Atheist States of America, Petition, October 1, 2014.

Petition on to Get Atheism out of Government, our schools, our hospitals, our medical insurance, our economy, our abortion clinics, our courts, our way of life and create a government of believers in God. God’s Kingdom, not the kingdom of atheist.

The atheist have had us fooled for more than 200 years by given us freedom of religion. We don’t have freedom of religion in the United States, what we have is an atheist run government. Capitalism is in fact atheist ideology. There is nowhere in the Bible or in any religion, that says we should have capitalism. No religion says greed is beneficial. Capitalism is atheist thought. Whenever religion tries to go against capitalism, the atheist claim there is a separation of church and state. There’s always an atheist that says keep religion out of government. Yet no one said, “capitalism is atheistic ideology and we want atheism out of our government”. This is because the United States is in fact an atheist government and always has been. It’s time for a change.

When you keep religion out of government, then the government is in fact atheist. There is a separation of church and state because, the state is atheist. And the atheist know it. Atheists will go further by saying the United States has freedom from religion. But nowhere in the Constitution, did any of our church fathers believe, we should have freedom from religion. All the problems we suffer from in the United States is because of atheism. Whenever religion tries to make government better atheist say, “keep your religious views out of government”. Yet no one said, “keep your atheist ideology out of government”.

Atheistic thought is taught in our public schools. In fact public education is atheist thought, because the Bible says not to take from the tree of knowledge. Darwinism is atheist thought. Capitalism is atheist thought. Abortion is atheist thought. Abortion is atheist ideology. There is no religion that says women should be able to murder their own children. Public education is in fact atheist indoctrination. Everything taught in public schools, is atheist thought. From the practice of medicine, to abortion, land ownership, to the ideology that we need jobs, another name for slavery, is all because of atheism. Whenever facts about God are taught in public school there’s always an atheist that says, “keep your religious views out of public schools ”. Yet no one said “keep your atheistic Darwinian views out of public schools”. Everything taught in public schools is atheistic ideology. From what you should eat, to what you should wear to what kind of work you should do is all atheist ideology. We are not supposed to work, were not even supposed to go to school and were not supposed to wear clothing. The only job we are supposed to do is tend the garden of Eden and walk around naked. Naked we came into the world and naked we will leave the world. When religious people tried to keep their children from being indoctrinated in public schools, the atheist passed laws to force the children to go to school and put the parents in prison, if they didn’t force their children to go to school. There’s no greater child abuse than forcing children to go to public school. There’s no greater dictatorship than to force parents to go to jail, if their children don’t want to go to school. If religion teaches nudity is evil it is because atheism infiltrated the church to sell people clothing and force children into slavery manufacturing the clothing.

Slavery is atheist thought. There’s no religion, no Bible that says blacks should have been slaves. Blacks were made slaves because of atheism. It was the religious people who fought to free the slaves. It wasn’t religion that enslaved the blacks. It was God that set the slaves free in the Old Testament. The idea of slavery did not come from religion, it came from atheism. So when the blacks rebel because of slavery, I hope they understand it’s the atheist that enslaved them and it was religion that set them free. When religion tried to say slavery was unethical there was always a atheist to say, “keep your religious views out of politics”. Yet no one said “keep your atheistic views out of politics”.

Abortion was made legal because of atheism. It was not nine religious Supreme Court justices that thought it was a good idea to let young women, not old enough to even consent to having sex, to murder their own flesh and blood babies, it was atheism. It wasn’t the devil or Satan. Atheist ideology has infiltrated the church and most of our churches today teach atheist thought that people should have jobs, another form of slavery, that God is no longer the provider, food no longer grows on trees, it is manufactured by atheistic Monsanto, who invented and patented seeds. When religion tried to say abortion was immoral, there was always a atheist to say, “keep your religious views out of the Supreme Court”. Yet no one said “keep your atheistic views out of the Supreme Court”.

The Bible is against land ownership. Landownership comes from atheist ideology. Only an atheist believes you could divide up God’s land for gain. The Bible is very clear that the land belongs to God and can never be sold. The Bible is very clear that the land belongs to God and you can’t collect taxes on it.

Taxes comes from atheism. If there was no atheism, there would be no taxes. There is no man of God saying you need to pay taxes. Taxes are atheist thought. Nowhere in the Bible does God say to collect taxes from the people, this comes from atheism. In fact the Bible says God set people free. Give the image of the coin to Caesar but give God back his silver. The Bible is very clear that God owns all the gold and all the silver. The Bible is very clear that you cannot buy or sell without receiving the Mark of the beast. Because everything belongs to God and the only thing you Buy with money is God’s stolen property. The idea of money to purchase things that were stolen from God, is atheist ideology.

Very clear in the Bible that the believers have all things common. It’s not communism, it’s not socialism, it’s God owns everything and you own nothing. If the Lord has not built it, He who built it labors, labors in vain, Psalms 127:1. God is the provider.

Only an atheist believes you can cut down God’s trees. Deforestation is a direct result of atheism. Not one tree has been cut down because a man of God said to cut down God’s trees. If anyone says to cut down a tree, they are not a man of God.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say to build nuclear power plants, automobiles or the military-industrial complex. All these things are atheist ideology, that is taught in public schools. In fact the Scripture says atheist built the tower of Babel. It must’ve been atheist because believers knew you should not build cities of delusion out of men’s blood. You don’t build the Tower of Babel unless you’re an atheist.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say we should manufacture clothing. In fact the Bible says that the birds don’t toil or spin and the heavily father adorns them. The Bible says atheist told Adam and Eve they were naked and needed to purchase clothing made by slave children in third world countries so the $32 billion clothing industry for profit. Over 200,000 people in India committed suicide because Monsanto invented a cottonseed that didn’t profit the farmers. These people are brainwashed into believing they need to grow cotton by Monsanto with their billions in advertising. There’s only one thing farmers should be planting and that is fruit and nut trees. In fact the Bible says the only job men should have is tending the garden of Eden. We should be walking around naked planting fruit and nut trees and that’s all we need to live.

All religious wars are caused by atheism. Because people of God don’t kill other people of God. There is only one holy war and that’s the war to kill the atheist. Never in history has there ever been a war where religious people killed atheist. That’s because atheist are creating the wars behind the scenes. Atheist are getting the religions to fight each other to divide and conquer. There is only one religious war according to the Bible and that’s when people who believe in God, kill the atheist.

Any preacher that does not preach that God is the provider, food grows on trees, jobs are slavery, everything belongs to God, atheist is the cause of all world problems including abortion, slavery, religious wars, nuclear contamination, pollution, deforestation, global warming, if the preach is not preaching these things it’s because he is an atheist preacher who infiltrated the church.

Religions might get a few things wrong about God but atheist are 100% wrong about God. They are so wrong about God it’s not even about debating with them. We all know that the world is screwed up because of atheism. Atheist have corrupted the world.

The Jews have created a Jewish state in Israel. Isis wants to create an Islamic state. It is time to create a believer state. I don’t believe in Christianity, it has been infiltrated by atheist, I believe we should create a Timothean state, for people who believe in God and let the atheist create an atheist state or simply move out of America. I wouldn’t even mind a Christian state if they actually went by the truths of the Bible. But there’s nothing worse than living in the atheist state that we are living in now and have been living in the last 200 years.

There are several absolutes in every religion.

1. Creator - God is the creator and everything belongs to God. All land, gold, silver, oil and water. No religion in the world says God did not create the world.

2. Provider - God is the provider, food grows on trees. Our work is to tend the garden and plant fruit and Nut trees so that no child ever goes hungry. Land should not be used to grow cotton, tobacco, corn for fuel or alcohol, or medical marijuana. Land should not be used for parking lots or streets until every child is fed. No religion in the world says God will not provide for you.

3. Freedom - Guns keep men in slavery called jobs. He who has a gun has already decided to kill. Guns should only be used to fight for freedom and no man with a job is free. Nor is any man who has to pay rents or taxes on God’s land. No man is free who has to purchase fruit from God’s fruit trees. No man is free who has to purchase clothing. If atheist don’t want to see you naked they will provide for you a $50,000 a year clothing allowance. Once people are free and atheism destroyed, people will no longer need guns. No religion in the world says God wants you to be a slave.

4. Clothing - Adam and Eve were naked until they were deceived by atheism into purchasing clothing. We wear clothing because of atheism. Adam and Eve were naked and not ashamed, nor were they arrested for public nudity because some clothing manufacture didn’t like it. No religion in the world says God told you to wear clothing.

5. Abortion - Abortion is murder and atheist ideology. Raising children should be a constitutional right and it should not cost a penny. Atheists created a society where it cost $200,000 to raise a child and women are forced to have abortions because they cannot afford to raise children. No religion in the world says it’s okay to kill your own children.

6. Jobs - God set men free, jobs are slavery, the only work God requires is to tend the Garden of Eden and to care for your children. No religion in the world says to get a job.

7. President - There is no king but God. Nowhere in the Bible does it say we should elect a president or a leader. The Bible is very clear that God is our king. You can’t have God as your king in an atheist state. No religion in the world says to elect a president.

8. Capitalism - There is no religion in the world that believes in capitalism. Capitalism is and always was atheist ideology.

9. Industry - No religion in the world says to make things. No religion says to build the Tower of Babel, weapons of mass destruction or even nuclear power plants. In fact religion says God is the creator, this is the Sabbath and all work is finished. The earth it is a natural ecosystem. God’s work is finished. The work has been finished for thousands of years. In fact the Bible says, “repent of the works of your hands”. That’s right it is a sin to work with your hands. In fact the Bible says that those who work with their hands shall be destroyed, in Revelation.


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