Message from God, Atheist Are Mentally Ill, July 13, 2015.

Letter To the President, Homeland Security, July 13, 2015.

There is no First Amendment. There is no free speech. There is no freedom of religion and there’s no freedom of the press. We have controlled press that only airs propaganda. We have an atheist separation of church and state government that uses the CIA to infiltrate religion to brainwash Americans into fighting wars for the dead Jesus on a cross. We have atheist run public school system that says anyone who sees God is insane and doesn’t deserve any publicity or press even though history says all religions were started by people who seen angels or gods. Even Joseph Smith with able to start a religion in 1850 after he saw Jesus and the Father God, since then atheism has taken over the education system so that anyone who sees God is labeled insane and their religion is called a Cut. Want proof of this visit my website and read my post on Reddit

I want to lobby, to get the diagnostic and statistical manual to declare Atheist as being mentally ill, because they claim, that they can not exist, because there is no creator to create them.

The separation of church and state has made public education an atheist institution, because nothing of God can be taught in it. The separation of church and state has made the military an atheist institution and every war that is fought, is fought against believers. The word “Taliban” means “seeker” and “religious reformer”. Without seekers of truth and religious reformers we have nothing but superstitious religion based on a barbaric history of simpletons. I have a reading disorder, sometimes I have to read something twice. However, when religious people read the same religious book over and over again, expecting it to say something different the next time they read it, that is considered a mental illness. This means all former religious people are mentally ill. Muslims read their Quran over and over again, just like the Christians read the New Testament over and over again expecting it to say something different. The Jews are even worse when they can’t get their book to say what they want they start reading it backwards, sideways, vertically and diagonally as if it was a crossword puzzle. The New World religion is Timothism and if it isn’t, God will destroy the earth. You can count on it.

Timothy Allen Campbell


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