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Asbestos Myths, Renting, Buying Homes, October 25, 2012.

I wish I could remember who told me “don’t worry about the tiled basement floor, it’s not asbestos, because they are 12 x 12 and light in color and asbestos is 9 x 9 and dark in color. I’m pretty sure it was the inspectors, but it might’ve been the real estate agent who sold me the house. Even if that was the inspectors or maintenance guys, they probably didn’t know any better, because they probably worked for a slumlord, who told them that. It might even be a racist thing where we are made to believe the good guys wear white and the bad guys wear black. White people are the good people and black people don’t trust them? White tiles are the good tiles and the black tiles contain asbestos. Asbestos can be in any size tile and any color tile and if someone tries to tell you otherwise, it’s because they are trying to sell or rent you a toxic house. Maybe they actually believe what they are telling you, because when someone sold them the house or apartment complex, that’s what they were told and that’s why they bought it. They may be forever in denial that White 12 x 12 tiles contain asbestos until they find a box of them with asbestos on the label or until they get cancer and die, like the tobacco smokers. When renting or buying always ask if the floor tile is asbestos. If they say they don’t need to be tested because only certain floor tiles contain asbestos, tell them they are an idiot and let the slumlord go out of business and rent somewhere else.

The next myth is the quote “if you try to remove the asbestos you will make the problem worse by putting asbestos in the air”. This is the quote slumlords use so they don’t have to pay to fix the problem. They are trying to scare renters, so they don’t have to pay to get rid of the asbestos. There might be a little bit of truth, that if you remove the asbestos today, it will put more asbestos in the air than if you didn’t remove it, but if you remove the asbestos today, it will be far less asbestos released, then the asbestos that will slowly be released over the next five or 10 years. If it is basement floor tile, the basement can be flooded and asbestos can be removed without releasing any asbestos in the air. In that case, simply by flooding the basement will immediately stop asbestos from being released into the air and removing it will prevent it from ever being released in the future.

Asbestos on boiler’s might be different if you can’t cover the asbestos with water before removing it. But even if I had a boiler in the basement and had to flooded with 6 feet of water and wearing scuba diving suit to remove the asbestos, that will be far safer than trying to seal it. Floor tiles in the kitchen can be covered with shaving cream and removed without releasing any asbestos in the air. You would have to put it on pretty thick and make sure none of the asbestos is exposed. It might be expensive to buy many cans of shaving cream but I’m sure they’d make foamy machines that can produce a similar foam. If the slumlord or real estate agent tries to tell you that the problem will be made worse if you try to remove the floor tile, tell them that they are a slumlord and they are only saying that because they don’t want to pay to have it removed and they don’t care if the people die of cancer who move in. There is no safe level of asbestos, there is no way to seal it and that’s slumlord should be in prison for attempted murder. Tell them anyone who thinks you can safely seal asbestos should be locked up in a mental hospital as they are a danger to the health of the people in society. And the only reason why they want told you that is because they want to make a few dollars and they don’t care if you die. Go rent somewhere else and let them go out of business. Educate them and then go rent somewhere else.

The next myth is you can seal asbestos and make it safe. There is no possible way to seal asbestos and make it safe. If a slumlord tells you that there is asbestos, but it sealed and safe do not rent there, educate them, let them go out of business. I don’t care if it’s your own brother and sister that tells you that you can seal asbestos and make it safe. They have only been brainwashed by slumlords, who don’t want to pay to have the asbestos removed. There is no safe way to seal asbestos. It’s easier to seal nuclear waste, then it is to seal asbestos. Go tell them to move to Fukushima seal their house with toilet paper and it will be perfectly safe and they will believe you, because they are stupid. Yes the government will tell you that the asbestos in your kid’s school is safe, because it has been sealed with toilet paper. But they’re only telling you that because they don’t want to pay the cost to have it removed and they know you were stupid enough to believe them.

The most dangerous and toxic house or apartment, is one that has asbestos, where The occupants believe that it was sealed and safe. That is the deadly asbestos. That’s the asbestos that will kill you. I got cable and the cable TV installer came out and started drilling holes through walls and floors without even asking me if there was asbestos, lead paint or cellulose insulation in the walls. If there was he could have contaminated the whole house. Rats, mice, ants, termites, micro organisms are not going to leave the asbestos alone. They are going to spread it through your house that you thought was sealed. Houses breathe from the more temperature of the day to the cold temperature of the night they cannot possibly be sealed. Anyone that tells you, you can seal asbestos and make it safe, you should use your constitutional right to bear arms to put a bullet through their head and be a hero to our country, they are a danger to society and are causing fellow Americans to die. It is called self defense to kill someone who forces you to live in deadly house or apartment. You need to kill them to save your family. They will not learn by a $300 million lawsuit, they will call that frivolous. More than 30 million Americans are living in asbestos homes because of these slumlords. These slumlords are more evil than bin Laden Adolf Hitler or Saddam Hussein. In fact Adolph Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy, he knew asbestos was toxic and banned it in the 1930s. Only one more slumlords are killed then asbestos victims, will things ever change. You cannot get any justice in the courts most judges and lawyers are slumlords on the side. This is a war between good and evil. It is self defense to kill to save your life or the life of your family. If the slumlords don’t like it, they should pack their bags and move to an another country.

I live in Hanover Grove townhouses and Fraser Michigan. These town houses are rated at five stars for cleanliness and healthy living. When I was younger I lived at a lot of apartments in California and those places were cockroach infested slums. Those apartments are still in business renting out the same dumpy apartments for twice the price. It is unbelievable. Hanover Grove is probably one of the best places in the world to live and it is toxic Enough to kill you. I don’t know how the people in those apartments are living they must be all dying of something.

I’m 54 years old and I’ve lived long enough to see it all. Dad bought an updated house in the 50s that had a modern septic tank. The neighbors still had outhouses. Most people today don’t even know what a outhouse is. It’s a little shed you put over a hole in your backyard so you can go take a shit. They did not have inside toilets. All the people had wells that pump their own water out of the ground. The Mafia runs the capitalistic society. When they invented the septic tank they told all these people that the outhouse was dangerous and the people needed to purchase septic tanks. All these people were forced to buy septic tanks by the Mafia that ran the government. When they invented the city sewer system. The Mafia that ran the government told all the people who had septic tanks, that they were dangerous and they had to pay $3000 to hook up to the city sewer system and water system and they would have to pay for city water and city sewage. This did not make healthy living. It may toxic homes. People who used to shit outside were now shitting inside the house. And every time they flush the toilet fecal matter splattered on the walls. Not to mention the few dozen toilet overflows over the life of a house that contaminates it and makes it toxic to live in. Indoor plumbing is not as safe as the outhouse.

The only reason why we have indoor plumbing is because someone has a monopoly on it and made people believe that this was a safer system. Before they had the outhouse, people used to shit in the woods. But in a capitalistic society, when the outhouse was invented, everyone had to purchase one and those who took a shit without one, were arrested and thrown in prison by the Mafia that runs the government. We are going to find out that not only is mold and asbestos toxic and there is no way to seal it or make it safe, we are going to realize it is not safe to have indoor plumbing. People are literally taken a shit within 10 feet of where they sleep. It’s not even safe to shit in a outhouse. There is a reason why God created the woods and even bears, know what to do in it.

I know you might think that’s a little drastic to kill the slumlords who knowingly rent you a house or an argument with toxic asbestos or mold, who knowingly kill you and your family members, but you will get no justice in the courts. Because the courts are run by slumlord lawyers and judges and even some of the jurors might be slumlords. This is how the billionaires who sell tobacco moldy wood and asbestos, get the lawyers and judges on their side. They make them rich in the real estate business and they oppress the poor by using asbestos and mold as genocide to kill them. Most of these poor people are like my family who sheepishly hide their heads in the sand. When my mother was dying of cancer, the tobacco industry who got her addicted to their product along with the asbestos industry who sold her asbestos floor tiles and the real estate company who sold her the moldy house, were laughing to the bank as they told my family members that it was their job to take care of my dying mother. The poor have to take care of their relatives who are being killed by the filthy rich who are using slumlords to control society by genocide by moving them into toxic housing. The person who used to live in this town house is dying of cancer from the asbestos. Taxpayers are paying his half million dollar medical expenses because the slumlords who own this 500 unit complex did not want to pay $1000 for asbestos remediation. There was no law saying they had to because all the judges and lawyers also own rental units where they are renting out toxic mold asbestos lead paint housing to people who not only could not afford lawyers, but could not get one to represent them because all the lawyers are renting out toxic houses.

My sister in last Vegas had to quit her job to take care of her husband who has been dying of cancer since 2004. She should not be taken care of him. The tobacco companies, the asbestos companies, the senators and congressmen, both slumlords and landlords, who allowed these people to stay in business, should be taking care of the people who are dying of cancer.

When I became disabled from my job injury at the billion-dollar automobile plant, they said it was my family’s job to take care of me because I couldn’t work anymore. They are paying me disability because I said I would rather spend the rest of my life in prison, for putting a bullet through the head of the CEO of General Motors, then put a burden on my family, for what they did, when they decided to make billions in profit. They knew people were going to be injured on the job and they believed they can force family members, to take care of those disabled people, so they can rake in billions of dollars. They should’ve been sued for every penny they all when the first man was injured on the job and when he did not win in court, he should have used his constitutional right to bear arms to start killing CEOs, slumlords, landlords real estate agents, who think they can make profit renting and selling toxic homes because when the people get cancer may have made society believe that it’s the job of the family to take care of that person and not the person who gave them cancer. They will claim you can’t prove they caused you cancer, but When you kill that tobacco company lawyer, slumlord, landlord, and asbestos CEO, maybe they’ll be no proof that you did it. I don’t know how you people can hide your head in the sand and take care of your family members were dying of cancer and you let these rich people laugh their way to the bank.

You let these slumlords who knowingly rented you asbestos and mold housing because you believe they weren’t responsible. Well they are. They know your houses and apartments are infested with mold, asbestos, lead paint etc. and they are going to continue to rent you that place and convince you it’s sealed and safe, because they want to make a few dollars they don’t give a Shit if you die.

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