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Asbestos Floor Tile, Box Conspiracy, October 28, 2012.

When I bought my house from HUD on Jackson Street in Warren Michigan for $18,000 I thought I was getting a deal. It was the first house I ever bought but I checked all the records before I bought it. I knew the city codes and laws and do that when someone sells or buys a house it has to pass city code. This house passed city inspections and records show it sold for $31,000 just two years before. So I knew it passed city inspections and did not think it would need much to be brought up to city code. After I purchased the house the city inspectors wanted me to replace the furnace, put roof vents on the house and change the old drain trap on the sewer system. I sent a rant letter to the city of Warren to complain. Why would a 75-year-old house, just now need roof vents, when it didn’t need them on all the other inspections? Why would I have to replace the furnace when a licensed by the city furnace repair man cleaned and lit up the furnace saying it was okay? They never replied. Only when I became sick from SBS Sick Building Syndrome, did I figure out they wanted the furnace replaced because it contained asbestos and they wanted roof vents put on the house because someone illegally shingled over the wood shake shingle roof, preventing the roof from venting. Any builder knows, that not only is this against code, it would cause the roof to be infested with toxic mold. It was my first house I did not know, I relied on city inspectors to tell me the truth. They charge me $150 for five city inspectors to make sure the house was safe for me to live in. Then in fine print they said you should get your own house inspector, you cannot trust us, we are fucking Mafia Crooks. I could not find a lawyer to sue them and I tried to sue them on my own but the courts would not listen. One lawyer even ripped me off for $2000. So I was scammed by the lawyer too. You go to a doctor and you have to trust what the doctor says, but to go to a lawyer, you have to first be a lawyer or you’re going to be screwed by them.

So after I found the house was infested with toxic mold and started repairing it myself I got neighbors to do the roof, tear out the walls etc. I could not afford to hire professional contractors they wanted $90,000 to fix the house and said it would be worth $35,000 after it was all fixed up. So supposedly we were fixing the house without city inspectors knowledge, as it would be impossible to fix it otherwise, for under $90,000. Most people replace the roof without the city’s knowledge or a permit. But The city caught us replacing the roof and force me to get a homeowner’s permit. City inspectors never seen the inside of the house but we were doing work there without a permit either as it would’ve been possible to do so otherwise. The mold inspector told me the tile floor had to go as mold would be under the tile. I am pretty sure he is the one that told me not to worry it’s not asbestos. The city never told me it was asbestos either when they inspected the house before I moved in. But they never told me the furnace was asbestos either, so I guess they really don’t inspect houses for people’s safety, they just do it to make $150. That inspection was back in 1993 I’m sure the inspectors charged twice that now. When city inspectors inspected that basement in 1993 they said there was absolutely nothing in that basement. When the furnace man replace the furnace in 1993, the only thing left in the basement was the water heater. The furnace man asked me if I would hose down the basement as there was a lot of dust from removing the ductwork. I went down in that basement and hose down all the walls and floor with a garden hose. The furnace man said I did an excellent job of washing down the basement, it was absolutely spotless. This was back in 1993. There was only one floor drain that was really slow and there was a couple inches of water on the basement floor. I hose down all the walls and all the floors. There was absolutely nothing in that basement back in 1993.

Then I went to the bar and met some guy who needed some money and I thought it was great because I needed someone to repair the house. I told the guy that would pay him under the table hundred dollars a day. This was in 2005 or six I don’t remember the year now might even been to thousand seven, but I remember there was nothing in that basement when I moved in. The first thing I wanted was the tiles removed from the basement floor, but in 2005, there was still a lot of junk in the basement and the first thing was remove the junk in the basement. I remember him bringing me a box and showing it to me and saying, “what do you want me to do with this box? I said where’d you get that? I never seen that box before. I did look at it very clearly but I just said throw it out. But he held the box there like he really wanted me to read it or something. He brought that box into the house for some reason. It wasn’t until I was reading about asbestos floor tiles that I seen the exact same floor tile box and I realized what he was showing me was a box of asbestos floor tiles and I was hiring him to rip out the floor tiles in my basement. It is as if he was trying to set me up for a asbestos floor tile lawsuit. I don’t know why, I don’t have any money and he never sued. But he told me that the city inspectors went into that house while he was working in the basement. He should have never let city inspectors in that house, while I wasn’t there but he said the city inspectors said everything was going along fine as if they were supporting fixing up the house without permits. They might have put that box of asbestos floor tiles in that basement for some legal reason or possible lawsuit. While it’s nice they were keeping eyes on things, but I think they were up to things more sinister, like planting that box of asbestos floor tiles in the basement. It’s almost as if they think judges and lawyers won’t figure out that somebody is planting boxes of asbestos floor tiles in people’s basements. Maybe a real estate scam to force people to sell their houses cheaper, I don’t know.

When I bought this townhouse I looked at it first. There was no box of floor tiles in the basement. Inspectors come into my two or three times a year and I believe they removed the box of asbestos floor tiles before I purchased it and some time after I bought it, they stuck that box of asbestos floor tiles back in the basement. As if for some kind of legal reason this is going to get them out of a lawsuit, by planting a box of asbestos tiles in the basement, as if we don’t have two tell you that the floor is asbestos in your house at the time of purchase, there was a box of tiles saying asbestos on it before you purchase the place and you should have read the label. I just found out that was asbestos floor tiles a week ago when I seen the word asbestos on the box more than a year ago but I did not know what the word “asbestos” was. I knew what asbestos was but I would have phonetically spelled it a-s-p-e-s-t-i-s. I was going to throw that box out and something told me that I should look up the word asbestos on the Internet and when I looked it up I realized it was pronounced as-pes-tis only then did I know that the box of floor tiles was asbestos. But why would a box of asbestos floor tiles be in the basement, as if it was there just for some legal reason. If people want to sell you a house and there’s a box of floor tiles in the basement that says asbestos, you would think they would either tell the buyer that there was asbestos in the house or simply throw the box out and pretend they did not know. The lawyers must see some kind of legal loophole, by putting a box of asbestos tiles in the basement. When I went to complain that the floor tiles in my basement were asbestos, the first question they wanted to know is “how did you find out?” As if how you found out is going to determine whether we pay to abate it, or you do. And as if , “what took you so long to read the label on the box, we planted it there right after you moved in and go. The asbestos box in the basement is for some kind of legal loophole conspiracy for lawyers, real estate agents and slumlords so that somehow they can’t be sued or so they can sue you. I’m not sure of the conspiracy if anyone knows please comment below. For some reason they did not tell me there was asbestos in the basement when I bought the place but they sure as hell want me to know now and I have to find out why.

Here’s something else. I told them that I wanted to move out because there is asbestos in my townhome and they said I would have to get a move out package and signed all the paperwork first. Part of the move out package, includes $100 inspection fee. Every time someone moves out they pay an inspector to inspect the place. Out of all the people who lived here and paid $100 inspection fee, in the last 30 years, these inspectors never found asbestos in the basement or even this asbestos floor tile box. But somehow I found it. Now the floor tile in the box is exact same floor tile that is on the floor and on the bottom of floor tile it is stamped Kentile.

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