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Asbestos Floor Tiles October 20, 2012.

I can’t believe I lost my home due to toxic mold and then bought into a townhouse with toxic asbestos floor tiles. This is like a conspiracy false flag event. It’s like they push you from one toxic environment into another one, so that they can’t get sued. You’re not sick from the toxic asbestos floor tiles, your sick from the moldy house you lived in, sue them, you’re not sick from the moldy house, your sick from the townhouse with asbestos, go sue them. Or this guy must be crazy, every house he lives than he claims is toxic.

I done $1000 worth of air sampling before moving into this townhouse to make sure it didn’t have toxic mold in it. But you need to do a different kind of air sampling to test for asbestos. I was horrified to see on when someone purchased a house that the former owner had a meth lab in the basement and contaminated the entire house. You can’t test for that. You have to know what kind of chemicals were in the house, to be able to test for it. Someone could have dropped one of those mercury thermometers and contaminated your house with toxic mercury. The only way you would know is to test for mercury.

The town houses get inspected twice a year for maintenance and the rent includes all maintenance. I really didn’t worry too much about it when I bought into the co-op, I thought everything would be taken care of. The mortgage on the co-op is going to be paid up next year and they are claiming the rent will still be the same as the mortgage is only a small percentage of the $529 a month rent. It’s basically a $529 a month maintenance fee. So if something breaks they fix it. It also covers the taxes, water/sewage and lawn care.

I had no clue that this townhouse, with all the inspections would have toxic asbestos floor tiles in it. I hired an inspector for my old house that told me the floor tiles in that house, would have to be removed because mold grows under the tile. But he told me not to worry, because that house even though was 100 years old, did not have the asbestos floor tiles and he could tell by looking at them. He was a professional microbiologist one of the best ones in Michigan and he was even on TV.

When I looked at this townhouse to buy into it, the maintenance guy let me in to do air samples for toxic mold. He told me this townhouse had over $6000 worth of repairs and upgrades. They replaced all the kitchen and bathroom floor tiles, re-sanded and finished all the hardwood floors, replaced Windows and doors. This place looked brand-new. All except for the basement floor tiles that I thought would need to be replaced in a few years. I even told the maintenance worker those floor tiles had to go. When I put the air pump on the floor to test the air in the basement, the pump had four suction cups as feet, to stabilize the pump. When I picked up the pump, the floor tile came with it. The maintenance worker said he would glue it back down.

A couple of the floor tiles were broken and I replace them with some tiles that were in the basement left over from the tile job. People keep the extra tiles in case they need them later. But there was two stacks of tiles in the basement. Some newer ones that weren’t cracked or broken on top of a box of older ones that had the corners broke off. Those tiles were then in the basement for the whole three years I lived here, but I never read the label on the box until I move the box to new location. I seen the word “asbestos” and I read and write at a fourth grade level so I didn’t know that the word actually was pronounced “aspestis” until I looked it up on the Internet. The way it was worded on the box, they made it look like it had no more value because it contained “asbestos”. The tile was made by Kendall Flor tiles out of Chicago Illinois. That company boast that their tiles contain 25% asbestos. Tiles with 1% asbestos are considered so toxic only professionals can remove them. Anyone else trying to remove them can be fined or imprisoned.

That’s where the false flag conspiracy comes in. Asbestos tiles gives the government power over you. Now you can’t sell the house, you can’t fix the house, you can live in the house and the government has power to take all your money and do whatever they want with you. And they have all these laws covering asbestos, that actually makes the problem 1000 times worse. Because people are keeping silent about it for fear of the asbestos laws. They tell you to cover it up and not disturb it. This is the absolute worst thing to do. Asbestos can be friable or nonfriable. Which means it can either easily break into pieces and become airborne or it stays relatively intact. If you cover up the asbestos that is nonfriable, and 15 to 20 years it will become friable with age making it 1 million times worse.

The old asbestos tile under your floor will be cracking, crumbling, turning to a fine toxic powder that will seep through the cracks as the house breathes, sucked up into your air conditioning heating unit and distributed throughout your house. Yes if you remove the tile it will cause a larger amount of asbestos to enter the air, but that will be far less than covering it up for 20 years and letting the asbestos to slowly leach out. It will eventually leach out and have to be removed. Unfortunately you will not realize it until you get cancer. I figured this out in my mold, lead paint house that the people covered up with layers of wallpaper, paneling, new flooring and layers of ceiling along with three layers of siding to cover-up the asbestos siding and the lead paint wood siding. They were advising to cover-up the toxic aluminum siding which causes Alzheimer’s with the new plastic siding. You wonder if all this is a conspiracy by the construction companies to sell people new siding. As now they are trying to claim the plastic siding is toxic, but I don’t know what they’re trying to sell you to replace it. Perhaps brick.

I can just see now how they will try to throw the stuff back at you by saying well if you seen a box in the basement you should’ve read the label and we did not need to disclose the asbestos. It’s what they tried to tell me about the moldy house that I should’ve known by seeing water damage. They are like criminals, using criminal insanity to get away with selling people toxic homes that they know will kill them.

So I go to the bar the other night and tell my conspiracy theories to couple young guys and they think I’m crazy, because of my story of dentist drilling the enamel off your teeth, so they can make an extra hundred bucks by fixing a few other cavities in a year or two. And they claim no one in the world is evil or sinister enough to do something like that. But the fact is, that’s the way humans are. They will sell you a moldy house without caring that you will get sick and die from it, they will not mention the asbestos, who cares if you die they want to sell a house. Who cares if you get a few cavities they are going to make a few bucks. And these young guys just don’t get it and yet they are smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes sold by people who do not care if you die, they are making money and they use criminal rationalization that because they put a label on the side of the cigarette pack, that they are not responsible when you die from smoking their product. There are doctors who will tell you need a new liver so they can make $75,000 on a liver transplant. And they will rationalize that if you wanted to become a doctor and tell people they need a liver transplant so you can make $75,000, you could’ve done that and because you didn’t do that, then you are the fool. You could have opened up a cigarette company and sold cigarettes that killed 500,000 Americans a year by putting a warning label on the side of the pack, and they figure you are a fool, because you did not do that. Even my own sister told me that someone sold me the toxic house I should just sell it to some other fool. Don’t mention the mold, don’t mention the asbestos, don’t mention that you’re scraping enamel off their teeth so you can make a few extra bucks, filling more cavities, don’t mention they don’t need a new liver you need $75,000 because that is the capitalistic American way and you’re a fool if you don’t do these things. And don’t worry about getting caught because of the power of denial. The same two young guys smoking cancer causing cigarettes are in denial that there is anybody in the world who would purposely harmed them for money. That’s why I was in denial about the asbestos in the townhouse. This is a co-op community of friendly people. Everybody smiling at you are not going to let you live in a asbestos house that will kill you.

But now that I look back I can see they did know this townhouse had asbestos and they did not tell me, they did not care. When I tested the basement air samples for mold and one of the asbestos floor tiles came up with the pump and fell back to the floor, the maintenance guy jumped, as if I just dropped a bottle of nitroglycerin. When I said these floor tiles will have to be replaced, he showed fear on his face. A couple of these asbestos tiles were broke and chipped and I replaced them with one of the new ones and when the maintenance inspectors look at it, their body language showed fear on their face, which I thought was weird, because I didn’t know was asbestos, but even then they did not tell me it was asbestos. At one time I actually took the tiles out of the box to flatten them with some heavy stacks of paper because they were warped and inspectors look at that the same way. As if they knew they were asbestos but I didn’t. I had no clue that these people would let me live in a house with asbestos. I though asbestos was banned 50 years ago.

As I started reading up on asbestos I found other websites that said you should look in the basement or attic for old boxes of floor tile and read the label to find out if there’s asbestos. Because many people do keep the extra tiles from a floor job just in case in the future they need another replacement tile. When they showed me these townhouses, this one was $6500 and they said because they wanted cash and the other ones they showed me were $17,000 that they would finance. I thought it was getting a deal but when others moved in they got theirs for $5000 and they didn’t have to pay cash. I figured there was something wrong with this place or they would not be selling it for cash or so cheap. But I thought it was because the basement had two cracks in the walls that were patched. This would bring down the value and most people would not buy it because of that but I knew the repair was done right then it’s just a cosmic issue. There was also some polyurethane spilled on the basement floor, that made it look like there was a water leak. When I look at it I actually walked over and touched it because I thought it was water. But even then I knew they did all the maintenance repairs and even if it was leaking, they would have to fix it. So the price of the unit did not phase me. This unit didn’t have the double windows or a window in the bathroom and was a lower price unit. But several things did indicate asbestos floor tiles. When I look at the tiles they were 60s or 70s style. So I knew the tiles were leased 25 two 30 years old. But they were in remarkably good condition. It could be because they were in the basement and didn’t get much traffic but more likely they are made as asbestos and so they don’t wear out like the newer tiles that don’t contain asbestos. So if the tiles look old style like they been there for a while and they’re not very worn, they probably have high levels of asbestos.

So now I’m debating on what to do. Even if the townhouses offered to have the asbestos removed and replace the tiles, I wouldn’t do it. These re-mediation people don’t know nothing. Yes they would charge large amounts of money to claim they are going to safely remove the tiles but they don’t have to live here and they don’t care if they contaminate the whole house. I’m not stupid enough to fall for the cover the floor with wax or don’t disturb it. It’s 30 years old now and breaking into pieces and another 5 or 10 years it will be toxic powder that will seep through to any attempts to cover it up and it will have to be monitored every year with expensive asbestos air samples.

I was starting to have another anxiety attack and felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown after knowing I am losing my second house. As I was flipping through the channels on TV the words of a TV evangelists said “God is going to turn it around” I stopped on that channel and he said “no matter how bad the situation is, God is going to turn it around”. And that’s all that TV evangelists said for the next half-hour. Then I started realizing my other options. I can ask the co-op if I can move into another townhouse. The rent just went up in November to $529, where rent in apartments has been falling and for $500 I can get a two bedroom apartment near Metropolitan Beach.

After looking at how they removed asbestos I came up with a better idea on how to remove asbestos and all I need to do now is find a way to patent it. This idea so great and simple that it’s going to obsolete the way they are abating asbestos. If you have any asbestos abating machinery sell it now it’s going to be obsolete. If you know any homes that are selling cheap because they contain asbestos, by them now. Once I patent this idea anyone will be able to remove asbestos. It’s a multi-billion-dollar idea. I can’t wait to try it out.

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