Why Arenít Police in Prison for Arresting Angelika Graswald? April 25, 2016.

On 20/20 they have the story of Angelika Graswald who police arrested because her boyfriend Vincent Viafore drowned in a kayak on the Hudson River. The Mafia run kayak company didnít want to be sued out of business for killing people so they had police arrest the girlfriend who went kayaking with her boyfriend and couldnít save him. Furthermore the Mafia run insurance companies did not want to pay out a two hundred fifty thousand dollars claim. This is how big business gets out of paying for the damage they do they simply get the police arrest an innocent victim and lock her in a room and torture her until she confesses to a crime she did not commit. This is cause me enough stress to want to file a twenty million dollars lawsuit against the police department just for watching this twenty twenty episode. A two hundred fifty thousand dollars life insurance policy is not even enough money to pay off the mortgage of a house in California. But insurance companies will put innocent people in prison rather than pay out the claim. : How much money could the kayak company lose if people find out they can drown if they purchase one? But mentally retarded police think insurance companies and manufacturers or kayaks would not do anything so evil to get away with murder or paying out a claim. They tortured this woman for nine hours in an interrogation room and nobody arrested the police. These police officers should be thrown in prison and raped in the ass by other inmates, until they vow to never torture someone into signing a confession again.

If this story has caused anyone else undue stress and would like to get in on a class-action lawsuit against the police department let me know. This is obvious case of the kayak company trying to blame victims when their product kill someone. This is the Mafia run insurance companies trying to convict someone of murder so they donít have to pay out a claim. The police department knows this. Theyíre not stupid. They must be getting some kind of payout by either the insurance companies or the kayak manufacturers.

Iíll leave a link to the story below. Iím sure the family of Vincent Viafore would get much better closer winning a twenty million dollars lawsuit against the kayak company then seeing an innocent person go to prison. What is really bad about this story is they slam this girlís name in all the newspapers but they donít give the names of the police officers who are in on the scam of the insurance companies and the kayak companies. These people need to be in prison for life for conspiracy and fraud. They donít even give the name of the kayak company responsible for killing Vincent Viafore. These cops and prosecutors should be put in a room and tortured until they confess to the conspiracy of protecting insurance and kayak companies from lawsuits and having to pay out their claims.


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