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I watched a special on HBO about the homeless in California. Many of these people lost their homes and their entire families had to move into a hotel room. The price of rents is so high that they can’t afford a monthly rate, so they rent out a hotel room by the week and stay in a shelter when the rent runs out. Many people are losing their homes here in Michigan and they’re moving in with relatives or friends. There is 520 units in my town houses and these are all packed closely together, this is not really a place to raise kids as there’s no place for them to play at. Crowded as it is, it has become more crowded as people are moving in with family members and friends who do have a townhouse. So I’m sitting on the porch and there is nine kids under the age of five years old playing out in front of the townhouse. A lady down the street came down to give all the kids an ice cream. At first I thought, how nice this lady was to give all these kids an ice cream and she wants to make sure every kid got one.

About a half-hour later the ice cream truck comes around, every kid wanted an ice cream. Some of them got one but some didn’t have enough time to convince their parents to give them money for an ice cream. The little fat kid who had just eaten an ice cream less than an hour ago was stuffing another ice cream into his fat face and telling these other kids to get money for an ice cream from their parents and these kids said, “mom don’t have any Money.” I really wanted to say “you kids just ate an ice cream, what do want to do get fat?” But my mouth gets me in trouble so I didn’t say anything. I noticed people were driving around the ice cream truck, no one was stopping for that little stop sign.

The other day on the news, an eight-year-old girl was hit by a car as she was running after an ice cream truck and the news people were trying to blame the driver, because they claim the ice cream truck had the stop sign out. This guy had the stop sign out but nobody was stopping for it anyway, but because they were not running over little kids, nobody was saying anything. I know it’s the law you have to stop for a school bus who has the stop sign out, but I don’t remember any drivers test that you had to stop for an ice cream truck with the stop sign on it. Can anyone just stick a stop sign on the side of the car to get people to stop, could be a good trick for carjackers, I wouldn’t stop? 15 minutes later another ice cream truck comes around. One little girl had finally convinced her parents to give her money but the driver was too fast and the little girl ran down the street trying to catch him but couldn’t and she looked really sad that she didn’t. Well this sitting on the porch is more depressing then watching Dr Shil so I decided to go down to the bar.

The female bartender who was also the bar manager was complaining to two drunks, about how the bar had no security to throw out drunks. She was talking about a lady who spilled beer and made a mess she ended up having to clean it up and then there was a guy who had nine beers and she just wished the bar had a security guard to throw him out. So I tried to educate her to the fact that it’s her job to cut the guy off. You should never serve anyone over five beers in one sitting. It doesn’t matter if the person seems like they can handle it, they are legally drunk. I told her that if that guy left the bar and killed someone, she would be the one to get sued. Then she tried to tell me Michigan law, that if she only serves him four beers and the other waitress serves him five beers that they can’t be sued.” Well this might be how bars are getting away from being sued by putting the blame on someone else, I told her that both of the servers could be sued. I don’t know who told her that they couldn’t be sued, if each waitress only served the drunk two drinks, it must’ve been the bar owner. But these bars are putting themselves out of business. The only people in the bar was me who rode my bicycle, a guy who took a taxi and a senior citizen who rode his powered electric chair to the bar. All their other customers either had to quit drinking because the bars serve them too much beer turning them into alcoholics, they got drunk driving tickets or they’re in prison for killing someone after leaving the bar while intoxicated. After I educated the female bar manager She is no longer complaining but she laid her head on the bar as if she just realize she was the problem, so I left.

I quit drinking for 15 years after I figured out some of the games they played at bars on how they get you drunk and shortchange you. But the bars have a lot more games than that, that they like to play on people. I wanted to control my drinking and I realized you can’t control your drinking because the alcohol clouds your thinking process. After four or five beers, you don’t know how many beers your drinking and you drink without thought. So I would tell bartenders that my limit is five beers. When I was in Pub Froggie the bar maid brought me my tab and only charged me for four beers, and I told her I had five, she forgot to charge me for one. Now you would think she would be grateful but instead she got angry and said, “I know how many you had I don’t make mistakes” at first I thought it was their ego that made her angry, but now I’m thinking it was an act to stop people from questioning how many beers they had, even if the server served more beers than they were charging for. I never went back to Pub Froggy because of that manipulation. It was as if they’re trying to turn me into an alcoholic. But then I noticed that another bar was doing exactly the same thing, if I had five beers they would charge me for four, if I had four beers they charge me for three. Now if it was a crowded bar it might’ve been a mistake, but they were consistently doing this, even when there is only a few people in the bar.

What is the logic for them doing this? I don’t know. It’s as if they’re trying to get me to drink more beer by convincing me I’m not really drinking that much. What also seems strange is the last few times I went to the bar I’ve had people wanting to buy me drinks and it seems like they want to buy me one whenever I’ve made up my mind, that that was going to be my last drink of the night. It’s like people are brainwashed into believing you should drink to be social. The one guy walked up to me friendly smiling asking if he can buy me a drink and when I said no thank you, he acted like he just asked me for my name and I said no I’m not going to tell you. On another night a girl was buying all these people drinks and she asked me if I wanted one and I said no thank you and she said well I just wanna make people happy. What I should have told her was if she wants to make people happy, don’t buy them a drink, alcohol is a depressant. But I told her she buy me a drink next week if she wanted to, before I had my limit. The society is so corrupt, you can’t tell them the truth. The lady thinks she’s being generous and friendly by buying people drinks, but all it’s doing is corrupting society. The lady down the street wants to be generous by giving kids ice cream, but all she’s doing is making kids fat and given them diabetes. Buying this fat kid an ice cream is worse than buying a drunk a drink. You not doing them or society a favor. The capitalistic society has made the bartenders believe they are a bad person, if they tell a drunk they can’t have another drink, they think they need a bouncer to throw the drunk out after they serve them to munch alcohol.

After an eight-year-old girl was hit by a car, while chasing after an ice cream truck, I don’t know why it’s legal for ice cream trucks to sell their ice cream to kids. Jobs are not as important as kids lives. Who are all these people being killed in car accidents and why aren’t they suing the bartenders and why are all the judges and lawyers so stupid to the loophole, that the bartenders think, that if each bartender only serves the drunk two drinks they can’t be sued. Why aren’t all the drunks suing in the bars. Every alcoholic has a legitimate lawsuit against the bar and the alcohol companies. The games these bars play to get people to drink more than their limit makes them liable. The game of getting other bar patrons to buy people drinks and make them believe this is what social people do. The game of putting out salty pretzels and salty potato chips to get people to drink more. The game of putting less beers on their tab to make them believe they’re not drinking that much, even when it’s costing the bar money, they seem to know they can make more money in the long run by turning people into alcoholics. You can’t go to a restaurant and complain about the waitress with contagious whooping cough without getting your food poisoned. The police are not only corrupt, but they don’t investigate these crimes, from what I hear Fraser Police Department is dealing drugs and are especially into heroine. Two Fraser cops just drove by and a ambulance and I look out the door to see where they went and I see the little fat kid stuffing a cupcake into his fat face, that was given to him by another friendly neighbor, who is made to believe this is a kind gesture. Your Not evil if you take candy away from a baby . Your evil if you give candy to a baby. Big corporations have got the whole society corrupted, because they want to sell babies Candy. Fuckin depressing. People better wake the fuck up before God’s grace uses Fukushima radiation, to wipe them off the planet. It’s almost an act5 of kinds for God to use Fukushima radiation to kill all American to put them out of their misery, Keywords: bartenders, waitresses, ice cream trucks, bars, restaurants, fat kids, social, drinks, drunks, ice cream, police, corrupt society My web page is: http://www.GoTimothy.com Text Version of video: http://www.GoTimothy.com/AmericaCorrupt.htm You’re not doing a kind deed by buying a person a drink, buying children an ice cream or giving fat kids a cupcake. If you’re a bartender never served anyone more than five drinks even if it seems like they can handle it.

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