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Gold Prices Alex Jones, August 5, 2011.

I don’t know why they removed my video about gold prices crashing, so I will try to make another one. Yes I’m using a script because I’m going to post this on my webpage, just in case you tube deletes this video also. Alex Jones and his buddies are going on their radio shows telling people they’re removing gold price videos from YouTube. What they’re trying to make people believe, they are removing videos about the price of gold going up, when in fact they are removing videos from YouTube, about the price of gold going down. Like I said in my last video, anyone can jump on the gold bandwagon and buy some gold, and then try to convince everyone else to buy gold, so the gold price will go up and you can make money. But that’s true with anything. You can buy GM stock, then go on your radio show and tell everyone to buy GM stock and your GM stock will go up, if everyone believes you and buys it.

Let me educate you about gold and Fiat money. It’s like the Casey Anthony murder trial. The justice system is not perfect. However, it is the best justice system in the world. It’s better than just being killed, if someone believes you’re guilty and it is certainly better than having a hand chopped off if someone believes you’re a thief. If DNA proves you innocent at a later date, you cannot get your hand back. That’s why cutting off people’s hands is not a good justice system. The justice system seems evil, but it is our justice system and if we don’t like it we can move out of the country, to one of those countries where they chop people’s hands off. The Fiat money system is nowhere near perfect. However, it is the American money system. If you don’t like American money system, you can move to another country. In fact, you should move to another country because you’re not an American if you do not believe in our justice system or the American dollar. When you fight for our country, you are fighting for our justice system and our Fiat money system, along with free speech and free religion. Our money system is like a Monopoly game. You don’t change the rules in the middle the game. You don’t wait to your opponent has a big stack of phony money, while you been secretly storing gold in your pocket, waiting to overthrow the Fiat money system, so that you can be rich and everybody else can be instantly poor.

The people who were thumbing down my videos on the economy and the price of gold are foreigners who do not like American money system. They want to become instantly rich by changing to a system of gold or euros or some other kind of currency. Therefore if you do not like American money system you should move to those countries. Because in this country we fight to defend the American dollar. President Obama has made it clear in a speech to Gadhafi and leaders of other countries, that we are going to fight to protect our interests. If Gadhafi is storing up a bunch of gold, he’s going to be killed and his gold is going to be taken from him. Because that’s not the American system. He doesn’t want to play by the rules. The rules were already made up and set before the oil game was started.

Gold prices are going to crash, because it’s a matter of national security to protect the American dollar. In fact in the name of national security the government should confiscate all the 1000 billionaires money that live in America , for the good of all the people in America. In this country all people are created equal. Therefore there should be no billionaires. People want to know why I’m against guns, it’s the rich who are using guns to oppress people. That’s why the Norway shooter, the Virginia Tech shooter, the Columbine shooter shoots kids, instead of shooting billionaires. I mean if you wanted to use your gun to kill billionaires, you might make a change in the world when you’re just shooting kids, it is proving you are doing nothing, but achieving the agendas of the rich.

One of the agendas of the rich is to drive up gold prices. Because they own pounds if not Tons of gold. They want to drive up gold prices and when they think they have reached their peak, they will sell their tons of gold. When they do that, your gold will be worthless. You think Alex Jones is going to go on his radio show and tell people to start selling their gold and he’s going to sell his gold next week? He’s going to sell his gold first, before it starts to plummet and then he will go on his radio show and tell you to start selling your gold, it’s going to crash after he are ready sold his gold. Just like all the other radio and TV personalities, who own pounds or even tons of gold. What they think is going to happen to Alex Jones, when his tens of thousands of followers start buying gold at $1600 an ounce, thinking it is going up to $2000 or $15,000 which I heard some people say it will go up to, and the price drops down to $500 or $200 an ounce? There’s going to be more people wanting to kill Alex Jones, then there are people wanting to kill Casey Anthony. But I’m sure Alex Jones has already figured that out, and has an escape plan, for when the price of gold crashes and all of his followers want to kill him. Some people want to change the money system, to a gold system. That can’t be done because there’s not enough gold. Gold would have to go up to $1 billion an ounce. Which means people would be killed for having a gold plated watch. That’s what would happen if we got rid of the Fiat money system and made everyone in the world use gold only.

It is billionaires that is hurting the economy. It’s not about the billionaires giving their money to charity. Like Bill Gates donating millions to have black people sterilized and for their abortions. That’s just plain evil. When you watch shows like Antiques Roadshow or the new show called “it’s worth what?”, and you see old blankets going for $1 million and dinosaur skeletons for $6 million, it is because the rich have nothing better to do with their money. A billionaire buying 100 van Gogh paintings, is not even going to put one man to work, not even van Gogh. It doesn’t create jobs, it doesn’t stimulate the economy. It just makes this rich person feel like they have more than that rich person. They want that $10 million Marilyn Monroe dress, because it’s one of a kind. Not another rich person in the world has enough money to own it. There is a starving boy in Africa named TUTU, he is one of a kind, there is not another in the world like him. He is worth more than all the merchandise on the TV show titled “it’s worth what?”. And on judgment day, everyone who does not believe so, is going to be destroyed. If you want to use your guns for good purpose, don’t kill schoolchildren. I’m not going to advocate violence by telling you who you should kill, because common sense, should already be telling you that. It’s billionaires did not want to be killed they would have used their billions to lobby Washington to have more taxes taken out of their businesses. They should’ve known in a just country where people fight to defend the Constitution, that all people are created equal, they would be killed, for thinking they were better than the rest of us. Once one billionaire sells his gold, gold will freefall like the twin Towers. Because all the rich people, illuminati, Bulidiburgs, will sell their gold on the same day. By time gold starts to drop, it will be too late to sell it. It will be worse than the real estate market. So many people wish they would have sold their homes in 2005.

If people like Alex Jones keep driving up the price of gold, it’s going to be a matter of national security to make gold illegal and confiscate all gold. Gold will be worthless. If you don’t like the Fiat money system or the justice system, move the fuck out of America. You are not an American. Fighting for all ill in Iraq is not a just war. But fighting to protect the Fiat money system is worth dying for. Like the justice system, It is our money system and is what we fought and died for.

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