Advocate Smoking Marijuana, Youíre More Evil than a Serial Killing Rapist, April 28, 2014.

Friday night April 25, 2014 I watched either 20/20 or 48 hours, one of them news shows were a man had raped and killed a young woman. This man had been charged for rape before but he was let out of prison because he told the judge he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs. After I watched the story of the two young girls who murdered their best friend Skyler Neese I put a lot of thought into the reason why these two young girls murdered their best friend and came up with the conclusion that it was because they were under the influence of marijuana. Someone had asked me in comments for any other murders took place while someone was under the influence of marijuana and thereís so many of them that just about every murder was done while someone was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I was trying to look for the guys name but I couldnít find it and I ran across another case Tyler Hadley who killed both of his parents so he could smoke marijuana and have a party.

The alcohol and drug companies are making so many billions of dollars that they use criminally insane arguments to justify making a profit off of drugs and alcohol. They will use the argument that not everybody who smokes marijuana goes on a killing spree. Well if you use that argument then you would have to say this man who raped and killed the woman did not kill every woman he raped so letís blame the woman for committing suicide because she fought back. And that was the reason why he killed her because she fought back he had raped other women before but they didnít fight back so they didnít get killed. The fact of the matter is this man would not have killed the woman if he was not under the influence of alcohol and drugs. In fact he would not have even raped her if he was not under the influence of alcoholics and drugs. Tyler Hadley would not have killed his parents if he was not under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The fact is Rachel Shoaf and Sheila Eddy would not have killed Skyler Neese if they were not under the influence of marijuana. Itís not that alcohol and drugs makes people violent it simply makes them do things they wouldnít do if sober.

Drug dealers and those who advocate smoking marijuana like Bill Maher, know this and they donít care if these two girls murdered their best friend. They donít care if it causes Tyler Hadley to murder his parents. They donít care if it causes this man who is on 20/20 to rape and murder a young woman, because all they want to do is smoking some weed themselves. When this man went to prison for raping and murdering that woman the other prison inmates beat him up and almost killed him. If these prison inmates knew the facts they would be beating up drug dealers and people who advocate smoking marijuana, because these people sell these drugs knowing it causes young girls to kill their best friend, young boys to murder their parents and this guy to rape and kill young women. That makes people who advacate smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol 1000 times more evil than a serial killing rapist.

The people knew alcohol especially hard liquor, caused people to murder, rape and become violent so at one point in time they made alcohol illegal. During Prohibition no one was allowed to drink alcohol. The Mafia still sold and distributed alcohol anyways causing alcohol to become legal again. Because the police could not enforce illegal alcohol laws. Then the alcohol companies use their profits to fund colleges, universities and donate big money to churches or religions to start labeling people who get violent while under the influence of alcohol or drugs as insane so that they can continue to make profits off of alcohol. So alcohol went from a drug that drove people to violence into a socially acceptable drug and anybody who did violence while on the drug was simply labeled someone with mental problems. So when someone went out and murdered or raped while under the influence of drugs was labeled as a social path or psychopath instead of simply being a normal person who is under the influence of drugs. Because if people found out that normal people do these things while under the influence of large amounts of alcohol, they will no longer purchase alcohol and alcohol will become demonized again like it was during Prohibition.

All the evidence from Prohibition is still on the books on how alcohol drives people to murder and rape and yet because of the money provided to colleges and universities it doesnít go down that way in our court systems. The label on a side of booze should not only give warnings about health effects, it should also give a warning that this product could cause you to rape and murder. It should give a warning to women that they could be raped or sexually assaulted while under its influence, if they donít want to be sued by women who are raped while under the influence of alcohol. The argument they make is that everyone who drinks is not a rapist or is not raped but the fact is every male who wants to rape a woman has nothing to stop them from raping while heís under the influence of alcohol.

So if you believe rapists and murderers should die in a revolution, those who advocate marijuana and alcohol are worse than the rapist and murderers. Because they know these drugs is what creates rapist and murderers, that makes them 1000 times worse than the rapist and murderers themselves. If you have a relative who is raped or murdered by someone who was under the influence of alcohol, you have a legitimate lawsuit against the alcohol companies. However, you will not collect unless there is a revolution and these people who do not believe so, are killed in that just war, because Mafia runs the court systems.

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If alcohol companies do not put a warning label that women could be raped while under the influence, they could be sued. If they donít put a warning that people could come violent while under the influence, they can be and will be sued in a just court system. © Copyright 1996-2014 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.