Sexual Education Communication Abstinence, December 8, 2013.

Before conversation can take place the terms have to be defined. Going to do a few more videos on relationships and sexual education because I seen a comedian on HBO who is 40 years old and married and still couldn’t communicate with his wife about sex.

You got this coffee thing where people can’t ask for sex, they have to say would you like to go upstairs for coffee and that’s supposed to mean sex. But what do you do once you get upstairs? If you can’t ask for sex how are you going to ask if you’re supposed to use a condom? It reminds me of that letter to Ann Landers where the girl says how do I ask my boyfriend to help pay for birth control when I don’t know him that well? She’s having sex with him, but she doesn’t know him that good. If coffee is supposed to mean sex and you don’t know how to ask about a condom, maybe you’re supposed to say, “do you take cream in your coffee?” No hold the cream. Okay so I have to use a condom. No I said, “hold the cream”. Oh so I don’t have to use a condom but I have to pull it out before climax. “Yes, hold the cream, and I want some sugar.” Oh you want me to give you little sugar kiss kiss kiss. “No, I want sugar in my coffee”. Okay in your coffee, oh honey I don’t think you should have sugar in your coffee, looks like you might have some chocolate on your donut. I have chocolate on my who who? On your what what?, oh no I’m not talking about your snapper or ah vagina, I am talking about the donut, hole, you missed it by about, two inches.

I was on AOL talking about seeing God and vaginas and this movie star says “this guy who claims to see God is on the Internet talking about vaginas and I am a 50-year-old woman and can’t even say the word, because of religion. So she started the vagina monologues. I don’t know really what they talked about but I like to feel that I inspired that talk. But there’s so many other things you need to talk about during sex. I mean how do they ask a woman if you can feel her tits, or I should say teats as the word tit is supposed to be a bad word or vulgar language. Honey can I squeeze the Charmin? Yes you can squeeze my buns. No I don’t mean buns, let me rephrase that. Can I squeeze the melons? Of course you can squeeze the melons, how else can you tell if they’re fresh? Fresh, oh you mean ripe, ready? No, I mean fresh. I don’t know what that means, are we still talking about sex or are we talking about fruit here?

You need to have the confidence to talk about sex not only to engage in sex but to decline sex. Some women don’t know how to say no and some men don’t know that no means no. You have to have the confidence to say that you’re not going to have sex until you’re married or at least engaged to be married or in a meaningful relationship. Whichever matches your personality. I believe you should wait until marriage before sex because most pregnancies are not planned and birth control is not 100%. You have to think about the consequences of sex which they don’t teach you in school. When I went to schools all they taught us was if you masturbate you can turn into a gay person and the only downfall they taught in school of sex was STD’s. Because the schools taught if used birth control, you don’t have to worry about pregnancy. But that’s because the school sexual education program, is run by a bunch of horny old men who want to get laid but don’t want to pay child support. So they teach birth control and abortion. They don’t teach abstinence and if they do they don’t teach the consequences they just teach just say no to sex like the just say know drug program. They teach about abstinence you have to teach about the downfalls of sex and not just the STDs. Religion tries to teach sex is a sin, but they don’t tell you why.

They don’t teach the downfalls of abortion or birth control. Some women who have abortions up committing suicide. Some women who use birth control get blood clots and end up dying from the birth control. And it’s just like the tobacco companies, you can’t prove you died from cigarettes, they just claim you died of cancer. You can’t prove you died from the birth control, they just claim you died from a blood clot. If you asked the parents how their child could have died so young from a blood clot, they will say, “well she was on birth control pills” just like when they say how did your mother die so young of cancer, “well she smoked”. There is a lot of other downfalls to abortion. There’s a lot of men would not date or marry a woman who had an abortion. So you meet Mr. Right, but he doesn’t want to marry you or go out with you, because you had an abortion. I mean, I would not even date a woman with a tattoo. You thought I was going to marry you, you got a tattoo, what are you crazy? If you have a tattoo, it means you have no connection with God. God told me not to get any tattoos, how come God didn’t tell you, not to get any tattoos? I’m not even talking religion, I’m talking a connection with God. God is telling me there’s something wrong with abortion. Why didn’t he tell you?

They don’t teach the downfalls of sex. If you trick a girl into having sex with you by telling her that you love her, or getting her drunk or high, you could drive her to suicide or drug abuse that could lead to her death. Can you live with yourself if you do that? If she gets pregnant, you can end up forcing her to murder her own child by way of abortion. The people in power don’t care if you die from birth control pills. Because birth control pills are legal, to control population. So if birth control pills kill a few women, then they’re really doing their job. If you can live with that go ahead and have premarital sex. If not, abstinence is the answer.

Alcohol is a date rape drug. Society might not look at it that way today but in the future you’ll go down in history books as someone who use the date rape drug alcohol. The guy in the funeral home said he seen young beautiful women coming in every day of the week that died from suicide, failed abortions, the results of birth control pills. I’m sure that if you have a sex with someone and they committed suicide because they became pregnant it’s probably pretty rare. But unwanted pregnancy is not rare.

Abortion is not a choice for a lot of women. You don’t know women’s thoughts and I don’t know women’s thoughts, but God knows woman’s thoughts. And believe it or not, a lot of these women are not getting abortions because of free choice. Many of them are murdering their children, because the assholes who got them pregnant, did not love them or want to marry them. And they know their murdering the child, not out of choice, but out of hate for the man that got them pregnant. The women know abortion is murder, but they believe the guy that got them pregnant, by getting them drunk or saying they would never leave them, or some other trick , deserves to have his child die. Oh I got my girlfriend pregnant but it’s not a problem, she hates me so much that she’s going to murder the child, so I don’t have too support it.

A society where 80% of mothers have murdered their own child is a recipe for disaster. What kind of society do we have with the majority of people can say their mother murdered their brother or sister? Abortion just doesn’t hurt the unborn child. It hurts the mother, father, sisters and brothers grandma and grandpa. My mother had 10 kids. I can’t imagine having a mother that murdered one of my brothers or sisters, but the majority of Americans can say they have just that kind of mother and father. Because abortion is usually both parents agreeing to it.

It’s like the bear in the woods who got a taste of human flesh. They have to kill the bear. American women have had a taste of killing their own children and now they believe it to be a right. Who else do they believe they can kill? It has become a corrupt society. I seen the woman on Bill Maher arguing her gun rights with Michael Moore and you could tell this woman believes in abortion. She has murdered her own children, because she believes it is a right, just like she believes it’s a right to own a lethal weapon. The idea of killing people doesn’t matter to her. She thinks just because she has a lethal weapon, doesn’t make her murderer, but she don’t want to put rubber bullets in that gun to stop a rapist, she wants somebody dead and if a guy she doesn’t like gets her pregnant, she wants to be able to kill his child. I only wanted to have sex with you, you were a boy toy, I didn’t want you to get me pregnant, now I’m going to kill your kid. That’s the kind of bitch she is and that’s what kind of society abortion creates. This all comes from what the church wants to call sexual sin. What was simple innocent sex, leads to child murder and children being raised by women who have killed. Love has waxed cold because no one cares that she had to kill her own child. A lot of women have to kill their own child, that’s what kind of society the Supreme Court has created.

I love these couples I meet in a bar who think they’re in love and I ask them what love is because I know they don’t know. I don’t know either, but there’s traces and hints of what love is in love songs and movies. So I asked this couple what love is and the woman says it’s friendship. Then I asked them how to explain the homosexuals and they can’t explain. So then like an epiphany, I who don’t know what love is and can see that this loving couple doesn’t know the answer comes to me, so I can teach them. I never knew before that point and I say love is when you care about somebody. It’s the opposite of I don’t give a fuck about you. I will teach more about loving my next video.

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