Abortion Is a Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem, June 17, 2017.

Abortion is comparable to suicide. Itís a permanent solution to a temporary problem. A problem that will go away in less than nine months. If the woman doesnít want the child, she can give it up for adoption. The sad part about it, many times the child is wanted. The child is wanted by the father or the grandparents. But is murdered because the woman doesnít want to wait nine months. Some people are unable to have children and they would love to adopt.

I believe the reason why God made me the Messiah, is because I would make abortion illegal and every unwanted child, would be raised by the military as soldiers for Christ. This is what President Putin should do. To make his country the most powerful country on earth. Donald Trump has already given up the opportunity, to make the United States the most powerful country on earth, by refusing to make abortion illegal.

If Putin makes abortion illegal and makes every unwanted child a member of his military, his military would grow by half a million people a year. In only 18 years, those children will be soldiers and they will be the best soldiers. Because they will be raised from a child to be a soldier. Further more it would make the country stronger, because woman would not suffer the loss of a child, they know their child is serving their country. I would even make it legal for the women to get their children back, up to five years later, after they gave the child up. Sometimes women arenít ready for a child, because theyíre too young. But five years later, their perfectly capable of raising a child. I think Iíll send a copy of this to President Putin. Everything Iíve written to Donald Trump has fallen on deaf ears.

People just donít see how evil abortion is. Most women who have abortions are under the age of 21. Theyíre not even old enough to drink. Theyíre not even old enough to smoke cigarettes in most states. Theyíre not old enough to make a decision about drinking a beer and the Supreme Court is going to not only let them murder their own children, but tell them they need an abortion for their health. Donald Trump is so insane, he was going to charge these women with murder and let the Supreme Court justiceís walk away Scott free. A serial killer that killed five people, will get five consecutive life sentences in prison. And thatís a serial killer who admits to his crime and says heís sorry. The Supreme Court judges wonít even admit to their crime, they are in denial that abortion is murder and there not one bit sorry for the 60 million babies they killed. Theyíre still in denial and are going to use criminally insane rationalization, to claim these babies were not human and it wasnít murder.

The people who legalize abortion or more crazier than the gun owner that was on 20/20 last night. This gun owner shoots his wife at point blank range and then claims it wasnít murder, he thought she was a burglar. Believe it or not, many gun owners support this murderer. Youíre only supposed to use a gun in self-defense, if the other person has a gun or knife and makes you fear for your life. But this guy just shoot somebody in the dark and claims I feared for my life, I thought it was a burglar. What a pussy gun owner. To actually shoot somebody before they even knew who it was. And then to claim it was an accident, is so crazy I put him in the same category as the nine Supreme Court justices who legalized abortion. When the Supreme Court justices legalized abortion by criminally insane rationalization, the FBI shouldíve arrested them and charge them with murder. When doctors went to medical school to be indoctrinated into the atheist religious ideology, that abortion wasnít murder, the FBI shouldíve went in there and arrested all the doctors along with the atheist college university professors who indoctrinated them. This makes the FBI just as guilty of 60 million accounts of premeditated baby murder, as the atheist ideology abortion indoctrination professors.

Well itís going to be too late for that now anyways. Once Russia or China illegalizeís abortion and uses all those unwanted babies as soldiers they will have the most powerful military in the world and the crazy people in America who legalized abortion, because of atheist ideology, will probably be wiped off the face of the earth. Unless Donald Trump smartenís up. He steals the rest of my ideas and claims them as his own, maybe heíll steal this idea of illegalizing abortion and using those unwanted children in the military.

The military pays over $300 million a year, to one University alone, to recruit people for the military. If abortion was made illegal 20 years ago and all those unwanted children became permanent members of the military, we would never need a draft, we would never need to spend one penny trying to recruit soldiers. This country is run by a bunch of dumb asses.

Abortion should at least be made illegal for women under the age of 21. If some 25-year-old girl goes to the bar, gets drunk and forgets to use the pill or a condom, thatís one thing. But most of the women who are getting abortions, didnít even know they could get pregnant. Theyíre not mentally competent to make a decision about abortion. This is why they suffer from depression later in life. Because abortion is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Abortion is worse than getting a tattoo. At least a tattoo can be undone if youíre willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars.

When a woman gets pregnant with blonde hair blue-eyed Cassie and she has an abortion, she canít at a later time in her life decide to have Cassie. She killed blonde here blue-eyed Cassie. She might be able to have another child, Beth or curlyhaired Sue, but blonde hair blue-eyed Cassie was aborted and will never return. Think about it.

On the positive side, for women who had abortions. At least we live in a country where you can sue the abortion doctors. You can sue the abortion clinics, because you were too young to make a decision about abortion. You can sue all the senators, Supreme Court justices, former presidents and congressmen, who legalized abortion, for children under the age of 21. I wouldnít sue for less than $1 trillion if I had an abortion. But even if you only win $1 billion in your lawsuit, against those who legalized abortion, it will be some compensation for your pain.

Some dumb ass, commented on my channel. That bartenders are not liable, if they serve someone too much to drink. He even quoted the Dram Shop law. I guess his boss mustíve lied to him. He said the Dram Shop law prevents him from being sued as a bartender. The Dram Shop law is exactly the opposite. The Dram Shop law says bartenders are 100% responsible for all damages done by a drunk that they served too much to drink. That means if you get a drunk driving ticket and have to pay thousands of dollars in fines and lose your truck driving job, you can sue the bartender who served you too many drinks, for all the money that you lost by losing your truck driving job. Furthermore if you kill someone in a car accident after a bartender served you too many drinks, you can sue the bartender for the loss of life. I think it should go further. I think the bartender should be charged with murder if a drunk driver killed someone after the bartender served them too many drinks. Iíve seen too many bartenders serving people drinks to people who were obviously drunk. One girl at the bar was bent over for at least five minutes as if she was ready to vomit. Then she got up sat on a barstool and rested her face on another barstool. Me and another patron thought she was going to vomit so we got away. After she sat up they served her another beer.

Iíll leave a link below to an attorney, if you got a drunk driving ticket, after you left the bar and you want that bar to pay for it or want to read up on the Dram Shop law.

Judges and police officers should tell drunk drivers, that if they left the bar drunk, they should sue the bar. Then they wouldnít have to worry about so many drunk drivers and so many car fatalities. Itís too bad thereís a statue of limitations on these things. Or I would sue the bar that served me too many drinks 30 years ago and cost me a $250 fine. Nowadays it cost up to $10,000 for a drunk driving ticket. The bar should pay for it.


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