Why Abortion Is Premeditated 1st-degree Murder, December 8, 2015.

We all know that an egg is not a chicken. Were not stupid. However, we do know if you crack the egg, you kill the chicken. Morris 108 was telling me that in Cambodia, they don’t eat eggs. They don’t eat eggs because they would rather eat the chicken. Which makes sense. Because an egg can only feed a small child, but the chicken can feed the whole family. If you crack the egg, you kill the chicken. To claim otherwise is criminal insanity. The egg cannot be replaced by another egg. This egg is not the same as that egg. This egg might hatch a white chicken and that egg might hatch a brown chicken. Or one egg might hatch a short chicken and the other a taller chicken. If you abort Einstein’s egg, you kill Einstein. If you try to replace it with another egg, you might get Forrest Gump, Gomer Pyle or goober.

The same criminal insanity that some gunowners use when they kill someone with a gun. They claim it wasn’t murder, because they didn’t do the killing, the bullet did. If you pull a trigger on a gun, that causes the bullet to come out the barrel and kills someone, that is murder. If you do something that causes the chicken’s death, you killed the chicken. If you do something that causes a human, not to live, that is murder. The very name planned parenthood, proves it is premeditated first-degree murder. That’s what premeditated murder is. It’s planned murder. There’s nobody that plans out murder better than planned parenthood. They should call it planned genocide.

Abortion doctors use the same terminology as Mafia hitmen use. The Mafia hitman is called a Terminator. When the hitmen kills someone, he terminated their life. The abortion doctor terminates the pregnancy. There’s no difference between a abortion doctor and a hired hitman. One just kills babies for money the other kills adults for money.

We all know that if there was a time machine and we went back to the time when President Obama’s mother was pregnant and we performed an abortion on president Obama’s mother, president Obama would not be here. President Obama would not have simply been born to another woman. President Obama would not have been born later, to the same mother. He would not exist, you would have murdered him, when you aborted him. If your mother had an abortion, when she was pregnant with you, you would not be here. Furthermore, if you think that you would be born to some other woman or simply be born on some other date, you are completely insane.

The only reason why abortion is legal, is because the people in power wanted to commit genocide, against blacks and the poor. The same way they demonized blacks to legally enslave them, by calling them Niggers, they legalized abortion, by labeling babies less than human goo. So I was tweeting under the #PlannedParenthood, after the shooting and some guy tweeted me. I couldn’t figure out what he was trying to say so I just replied with some of my pre-typed out tweets. I didn’t know it was a black guy until looked at his profile. He called me a racist because I was tweeting under the #PlannedParenthood and I didn’t tweet under #BlackLivesMatter. The blacks believe the #Planned Parenthood shooting, was a hoax to take attention away from the black lives matter protest. He acted like the only reason white guys would take to twitter is to defend a white guy shooting. If this black guy knew how many black people are killed every day by abortion and Planned Parenthood, there would be riots everywhere, and all black people would be tweeting under the #PlannedParenthood or prolife.

This shooting in San Bernadino of 17 dead, should not even be on the news. Because there’s over 3000 babies murdered every day in the United States by abortion doctors. We shouldn’t even be arguing whether this was a hoax or not. Because we already know the people in power murdered over 2 million Iraqis under the hoax, that they killed five babies in incubators. If a hoax of killing five babies in incubators is justification for killing 2 million people, then aborting 60 million babies, is justification for God to bring fire down from heaven and wiping the United States off the map.

When a cop shot someone in the back and wasn’t charged with premeditated first-degree murder it made every cop in the United States a premeditated first-degree murderer. This wasn’t one cop who shot some guy and his buddies in his own Police Department tried to cover up the crime, this was every cop and FBI agent in the United States trying to cover up the crime, as if they themselves, were in on the murder. They are all just as guilty of murder. When they demand that, that one cop, not be charged with murder.

Now Jesus said, “forgive them father, for they know not what they do”. 2000 years ago people didn’t have the Internet. They didn’t have as much education. Christianity hadn’t even got started. So nobody knew the truth. But there is no excuse now days, for people not to know any better. Five minutes under the #Planned Parenthood will tell you that abortion is premeditated first-degree baby murder. People didn’t have common sense 2000 years ago. But now we have critical thinking classes. We can look at the profiles of the people who support abortion. We can see that the people who support abortion are atheist who don’t believe in God. We can see that people who support abortion are porn stars, hookers, Satanist, Wiccan religion, dead beat dads, ect.. Just total psychopaths, who are not getting their information from God but are either fabricating information or if it were possible getting their information from some kind of nonexistent devil.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were supporting Planned Parenthood. Most of the politicians support abortion because they get letters from hundreds of people and they believe supporting abortion, is the right thing to do, because of these letters. They don’t realize the people writing these letters are psychopathic premeditated first-degree murderers. It’s as if Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is going after the prostitute, porn star, atheist, Wiccan religion, dead beat dad vote. I don’t know if these people are even aware of what kind of people support abortion. Hillary Clinton probably gets 100 emails a day from Ku Klux Klan members, telling her to support women’s rights to murder black babies and she probably doesn’t even know these emails are, directly from the Ku Klux Klan. Most of those letters and emails of support are probably coming directly from our prisons. People who are in prison for murder are claiming if abortion was illegal, they would have to murder their wives and their babies. Unbelievable that that was used as an argument, to legalized abortion. Women were murdering babies, so they said let’s just make baby murder legal and we won’t have to keep these women in prison. We might as well legalize rape too. That way we won’t have to keep rapist in prison.

Abortion always was and always will be baby murder. The courts didn’t decide that aborting babies wasn’t murder, all the Supreme Court did, was legalize baby murder. They legalized baby murder, as if I was some kind of justifiable homicide. Because it was the woman’s body, they ruled she has a right, to murder her own baby. Abortion was never considered “NOT” to be baby murder. Abortion is legalized baby murder. That’s all it is. That’s why abortion doctors cannot sue people for calling them baby murderers. Every abortion doctor agrees that they legally murder babies. It’s the same way the soldier legally kills people in war. He knows he’s killing people but it’s legal to kill them.

The following will be some screenshots from Planned Parenthood supporters. I took some screenshots of their profiles. You can see that these people are porn stars, Wiccan religion, atheist, hookers, psychopaths, deadbeat dads and even one brainwashed mentally ill Christian etc. It’s amazing that any politician would openly support abortion or Planned Parenthood after seeing these people’s profiles. Some of the profiles, were people who were actually being paid to tweet, to support Planned Parenthood.


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