Troll Bots Supporting Abortion on John Oliver HBO, April 26, 2017.

If you look at the YouTube video of John Oliver supporting abortion, he has hundreds of troll bots supporting abortion. These people have no names. They are robotic computer programs. Their names are letters of the alphabet. A, B, C, D, etc.. Furthermore, every one of these computer bots have many thumbs up on their comments. As if he has another computer program, to thumb up the comments to make it look like everybody supports abortion. The FBI needs to look into this one. This is actually fraud. Itís the worst kind of fraud, because it causes the death of thousands of American children.

I noticed one thing about HBO. Is that the only people on it, seem to support abortion. People like Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman and now John Oliver. Cancel your HBO subscription. Itís not even worth free. I have no doubt in my mind that the only reason why Madonna has a 20,000,000 dollar year singing contract, is because she supports abortion. Iíve seen better singers at karaoke. But if you donít support abortion, theyíre not going to give you a singing contract. Even if youíre a great singer, theyíll probably give you a gag order not to talk pro-life. Itís not a coincidence, that the only people who get talkshows, singing, comedy, HBO contracts, is the people who support abortion.

The other day someone sang, ďworking class heroĒ by John Lennon. Iíve heard this song before, but this was the 1st time I read the words on the karaoke screen. It amazed me that the Beatles were awake 40 years ago. The FBI thought Charles Manson was crazy. Because he thought there was hidden messages in the Beatles songs. I didnít see any hidden messages. The Beatles were speaking clearly. Telling us how we are brainwashed slaves. I canít repeat the lyrics because of copyright laws. But go look them up and learn something. The lyrics go similar to ďIf you want to be like the people on the hill, you got to smile when you killĒ.

Iíll leave a link to John Oliverís video and you can read my comments there, if they donít delete them. This guyís got 7,000,000 views. This is why the majority of Americans are brainwashed into believing abortion is a choice.

Men also made the abortion laws. And it was men who manipulated women into believing it was, "their choice". I have yet to meet one woman who had an abortion, because it was "their choice". When I ask women why they have an abortion, Their answer is generally "I had no other choice, My boyfriend left me or made me." "I had no other choice, I couldnít afford to raise a child." "I had no other choice, I didnít have a job." "I had no other choice, I was too young" "I had no other choice, the guy was an ass hole". Never have I met a woman who said, "I had plenty of money, a supportive husband and family, I was in my late twenties, my parents would have loved grandchildren, my husband always wanted a child, but I had an abortion because it was "my choice" and all my loved ones can go fuck themselves if they don't like it. You can claim that abortion is a "womanís choice" but thatís not truth. Most abortions are performed are because the women had "no other choice." And thatís why abortion should be illegal. If any other country in the world had made abortion legal back in the fifties, we would have dropped nuclear weapons on them. Killing babies is justification for war. For some reason because we made abortion legal 1st, no other country bombed us, but if they did, it would have been justifiable. We drop bombs on Iraq because he killed 5 children in incubators. Think about it. America killed over 60,000,000 babies by abortion since Roe versus Wade. Do you understand that it was only one court case that made abortion legal and a court case can make it illegal.

People didnít vote to make abortion legal. In this country, You have a right to bear arms to defend truth. Nuclear weapons were created to defend truth. If you shot an abortion doctor, your innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If you make the argument that the doctor was killing babies and the 12 jurors agree with you, then killing abortions doctors would be just as legal as abortion. Thatís the law. Donít like it, move out of the United States.

The court system has become corrupt. Because a man did kill an abortion doctor and they ruled he wasnít mentally competent to stand trial. So he was never able to tell his story before 12 jurors. Thatís unconstitutional. He was protecting defenseless infants. What shouldíve happened, was when a woman killed her baby, there never shouldíve been a Roe versus Wade trial. Because that woman was mentally incompetent to stand trial. She murdered her very own baby. Anyone who though that woman was mentally competent to stand trial, was mentally incompetent. The justice system seems to be rigged by Mafia thugs and baby killers. I watched your video John Oliver, but I bet you wonít watch mine, because you canít handle the truth.

We won't be free until gunowners have a legal right to kill baby killers and those who support Baby killers. There's only 2 kinds of people in this world. Either you are a baby killer or your a person who kills baby killers. Which one are you? Abortion wasnít made legal by the church. Abortion wasnít even made legal by popular vote. Abortion was made legal because a mentally ill woman stabbed her baby with a knitting needle and somehow she was found mentally competent to stand trial and 12 jurors decided that it was not murder. Rapist made abortion legal, so they wouldn't have to pay child support.

You think God's laws are stupid? Wait till Judgment Day. Nuclear weapons were created to defend truth. There's only 2 kinds of people in this world. Either you're a baby killer or a person who kills baby killers.

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