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Don’t Fall 4 the Israel-Adam Lanza Conspiracy, December 21, 2012.

There is more evidence the NRA killed 20 kids to sell more guns & memberships. The head of the NRA, has Americans believing they need guns because the government is becoming a police state, at the same time LaPierre urges armed cops on every corner in every school, as a solution to the New town tragedy.

Armed cops in schools, will only prevent school shootings, because the NRA will no longer need to kill kids to sell NRA memberships. Because every American will see the police state and know they need a gun to overthrow it. Armed cops in schools will cause more kids to be killed. Because whenever some kid brings a hunting knife to school, that armed cop would empty his semi-automatic weapon, into the crowd of 500 kids, to be a hero by killing the one kid With a knife, who probably had no intention on using it on anyone. Collateral damage doesn’t matter to cops. They can kill 20 temple worshipers and not be charged with murder, because they were trying to put down one kid with a pocket knife.

They don’t care if they have to kill 50 theatergoers to shoot the one man who has a toy water pistol. If that pistol looked like a real gun, they had a legal right to empty their guns into a crowd of people and be called a hero. Any people who died will be blamed on the person who had the toy gun, not on the Cop who actually did the killing.

Don’t believe the conspiracy propaganda that Israel did the new town shooting. There is far more evidence, by the number of guns sold and number of NRA memberships gained, to prove that the NRA had motive to do all these shootings. The shootings in New town sold billions of dollars of guns and NRA memberships. Billions of dollars of guns sold during the Virginia Tech shooting. Billions of dollars worth of guns sold during the theater shootings. Thousands of new NRA memberships with the Sikh Temple Shooting. After every shooting, the gun lobby comes out and points their finger at the government, when in fact they are the ones who are profiting by these shootings. Not only did the NRA not donate to any of the victims of these shootings after the billions of profits they made, they used ALEC to pass laws so the victims cannot sue them for their negligence of stopping safe gun laws.

If there was a law that guns had to be locked up these guns could never have fallen into the hands of Adam Lanza. The NRA block mandatory laws to lock up guns making them and their members 100% liable for every child killed in New Town Connecticut. That’s right if you donated to the NRA you can be sued for everything you own, because they block mandatory gun locks laws. Look up the facts of ALEC.

It is considered an act of treason, punishable by death, to let your weapons fall into the enemy’s hands. The NRA blocked any laws that would have forced Nancy Lanza to lock her guns up so that her mentally ill son, could not get a hold of them. Alec tried to pass a law that would stop the NRA and its members from being responsible.

It’s one of those victims of New town Connecticut have legitimate trillion dollar lawsuit against the NRA and its members for their gross negligence of blocking gun safety laws, that would have prevented this tragedy. I am @GoTimothy on twitter follow me and favorite or Retweet my tweets. Retweet if you are a NRA member and you will kill 20 school kids before you let the government take away your guns. Seems a lot of NRA members would Retweet that. Ted Nugent, Penn and Teller Retweeted it.

Nuclear weapons were created to defend truth and they will be used against the NRA terrorist as the Bible predicts. Both the deceiver and deceived will be destroyed, their flesh will consume off their bones and their eyes will consume away inside their sockets. I think President Obama will have chosen death for his nation, by supporting the NRA terrorist. Nuclear weapons are being repositioned at this very moment, to be aimed at the communities of the rich, rather than at military installations. The one world government is run by God and the NRA is going to lose. Your guns cannot prevail against nuclear, chemical, biological and supernatural weapons.

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