ABC2020 Border Patrol Kills Mule to Protect Cartel That Killed Cops, July 30, 2017.

Mexican drug cartels have been killing cops and border control agents, to protect their drug smuggling business. Out of fear of being charged for the murder of cops and losing their drug smuggling business, the drug cartels have their gangs infiltrate border control. Once infiltrated, if one of their mules is caught smuggling liquid crystal methane, the infiltrators make the mule drink the poison to protect the drug cartel leaders. If the mule is not killed, he could direct the FBI back to the drug cartel smugglers and dealers. Drug cartels count on the blue code of silence, that they can kill these witnesses, without ever being prosecuted. Drug cartels know that cops and border patrol protect their own. This is what makes it the perfect way to kill witnesses for the cartels. They will never be caught. Because cops are too stupid. No one can tell the difference between a border control agent and a border control agent who is working for the drug cartels. For all that matters, no one can tell the difference between a cop and a cop who is working for the drug cartels. Killing the drug addicts, that could get the drug dealers busted. If a cop kills a drug addict, nobody even ask questions. But the answer to why the cop killed the drug addict, is because he couldíve testified against the drug dealers.

If I had a drug smuggling business, 100 mules smuggling drugs across the border and one of them got caught, I would know that I was caught. But these drug cartels are so smart, they know theyíll never get caught. Because when one of their mules is caught, the mule is killed by border control and they are never even questioned, fired or tried for murder. They just smirk and laugh at stupid FBI, that are too stupid to figure it out. That they are working for the drug cartels, not border control.

This is the way I interpret ABCís 2020 episode I seen Friday night. A 16-year-old mule was caught smuggling liquid crystal meth across the border for the drug cartels. Border control made the 16-year-old drink the crystal meth killing him. These two Border control agents knew, that it was crystal meth. They knew that if the 16 year old drank it, he would die. However, they knew if the 16-year-old didnít drink the crystal meth, that the drug cartels would be caught. They knew they were killing the only witness, against the drug cartels. The only reason why they couldíve made the 16-year-old drink the crystal meth, was to protect the drug cartels. It wasnít because they thought it was funny. It wasnít because they thought they were killing a criminal. It was because they worked for the drug cartels and it was their job to kill the witnesses, who could testify against the cartels, when caught.

If this 16-year-old was smuggling drugs for the cartels and got caught. There must be hundreds of mules who smuggle the drugs and donít get caught. This is the only way they can stay in business. Drugs must get through. However, the only other way they can stay in business, is if they kill the mules, who do get caught. So they canít testify against them in a court of law. And what a stroke of luck, if border control killed the mule. The only witness against the cartel drug smugglers, just because they were stupid. I doubt the drug cartels have that much luck. I believe these two border control agents, actually were working for the drug cartels. To make sure the cartel leaders would never get caught. They killed the only witness. That 16-year-old kid could have testified in a court of law, who he got the crystal meth from, busting the cartel smugglers. But not only that, the 16-year-old could have testified in a court of law, of who he was delivering the drugs to. Busting the drug dealers on the American side. How convenient was it, that the only witness against the cartels, was killed by border control agents. As if they were working for the cartels. It wasnít luck. Those two border patrol agents, had to be working for the cartels. Nobody has that good of luck.

Whatís even more amazing, is the blue code of silence has police, FBI and border patrol protecting the two control agents, who they believe in their own delusional schizophrenic minds is, ďone of their ownĒ. Now wonder criminals think cops are stupid. They are stupid. If you think these two border patrol agents are working for the government, your Fucking crazy. These two border control agents on ABC 2020, were working for the drug cartels. It was their job to kill the witnesses, against the drug cartels, who got caught. Thatís why they were laughing, smirking and smiling at the stupidity of the FBI, the police, the news media and Congress. If these two border patrol agents didnít kill the 16-year-old, the drug cartels would have killed him and risked doing prison time for it. These border control agents did the drug Cartel a favor by killing the 16-year-old. The border patrol agents were not helping to stop the illegal flow of drugs. They killed the 16-year-old to guarantee illegal drugs will keep on flowing across the border.

This is why itís necessary to have a strict set of rules for cops and border control to follow. Because some of them might not be working for the government, they might be working for the drug cartels. If they didnít kill that 16-year-old, they couldíve found out who he got the drugs from and busted them. Then they couldíve found out who he was going to deliver the drugs to, to bust them. Killing the 16-year-old was doing the drug cartels a favor.

These two border control agents should be charged with murdering the 16-year-old. They also should be charged with the crime of protecting the drug cartels by killing the witness. They should also be charged with accessory to murder, for the cops and border control agents that were killed by the drug cartels. Because most likely, the drug cartels would be in prison, if they didnít kill that 16-year-old kid. It wouldíve been very easy to get that kid to testify against the drug cartels if he wouldíve lived. If I was president, we wouldnít have a drug problem. Because I would create a business model based on giving jobs to drug addicts. Just like anyone can work for uber, given people a ride. I would set up a website, where anyone can be a undercover cop. Where anyone can wear a wire and one of these hidden body cameras, make a drug buy and sell the video footage to narcotics agents to make the bust. We have these undercover cops, who try to dress as drug addicts, to make undercover drug buys and bust drug dealers. But it never works. Because they are a cop, that looks like he dressed as a drug addict. They have the police regulation haircut. The police regulation shave. The police regulation underarm deodorant. The police regulation cologne. The police regulation clean clothes. And they canít figure out why they canít find any drug dealers.

The drug addicts have no problem finding drug dealers. I said to a drug addict, ďisnít it hard to find drugs around here?Ē He pointed to five different houses on the same street I lived on, that he could buy drugs at. I wouldíve never known. I donít do drugs. One drug dealer was a granny and no one even considered her a criminal, she was just trying to subsidize her Social Security check. Well granny can make some extra cash, buying drugs from dealers and selling the video footage to narcotics agents, for a bust. The website should be set up with all the instructions on how to do it. Drug dealers are going to get the message, that they are going to go out of business. Because every other drug buyer, will be a narcotics agent, trying to earn some extra cash. The cash they earn, should be based on the amount of drugs they can buy. For instance if they buy a gram, they should get paid $10, but if they can buy an ounce, they could be paid $100. If they buy a pound, they could earn $1000. Not only do these drug addicts know where they can buy drugs, they know which drug dealer to go to, to buy a gram, an ounce etc. Those petty drug dealers trying to make a few bucks selling a few joints, can now make the big money, busting drug dealers. They must know where hundreds of the drug dealers live.

With Obama care and everyone ensured, every drug addict qualifies for drug rehabilitation. But to get that free drug rehabilitation, they should have to tell where the drug dealers sell drugs at. Where did you buy your drugs at? Where are you going to get your drugs if you canít get into rehab? Keywords.

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