911 Truth, Crazy Family Christmas, December 25, 2015.

Well I really didn’t want to go to the Christmas party, but I wanted to start to practice what Jesus said, to love your enemies. Your family is the best place to practice this. I don’t have a car so I got a ride from my sister and her husband. My memory is getting shorter and I forgot the reason why I didn’t want to ride with them. Then I remembered on the way home, he drinks and drives. My sister doesn’t drink, but he won’t let her drive. It’s like were living in a Muslim country already, where women are not allowed to drive. I don’t think my brother allows his wife to drive either, no matter how much he had to drink. My other brother law is the same way. My other brother Greg will allow his wife to drive but that brother doesn’t drink.

So my brother that drinks accused me of being a anti-government terrorist and me and my brother Greg who doesn’t drink tried to convince my other brother and two brother-in-law’s that 911 was an inside job by the government. I don’t knock drinking I had to have a few beers to be able to get along with the family myself. I have to give my brother Greg credit for going on and on about 911 speaking truth even as brother-in-law’s were getting up and walking out of the room. When my brother accused me of being a anti-government terrorist I had to throw out the 3000 babies a aborted by government, more than that were killed on 9/11. And he comes back with a angry racist, “if white women are raped by black men, they shouldn’t have to carry the baby”. I don’t think he realized how racist and insane that statement was. I just replied with a calm, “you don’t kill the baby, when someone is raped”. I could’ve let them have it but, he’s a gun owner, he has several guns and a conceal and carry license. At least he used to. I can’t imagine them given anyone like that a license to carry a gun. I felt like picking up the phone, pretend dialing 911, and saying, “I’m a licensed gun owner, I have plenty of guns, when a white girl gets pregnant by a black guy, well she must’ve been raped what kind of white girl would sleep with a black dude, so the baby deserves to die, oh you will send out two white racist cops to kill the baby, so I don’t have to? Oh you’re going to send out George Zimmerman, because he’s good at killing black kids and getting away with it, well thank you very much, goodbye”.

But I just change the subject back to 911 to come to the defense of my other brother Greg. And I said, “where are the four flight recorders, they never lost a flight recorder before?” Drinking brother comes back with, “they lost a whole plane”. I just thought, wow what a revelation. That’s why they pulled off the false flag of the missing plane. Brother-in-law says, “you really believe they flew the planes by remote control?” I replied, “so we never landed on Mars either, government because the government can’t fly anything by remote control without a pilot”. Brother-in-law replies, “okay they can fly things by remote control” before I started up another conspiracy about the Mars landing. Then he says, “how did they get people to go on those planes?” I said, “they probably gave them free plane tickets to New York to see the World Trade Center up close and personal”. And somebody replies with a real racist comment about sending black people on a cruise ship and laughs. Won’t mention any names. Then I mentioned the Patriot Act and how it was signed just days after 911 but took two years to write up. Now my nephew got into the conversation as if he was starting to see the light, but he comes back with, “well they’re going to take advantage of the situation”. At that point I knew, I can convince all of these people that 911 was an inside job. Because my nephew is a very intelligent calm person and it would be very easy to convince him 911 was an inside government job. But I decided to stop there before the FBI starts accusing me of being a terrorist, by convincing these people the truth and turning them against the government. Because my brother-in-law’s are gun toting atheist. Once you convince one of these gun toting atheist, that the government is evil, they’re worse than Alex Jones and his followers. My brother and brother-in-law’s would be out shooting at the government, if I convince them the truth, that 911 was an inside job. That would be very easy to do with my nephew.

You see my nephew is a computer programmer. Computer programmers know about computer code. The patriot act was signed right after 911 and it took a couple years to write it. Writing books and writing computer code and even a document as big as the patriot act are very similar. First you come up with the idea for a book, a computer program or a Patriot Act. You write the idea paper and jot down a few notes. Then you take those notes and turn them into a document. You name the document Patriot Act 1.0. Every time you open the document and make some changes you rename it Patriot Act 1.1, Patriot Act 1.2, Patriot Act 1.3 etc. Just like a computer program. My nephew would know this. When you think you have completed the patriot act good enough to submit it to someone you rename it Patriot Act 2.0, even if you were only up to Patriot Act 1.7 before you go up to Patriot Act 2.0 to let people know it’s basically finished document. As more things are added to the patriot act it becomes Patriot Act 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 etc.. When it gets to something like Patriot Act 6.6 it might have somebody’s name on it, this copy goes to general Dumb Shit at the Pentagon. General Dumb Shit doesn’t like to read the computer screen, so he prints out the PDF document and makes his edits and comments with pencil or pen directly on the paper, in his own handwriting and says something like, “will have to pull false flag to get this Patriot Act passed” and scans it on the copier compiles it in PDF and sends it back to Complete Idiot at CIA the Central Idiots Association. Complete Idiot at the central idiots Association doesn’t like to read the computer screen either so he prints out Patriot Act document 6.6 and make some notes, about an airplane striking some kind of skyscraper and email the document back to Dumb Shit at the Pentagon who suggest World Trade Center and doodles a little :-) with horns on the document and renames it Patriot Act 6.66. This is how documents are made. They start out with an idea, notes or jotted on paper and then there is a progress before the complete document is completed. The Patriot Act has all kinds of references to security at airports, objects striking buildings etc. very incriminating evidence that the government did it. Especially when you start looking at the pseudo-patriot act. Pseudocode is prewritten computer code before the computer program is complete. The pseudopigrapha are the books that were written before the Bible became a single book. Computer hackers are not idiots. The government spies on the people and some people spy on the government. They have copies of the pseudo-patriot act. That’s what Snowden and WikiLeaks is all about. It’s not about convincing people that the government did it. Because we know the government did it. It’s about finding out why they did it. And we know why they did it. Problem solution is not a conspiracy. Problem solution is the way things work. You have a problem, you have to look for a solution. I like the quote from Bill Cosby, “Today’s solutions are tomorrow’s problems”.

I knew that terrorists didn’t do 911 because terrorist are not going to commit suicide by flying an airplane into an office building, full of secretaries and pencil pushers. A criminal is not going to break into a prison. A cat is not going to chase the dog up a tree. And the tail is not going to wag the dog. If terrorist wanted to harm Americans, they would have flew the plane into the Fermi II nuclear power plant and killed 100 million people. Because it would have poisoned the Great Lakes. So this is the problem and the solution they came up with, was this 911 false flag event. But it’s only a temporary solution. It’s only a matter of time before these nuclear power plants start melting down or somebody bombs it. The real solution, is to dismantle all the nuclear power plants.

It’s about asking ourselves if we want to live this way. It’s about asking ourselves if we want this kind of government. A government that kills its own people to keep them safe. A bunch of racist people, who want abortion legal, because they are afraid white women, might get pregnant from a black guy. A bunch of gun nuts, who are not even conscious, that they are premeditated first-degree murderers. Smokers who are so brainwashed by the tobacco companies, that they don’t even believe they are committing suicide. They think they have a right to smoke and freedom. Women who are murdering their own babies or maybe even worse, men who are manipulating women to kill their own babies.

I guess the questions I should’ve asked my brother-in-law’s and brother. “If you knew the government did 911, would you be anti-government?” “If you knew, three tall, white, muscular military men, working for the government, killed 15 people in San Bernardino and blamed it on Muslims, would you be anti government?” Because these are the questions that should be asked before even starting a conversation about 911 or San Bernardino. Because I have a sneaking suspicion, that my brother and brother-in-law’s, would not be anti-government, even if they knew the government did it. They just assume the government is only killing black people, Muslims or anyone who is not a racist bigot.

They didn’t bring Saddam Hussein to trial, they murdered him. They didn’t bring Gadhafi to trial, they murdered him without a trial, jury or judge. They’re not going to bring the leader of Libya to trial, they’re going to kill him without a trial, jury or judge. After they kill the leader of Syria, they’re going to kill the leader of Iran. Guess who’s next on the totem pole President Putin? It’s not the government I’m trying to overthrow. It’s the racist greedy criminal bigots that are running it, that need to be overthrown. What do you think is going to happen when there’s no more checks and balances? The evil criminals in power will have absolute power. When Saddam Hussein and Gadhafi were alive, they were somewhat able to keep the Imperial oligarchs in check. President Putin is keeping these evil warmongers from becoming absolute tyrants. But after the leader of Syria, Iran and Russia are gone? This is why China is building a military. They know they will be next on the totem pole after the warmongers destroy Russia. The Zionists believe that they will have total control over the world after they destroy all these leaders that keep them somewhat in check. They have gone completely insane.

The solution, is the Timothean religion. These other religions were created by the tyrants in power. Constantine used Paul to create Christianity. Other countries created other religions so they had armies to defend them. A Jewish state of Israel. The atheist Zionist of the United States. Now the Muslims want their own state and the only one who could possibly be against that, is some racist bigot like Donald Trump and his supporters. It’s not about one world religion. God likes everybody to be different. Different religions are like checks and balances. Each religion pointing the finger at each other for their evil deeds. There’s got to be a religion that doesn’t point their finger at anyone but themselves. People will know you by your fruits. Do you carry guns and believe it’s your right to kill? Do you belong to a religion that doesn’t excommunicate those who are not pro-life? Do you belong to religion that forces people into slavery called jobs? Do you belong to a religion that tells women they need a job to have a baby? Do you belong to a religion that calls others terrorists while they themselves are racist bigots who believe in abortion because a white girl is pregnant by a black man? Not only do the fake Jews in the state of Israel, not obey the 10 Commandments, the Bible proves that the Jews lie to start wars, steal the spoils of war, after they kill in war. It’s like how many Commandments can they break in one war? Gun toting Christians are no different than the gun toting Muslims, atheist or Jews. God said to love your enemies, love those who hate to, love those who despise you, what could be more simple than that? You want to kill me, to send me to heaven? Thank you very much, you’re so kind. It’s not only against my religion to kill, you can’t get into heaven if you kill. And if you are killed, I don’t think God is going to raise you from the dead, if you do kill. I just have a hard time picturing Jesus raising gun toting murderers from the dead. Guns cannot save the world, only love can.


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