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— Tim Allen Campbell (@GoTimothy) October 9, 2013

Truckers Shut Down Constitution 60 Minutes, October 9, 2013.

New camera can’t edit. Cuts off at end. More to say in next video.

Link to 60 Minutes Attack on Disabled, Disabled, USA

“you can get a job as a truck driver, if your seriously injured, why should your injuries cut into Henry Fords Billions?”. “You can’t sue the military industrial complex, we need those war machines.”

My post on 60 Minuets that they deleted.

I was amazed at how many workers compensation judges were actually in wheelchairs from automobile accidents and work related injuries. Why didn’t these people sue industry out of business? How is it even possible they can still be making a profit after people have suffered?

The FBI has been to my house several times, because every time I see a program like 60 Minuets it makes me so angry, I want to go on a shooting spree. The emotional stress I suffered from watching your program, caused me billions of dollars in pain and I can’t find a lawyer that will represent me to sue your 60 minuets program.

You think the Boston bomber, Aurora Theatre shooter, and all these school shooters are crazy? No they’re not crazy, they been injured on the job, became disabled and they have to kill people to prove it.

You think their crazy because they suffered billions of dollars worth of pain and they’ve refused to go get another job? They’d rather spend their life in prison for killing you.

They want to stand before a judge and jury and tell them how they suffered from a job injury, were tortured by doctors with stellate ganglion blocks to the neck, because the institutions didn’t want to pay the injured worker and the only form of justice the injured worker can get, is to get a gun and start killing people.

I often wondered why these injured workers don’t go down to the 60 minutes building and start shooting your reporters for being so ignorant.

But one day I went down to Fox news and seen that the place was like Fort Knox. Why are all the news agencies protected with armed guards and high walls, as if it was a military installation protecting gold?

Why does somebody have to kill the senator to prove that their disabled? Is he suicidal?

Do you guys want to do the story on how I was injured on the job and tortured by the medical system, because protecting industry was more important than compensating people for their injuries?

Oh you’re not going to believe me as they labeled me as a paranoid schizophrenic, so that they can injure other workers and laugh their way to the bank with billions in profits.

You know I was stupid like you too. There was a time I really believe that the 40,000 Americans a year who were killed by automobiles, were simply stupid drivers who did not know how to drive.

I really believed if you were injured on the job, it was your fault and not the companies. Until I was injured. I wish I knew how they brainwashed me, so I could unbrainwashed you.

If you guys know a good lawyer, let me know because I want to sue your news agency for the emotional stress they cause me, so that I don’t have to go on a shooting spree to prove it.

Why does he have to kill you to prove He is disabled?

If the doctor gave him prescription medication for his back injury, he would not need to take illegal drugs for it.

People are addicts because the drug dealers treat them better than the doctors.

Don't worry someday he will kill you and be able to prove to the jury that He is disabled, And if not, at least he will find Sympathy in prison.

People become alcoholics and drug addicts because doctors are unable or unwilling to help them.

If you get it back pain you should be able to go to a doctor and get some relief.

The problem is people like you, who think they’re faking back pain and are drinking and taking illegal drugs for no reason at all.

Someone needs to sever your spine with an ax and then ask you why you’re drinking and taking drugs for the pain.

Because unless you start suffering some pain you’re not going to get it.

Business should have been sued out of business when the first man was injured. I agree workers comp and disability is a scam run by the Mafia to protect business. The way the constitution works, is that Americans have the right to bear arms to protect themselves against tyrants and dictators who think they can make a profit off of other peoples suffering.

When the worker is injured he should have killed the business owner, to guarantee no one would ever be injured at that factory again. This is why so many people are going postal instead of filing a disability claim.

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